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We got the chance to speak with voice actress, Alejandra Reynoso, as a part of the 1st Geekspanic Heritage Month. I’m so glad to have you on board as we roll wild! Part 1: Actor and entrepreneur David H. Lawrence XVII (NBC’s Heroes, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.) You can describe me as a gamer, podcaster, chicana, scholar, nerd, just don't call me quiet. Den of Geek Number one, I have what they used to call a ‘face for radio,’ and I thought, well how will this work on camera? Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Alejandra Reynoso anzeigen. Tel: (818) 333-5150. e: They were like, ‘It’s authentic, you go for it!’”, “Coming from a comedy stance, I’m okay with caricatures [...] The question should be: ‘Is it funny?’ and if it’s funny and people laugh, then it doesn’t come across as racist [...] if it’s inappropriate and not funny, then oof that’s bad!”, “It's such a great way to get to know a culture–through comedy!”, “[Imposter Syndrome] – That’s a huge thing with actors, especially because we are all imposters. And it turns out it will work really well if I want to be a creepy, evil villain.”, “Sometimes we want something really bad and we have to be careful about wishing for that because we just might get it, and then we’re stuck, because the goal was to GET it, as opposed to the goal was to KILL it, you know, kill it in a good way.”, “In your slate, you can blow it, and in your slate you can sell it. Nickelodeon’s “Winx Club” fangirls know her as Musa, the tomboy fairy of music, and “DC Super Hero Girls” viewers know her as the hilariously unhinged villain, Lena Luthor. has had an amazing and wide-ranging voice over career. – talks all things VO and takes the opportunity to shamelessly pick the brains of some pretty cool people! Agueda Alejandra Reynoso Hayden shares her journey from being a voice talent in Canada to her big move to the U.S. to further pursue a career in anime. | I have spent around 10 years of my life analyzing popular culture, writing on it, and creating a community around it. While interviewing Alejandra Reynoso we wound out it was her first convention. Launching my own podcast has been floating around in my head for a while now, and I am very excited to finally have something to share with you! Spotify. Castlevania Season 3 Review (Spoiler Free), 14 February 2020 How do anime shows get dubbed? Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. See all news. 23 April 2020 | Den of Geek Warren Ellis Talks Castlevania Season 3’s Huge Netflix Ratings. Den of Geek

Part II - 40:14.

As we get closer to the end of the year–and into the holiday season–I am getting a little introspective and retrospective. is an actress, twitch streamer, and the creator of the Percy Jackson Audio Drama. This is a nice, short episode, with some thoughts on refocusing, and getting the job done.

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