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I’m taking this question very seriously, by the way. As we theorized last week, Mallory was indeed the key to ending Michael's reign and reversing the apocalypse. Of course, as discussed, fate seems to be a big factor in this season, so it's possible those things would have played out similarly with or without Mallory's intervention.

After completing each step of the Seven Wonders, he was eventually crowned Supreme of all witches and warlocks. Were there any points this season where you needed the producers to explain what was going on? While stumbling through all … It’s been an absolute pleasure to foster discussions on the sub this year and I’m thrilled to join you all in conversation about what has undoubtedly been one of the most engaging season finales in awhile. But it A: Wouldn’t have taken the apparent long trip because the Murder House is in Los Angeles as were the kids. So did Sarah Paulson technically survive this season too? It seems that we got a bunch of scenes that didn't tell anything in the end, but hey, they made reddit fans laugh. The Cooperative brings on the apocalypse in the year 2020, which is the year that American Horror Story: Apocalypse begins its story. But after reborn as having the perfect dna, the Anti-Christ will actually bring the Apocalypse. I don't feel bad for him, I felt horrible for Constance. They ultimately succeed, even if American Horror Story season 8 proves that it's just temporary. Its episode 10 finale, "Apocalypse Then," manages to reverse the eponymous nuclear event -- but a new Antichrist is born anyway. They comment on a few strange occurrences — the house is boiling hot and a murder of crows constantly circles them. Michael dies, and so the apocalypse as Cordelia saw it never plays out.

Last nights episode does include a crossover but so far it seems like you could still enjoy it without knowing anything. And just like every previous ones, I expect to drop out of it mid-season when it inevitably starts becoming nonsense, forced and boring. I saw her as someone who didn’t have much direction in life, just this spoiled rich girl who never had any reason to do anything on her own, and then she found out she has this special power and I think she felt she really found her calling. I just wrote it off as her needing "supplies" for her magic and didn't have any at the outpost :(. The Harmons' neighbor—and the children's biological paternal grandmother, Constance (Jessica Lange)—takes the surviving twin and names him Michael. Grade the finale and the season below, then drop a comment with your full review. Probably gonna have to have seen Murder House and Coven and possibly bits of Hotel as both Murder House and Coven characters appeared during that season. You can do this!” It was such a great little moment, I’m so sad it didn’t make it to the finale. If not, or you've already voted, then sit tight.

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