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... A man and woman take center stage on the dance floor at the disco club 2001 Odyssey in Brooklyn, New York, in 1979. Now, as his images are published in a book, he discusses how the scene transformed his life, Sat 26 Sep 2015 13.00 EDT Meryl Meisler's books can be purchased here. Mostly, though, it is the nightclubbers themselves who are the stars in Bernstein’s photographs. 1970 - 1979 (10 seasons) 1980 - 2006 (as the Pines Pavillion) DeeJays: Don Findley (1970-74) Tom Moulton (tapes, 1972-1974) Barry Lederer (tapes, 1975) Lary Sanders (1976-77) Tom Savarese (1976-77) Robbie Leslie (1978-79) (photo @ Studio 54) websites: … Meisler's opportunistic snapshots are steeped in attitude; she describes the exhibition's corresponding book, entitled Purgatory & Paradise: SASSY 70s Suburbia & the City, as “sweet and sassy, with a pinch of mystery”. Bill Bernstein’s photographs of disco’s glory years capture the energy and glamour of New York’s 1970s nightspots. Tags: Cleveland Memory Project, Old Brooklyn.

Right: People dances on couches at Xenon, 1978. The 70s have become an era for which we today are especially nostalgic, and these scintillating images all but transport us to its infamous dancefloors. Brooklyn’s Empire Roller Disco in 1979. He honed his skills on the streets of New York, giving him the gift of speed and instinct for capturing important moments just as they occurred.

“I sensed early on that disco, in its own extravagant way, was a very progressive, democratic scene. On 3 July 1981, an article in the New York Times identified a new and deadly virus called Aids. Left: A man blowing a whistle in a sparkling purple outfit dances at Studio 54, 1979. A man and woman take center stage on the dance floor at the disco club 2001 Odyssey in Brooklyn, New York, in 1979.

A group of partygoers join in a synchronized dance number in an unidentified club, circa 1977. “When I moved to NYC in 1975; it felt just right. Gallery – Bill Bernstein’s photographs of disco’s golden era. Right: A woman wipes the sweat from her face at Studio 54, 1977. Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City. Take a trip down memory lane that’ll make you feel nostalgia AF. Here and there, he catches famous faces – Warhol, Tiny Tim, Divine – and fledgling superstar DJs – Larry Levan behind the decks at Paradise Garage. Who were these people of the night...?”. Clubs like Studio 54, Hurrah and Ice Palace 57 dominated the scene of the late ’60s and through the ’70s, when self-exploration was welcome under the fragmented light of a disco ball. Right: A woman enters the dance floor at Studio 54, 1977. Deep in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, back in 1941, the Empire Roller Skating Center opened its doors to the world. Others are, of course, shameless posers, throwing moves or lying spreadeagled on the floor beneath Bernstein’s lens. It was on that first night at Studio 54, though, that Bernstein found his subject. Vintage Photos of Old Brooklyn From the 1930s to 1970s. As with so much of New York’s legendary icons of indigenous culture, the Empire became a victim of gentrification in 2007, closing its doors after seven decades of serving the community.

She singles out Self Portrait: Playmate Hostess as a favourite moment. “Once I entered the rink I was transported to another world and was in my element.”, “The skaters, their talents, enthusiasm, joy and sense of abandonment were inspirational and they enjoyed being photographed and revealing their talents to the camera.

And, by 1980, the media was entranced. This is how I see.”. Although Forbes actually never ran the story, the photographs are now on view in Patrick D. Pagnano: Empire Roller Disco at Benrubi Gallery, New York, through March 17. NYC Blizzard of February 6-7, 1978 Brooklyn, Boro Park, New Utrecht Ave - 01 by Anthony Catalano 20 8 FDR Lunchroom High School 1975 '75 70s by Anthony Catalano Meryl Meisler: SASSY 70s NYC is at Midoma Gallery, New York until January 6, 2017. By then, there was a growing cultural backlash against the music and its supposed inauthenticity. See more ideas about Disco… “The disco era was an époque unto itself,” Meisler explains. So began Bernstein’s odyssey into New York’s disco scene, a journey that took him from the glamour of Studio 54 to the street energy of the Empire roller disco in Brooklyn, from the decadence of Le Clique, where scantily clad acrobats performed above the dancefloor, to the anti-disco electronic pulse of new wave music venues such as Hurrah and the Mudd Club. My family in the context of 1960s Brooklyn.This is the old school's, old school. This 1929 Chagrin Falls Cottage is an Exact Replica of a Home in England the Owners Loved, The 31 Pizzas You Can Get for $8 During Cleveland Pizza Week (Nov. 9-15) and Where to Find Them, Someone Give Us $1.5 Million So We Can Live in This Northeast Ohio Home’s Indoor Pool All Winter, This Northeast Ohio Home Has the Best Living Room for Avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder, This Northeast Ohio Home Comes With Its Own Professional Recording Studio, 25 Adorable Dogs Waiting at the Cleveland APL and County Shelter for Their Forever Homes. I figured it was a place where they felt safe because it was their world and the straights were, for once, the outsiders.”. A couple bring their dancing to the floor of the disco club FunHouse in New York City, 1978.

Right: Metallic-painted dancers at a disco club perform on stage in New York City, 1978. Meisler has made a career capturing life in Bushwick, New York City, and this series takes the city’s famed disco nightlife as its muse. “The Empire Roller Disco was a microcosm of a neighbourhood and played an important role in Crown Heights. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! In the late 1970s, he developed a method of photographing neighborhoods in a straightforward, dispassionate manner, and rephotographing them over the years to track their transformations. Roseland was mostly Hispanic, while places like the Loft in Manhattan or the Ice Palace 57 were gay discos.”, GG’s Barnum Room, which billed itself as “the different disco”, was, in Bernstein’s words, “a transgender haven – I met people who were pre-op and people who who were post-op and they loved being there mixing with the straights. They encouraged and celebrated it.”, As Bernstein points out, the roots of disco lay in New York’s gay club scene and part of its initial appeal to him was its semi-underground status.

Right: A woman dances amid other partygoers at Studio 54, 1977. This was the epicenter of disco in the 1970s and 1980s, the 2001 Odyssey disco* at 8th Avenue and 64th Street featured in Saturday Night Fever. ‘It held over a thousand skaters,’ says Bill Bernstein. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Grace Jones Arrives on Opening Night, La Farfalle, NY. See more images of the 1970s disco scene at. And, of course, the blissful  joy of roller disco. “Before disco went overground with Saturday Night Fever, it was a series of smaller scenes with very defined crowds. All parts of this site Copyright © 2020 Cleveland Scene. That question echoes throughout the book as the exotic and the outre appear in full escapist flight in Bernstein’s images. “She was receiving an award for her humanitarian work and, for some reason, the ceremony was at Studio 54. Steve Rubell and Halston on Easter Monday, Hurrah, NY.

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