28 nosler for moose

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Nosler M48 rifles are only built to order; see the Nosler website (www.nosler.com) for details. It is always better to stalk closer or wait for a better opportunity.

If big bears are also on the menu, or if you are on their menu, then I would opt for the .338 and .375 with good shot placement. An Ohio …

bullets such as the AccuBond® Long Range™ … It’s too new at this point to judge if it will take hold in the market or fade like so many others.

* Available in Right Handed and Left Handed Rifles. Most moose are taken within 300 yards and often less than 100 yards. 7mm Magnum Showdown: 7mm Rem. In return, you get smacked with the same recoil as a .375 H&H Magnum. LJ Bonham, Copyright 2017.

BC quantifies a bullet’s aerodynamic efficiency, and SD predicts relative ability to penetrate into a game animal; the larger each number, the better.

1-800-285-3701  |  [email protected] Here’s how each cartridge ranked. The .28 Nosler shares the same parent case as the .26 Nosler, as well as the COL of 3.340 inches, allowing this cartridge to be operated in a standard length action for lighter weight and shorter bolt throw when compared to magnum length actions.

The 6.5 caliber has exceptional Sectional Density (greater than .28 and up to .299), thus great penetration, especially the 140 -142 grain in a Nosler AccuBond bullet or the Long Range version of the AB. Slower burning powders and high load densities will yield great loads. You must log in or register to reply here. The 26 Nosler (6.5 mm) is ideally suited as a long range rifle/cartridge combo that is more geared to Elk, large deer, and most African Plains game. The 28 Nosler is so new, the ammunition companies have not yet caught up with it. It has a BC close to the heaviest 7mm AccuBond (160 grains) and a much higher SD. BBL Twist: 1-9" Mag. The “Sevens’ are divided in power between non-magnums and magnums. Also, I question whether shooting at animals 1000 yards away is a wise thing. Unfortunately I've seen worse from the bergers including a 338 Lupua that blew a basketball sized hole out on the pass through.

Count: 20 It can’t provide the best velocities with the heaviest bullets in its caliber, and heavy for caliber bullets are what make 7mm’s so effective. and large game (1500 ft-lbs), and the minimum velocity most hunting bullets require for reliable expansion (1800 fps).

Never saw that cow again. Mag. Use: Deer & Elk Sized Game, Product Line: Nosler Brass The rest of my list are good to 300 yards or more. 28 Nosler — 910 Yard Moose Target at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf - … Ridiculous performance.

Mag. Its greatest drawback is limited ammunition selection and availability. Maybe I’m misreading. Broadside shot with good expansion and penetration to the off side hide. Its killing power remains adequate for Class 3 animals to well beyond 400 yards.

Box Count: 25, Top of the line performance matched with a top notch customization features. 140 gr HVLD.

I HAVE KILLED ALASKAN MOOSE, ELK, CARIBOU WITH MY hand hand loaded 7x57, using winchester brass plus p powder all with barnes bullets 140 grain barnes at 3200 fps is all i use. All the non-magnums in this test will take medium game such as deer and pronghorn at, and even well beyond, these distances. The 7mm magnums on the other hand, project the same or greater power beyond 400 yards, distances which more and more hunters are now shooting. It’s no surprise then, the 7mm Weatherby held the title “World’s Fastest 7mm” until the 28 Nosler appeared. .28 Nosler cases can easily be formed by necking-up .26 Nosler brass. 160 Accubonds have a well deserved reputation for great performance on game if you don't like Berger. 28 Nosler Alaskan Moose. LJ Bonham is a semi-subsistence hunter, hunting magazine editor, and firearms enthusiast who lives in the Rocky Mountains. How to Stock Up on Food and Supplies for a Long, Uncertain Winter.

Few, if any, cartridges shoot as flat and hit as hard at distance than the 7mm Weatherby. Build your dream 28 Nosler rifle with Rifle Builder at: rifles.nosler.com, * Available in Right Handed and Left Handed Models, 115 SW Columbia St | Bend, Oregon, USA 97702  |  Toll Free: Hunters who indeed need them accept the higher recoil forces involved. 160 gr. 1; 2; 3; First Prev 3 of 3 Go to page. A more traditional wooden-stocked 9.0 pound rifle served as the platform for the magnums. Moose don’t fall “often” at a killing shot and can run over 100 yards or more, maybe into a pond or down a hill in the wrong direction. Forced to pick a magnum from this test, I’d stick with the ever popular 7mm Rem. Weatherby has always made powerful hunting cartridges, and the 7mm Weatherby is no exception. Here are the velocity/energy and trajectory data for the Nosler 160 and 175 grain factory loads from the muzzle to 400 yards, which is well beyond the Maximum Point Blank Range (+/- 3 inches) of the cartridge. The 28 Nosler is so new, the ammunition companies have not yet caught up with it. Hand loaders can achieve much better performance in many instances. Mag. Partition (.519 BC/.310 SD) at 3070 fps. In the Western U.S. and on Africa’s plains, average range might, on occasion, extend to 400 yards. It is accurate and well-mannered.

Two were hundred yard broadside shots that utterly destroyed the chest cavity contents. The 7mm Weatherby has the same recoil as a .300 Winchester Magnum, and many shooters can’t come to grips with it. It is efficient, has moderate recoil, and uses less powder than the .30-06 based .280. If you could own just one rifle, a 7mm Rem. Nosler developed this cartridge to equal or exceed both the 7mm Weatherby and 7mm Remington Ultra-Mag plus fit into a .30-06-length action. Latest. Dec 26, 2019 #15 fwafwow Senior Member. Mag. 175 gr. Trajectory in this test is defined as Maximum Point Blank Range (MPBR): the distance over which a bullet rises three inches above sight line and then drops three inches below to hit within a six-inch kill box. With full power factory loads or equivalent reloads, expect barrel life to be short.

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