1972 mustang specs

1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 351: The Ford Mustang Mach 1 351 is a rear wheel drive automobile, with its engine placed in the front, and a 2 door coupé body. 0-1/4 mile 17 sest. Figure in the brackets are. The Boss 351 had some differences from the other engines there are: it was fitted with a dual point vacuum advance distributor, it had a rev limiter that was almost immediately removed by the consumer because they did not want to be limited to the 6,050 – 6,150 RPMs that Ford set the device at. - Specifications Table. Now to clarify the “M” located behind some of the 400 series engines. 3) in 1972 the model with 2-door hardtop coupe body and V-8 4942 cm3 / 301.6 cui engine size, 105 kW / 143 PS / 141 hp (SAE net) of power, 329 Nm / 243 lb-ft of torque, 3-speed manual powertrain offered since September 1971 for North America U.S.. You do not acquire ownership rights to any content, document or other materials viewed through the site. Ford Mustang Grande 302 V-8 (man.

0-100 km/h 10.3 s, 1972 Plymouth Barracuda 318 V8 TorqueFlite North America 187 km/h / 116 mphest. The 351 Cleveland engines used “canted” valves and large intake and huge exhaust valves for maximum breath ability. This diverter looks small and unimportant but it is critical. There are several grille types one for the regular cars done for the MACH1 and BOSS cars.

- click the button below: Curb weight (without a driver):1452 kg / 3201 lbsWeight distribution f/r (%):Dry weight: Shipping weight:1384 kg / 3051 lbsCurb weight estimated: Gross vehicle weight rating GVWR: Payload: Payload estimated: Markets, where cars with this particular specifications were sold: North America U.S.Related models:MERCURY COUGAR 1gen.

In addition, one got the color matching rubberized front bumper, some front hood moldings that were color keyed, as well as front fender color matching moldings. Since the Mustang had undergone a major restyling in 1971, the 1972 models saw no big styling changes, only minor cosmetic ones. It is hard to get excited when the most interesting thing for the model year was the revised with “Fasten Seat Belt” warning lamps on the right side dash panel.

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These are standard specifications - not necessarily specifications for the vehicle(s) in the photo(s). engines for 1972, you can find the information here, VIN tag information for all years of Mustangs, real Mustangs in each color that was available, 1968 NHRA Mustang GT Cobra Jet (135 Series), 1968 Shelby GT500KR: Ultimate In-Depth Guide, 1968 Shelby GT500: Ultimate In-Depth Guide, 1965 Shelby GT350R: Ultimate In-Depth Guide, 1967 Shelby GT500: Ultimate In-Depth Guide, The Demand for Foxbody Mustangs is Rising (& So Are Their Selling Prices), Video: 1995 Saleen Mustang S351 Supercharged, 250ci six, 302ci 2bbl V8, 351C ci 2bbl V8, 351ci HO 4bbl V8, 351ci 4bbl V8 (CJ), $2766 (Basic Coupe), $3,051 (Convertible), $2,996 (Fastback), Trunk Capacity - Fastback w/ rear seat up.

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