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The sentence , 一见如故, is not appropriate to describe a feel in love. After the fall of Wu, King Goujian’s minister Fan Li retired and, according to legend, lived in the misty waters of Lake Taihu. The rebels are advancing on the Tang capital of Chang’an. 一见钟情 is similar to 一见倾心 which means love at first sight. This dry and dusty pass at the far western frontier served as a strategic fort along the ancient Silk Road. 2. A doting wife is told the courier departs next day for the north, so she sews a warrior’s gown all night. Here’s another one i like a lot: 花有意,水無情 qiè xīn jǐngzhōng shuǐ. búzhī xīn hèn shuí It is a festival that loosely translates as Tomb-Sweeping festival. Thanks for the correction.) eg. “To have one’s feet in two boats.” This idiom can refer to a man who already has a girlfriend but is seeing someone else at the same time. Yang Guifei would meet a tragic end during the An Lushan Rebellion. “Love is not about possession, it’s all about appreciation.” – Chinese Proverb, “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” – Chinese Proverb, “Experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald.”, “A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood.”, “Clothing is cherishable when new, but relationship when old.”, “A filthy mouth will not utter decent language.” – Chinese Proverb, “A fool judges people by the presents they give him.” – Chinese Proverb, “It is easy to you to adapt it if your living condition ascends from economical to luxurious; conversely, that becomes hard.”, “Do not choose the one you don’t trust and trust the one you chose.”. Yeah… but I’m still not convinced. Perhaps, our poet has been out on the town, and now returning home he spies a beautiful woman (蛾眉, éméi) at the window of her apartment as she unfurls her pearl curtains (珠 簾, pearl or pearl-like, beaded). It is a metaphor for the parents’ and a mother’s especially deep feelings for their children. They may be friends, but for other people, lovers are only lovers. She Jumps Off the Swing,” written by Qing dynasty poet, Li Qingzhao, who is known for her many love poems. The subject is women, the theme is love, devotion, and longing. The young wife’s pride in the rank and title her husband achieves if he is heroic is balanced with the risk in his death. (Or make some gramma mistakes?). Their main products are Hello HSK Apps. 秋 风 清 秋 月 明 落 叶 聚 还 散 寒 鸦 栖 复 惊 相 思 相 见 知 何 日 此 时 此 夜 难 为 情. Li Bai’s poignant homage to two lovesick lovers, each one under a bright autumn moon, each feeling the clear autumn air, but separated, like fallen leaves briefly coming together and scattering again, like jackdaws, stealing moments together then parting. I started learning Chinese because I fell in love with a Chinese lady. Naturally beautiful, one cannot hide such beauty, thus More ominously, mourners carry willow branches with them on the way to the cemetery during the Qingming Festival, which, like our poem, takes place in early spring. 回眸一笑百媚生 bōlán shì bù qǐ 可是我的心告诉我:它爱你,很爱很爱你! Yang Guifei is said to have had “a face that put all flowers to shame”. The poem describes a romantic hope that turns into a feeling of loss.

His wife, a woman of the Cheng family, informed me. Happiness is the best cosmetic.”, “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do.”, “A nation’s treasure is in its scholars. Jiǎo tà liǎng zhī chuán hěn yǒu wéixiǎnxìng. “An oppressed army fighting with desperate courage is sure to win.” – Chinese Proverb, “Just one laugh makes the person ten years younger. His grief so painful that he can not face the fairest of flowers.

I’m sorry that my English is not so well. So I don’t see how 我们俩一见如故,三个月以后就结婚了。can be considered “incorrect”. Who would accept you as a girlfriend but I ? Eventually, King Goujian had his revenge and defeated Fuchai. 六宮粉黛無顏色, too young to know what sorrow is, and I need not mention the obvious loss of rhyme and rhythm that naturally occurs in translations that retain the original meaning. This sentence sounds a little odd to me. 2. There are over 100 verses, and so I must come back from time to time to complete the translation. as the budding green willow wounds her heart We hit it off the moment we met and got married three months later. This is a famous Chinese ancient poem written by Li Bai. Its importance, other than the fact that it was the first imperial dynasty, is that it is the source from which Europeans derived the name China. Like English combining one Chinese character with another often creates a unique meaning. But hate must be a close second. 我愿意每天做饭给你吃! In China, when one refers to the moon, he/she often wants to show his/her intense feeling of nostalgia, because he/she sees the same moon with our families though we might be spread wide geographically. The Song of Everlasting Sorrow (Regret) (長 恨 歌) by Bai Juyi (772-846) retells the love story of the beautiful Yang Guifei (719-756) and Emperor Xuanzong, and the cause of the An Lushan Rebellion that began in December of 755. “When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windmills.” – Chinese Proverb, “A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody.” – Chinese Proverb, “Coming events cast their shadows before them.” – Chinese Proverb, “All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Chinese Proverb. Your email address will not be published. Line one, 梧 桐, (Firmiana simplex) the Chinese Parasol tree, a flowering tree whose wood was used for soundboards in Chinese musical instruments like the guqin and guzheng. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. You missed the second “我们”. To receive automatic email updates when my blog is updated fill in your details below and hit 'Submit'. 要是你不愿意,我做你的男朋友. It sings because it has a song.” – Chinese Proverb, “A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.” – Chinese Proverb. Do you have a selection of terms to express my love for her? [Read More: Romantic SMSs For Girlfriend ] 3. I swear in life, to be faithful forever

Grudge, if you are looking for one word, Bitter love is more popular choice, literally, one comes up with blame the passion, which doesn’t quite fit. Sometimes directly say what you think. If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. Yuan Zhen married Wei Cong when he was 20 and she was twenty. yuān\yāng huì shuāng sǐ dàn jiàn lèi hén shī Rú ɡuǒ wǒ duō yì zhānɡ chuán piào , nǐ huì bu huì ɡēn wǒ yì qǐ zǒu ? 捨 生 亦 如 此 Oh, the lovely Lo Fo from the Land of ChinPicking green mulberry leaves by the riverside Her red lips bright and fresh Sir, she says, my silkworms must eat, so I must goPrince, I pray, tarry not with your coach and five. It is applicable to the girls who are:honest, confident and have high self-esteem 曾 经 沧 海 难 为 水 . But not the man she hates. To me,you are perfect. 子夜四時歌春歌, 李白 秦地羅敷女 采桑綠水邊 紅妝白日鮮 蠶飢妾欲去 五馬莫留連, Zǐyè sì shí gē chūn gē, Lǐ Bái Qín de luó fū nǚCǎi sāng lǜ shuǐ biānHóngzhuāng bái rì xiānCán jī qiè yù qùWǔ mǎ mò liúlián. Well-hidden and unknown, yet one Grammar plays a part. I like 5. Floods followed. You are on my mind when I was thinking of you: It should be a incorrect sentence below. “To fly as a couple, wing to wing.” This can be used either literally – the idea of flying in the clouds with your lover, such as in a dream – or figuratively to mean to enjoy a kind of activity together, such as going on holiday. , In sum, 一见如故 itself has not so much to do with love. But in Chinese, when we see the word 一见如故, we don’t think they love each other. He cared only for writing and cared not what the world thought.”.

除 却 巫 山 不 是 云 We see but do not know. 1. Wǒ yuàn yì měi tiān zuò fàn ɡěi nǐ chī ! Wǒ yào nǐ zhī dào , zhè ɡe shì jiè shànɡ yǒu yí ɡè rén huì yónɡ yuǎn děnɡ zhe nǐ 。 wú lùn shì zài shén me shí hou ,wú lùn nǐ zài shén me dì fɑnɡ , fǎn zhènɡ nǐ zhī dào zǒnɡ huì yǒu zhè yànɡ yī ɡè rén 。 200 W Madison St. Suite 2100 Chicago IL 60606, How Do Chinese Kids Celebrate the Spring Festival. They talk heart to heart for hours as if……. Like wise, in Chinese. Her basket is carried by a cord of blue silk, And a hook fashioned from a laurel branch. Nǐ duō cái duō yì , rè qínɡ kāi lǎnɡ , tè bié shì xiào qǐ lái , jiǎn zhí tài mí rén le 。, 1. ????? It’s all the love you want to give but cannot. You are in my heart when I was thinking of you. No clouds so wondrous as those at Mt. Out of propriety they would only admit to being good friends, hence 一见如故 not 一见钟情. 3.

She is a professional Mandarin Chinese teacher who has been teaching for more than 12 years both at home and abroad. I feel very happy and relaxed to be together with you. Li Bai pays homage to the chaste and loyal Lo Fo (Lo Fuo) of the Land of Chin (Qin) .

Wǒ yào nǐ zhī dào , zhè ɡe shì jiè shànɡ yǒu yí ɡè rén huì yónɡ yuǎn děnɡ zhe nǐ 。 wú lùn shì zài shén me shí hou ,wú lùn nǐ zài shén me dì fɑnɡ , fǎn zhènɡ nǐ zhī dào zǒnɡ huì yǒu zhè yànɡ yī ɡè rén 。, 3. As a Chinese, I should say that 一见如故 is not similar to 一见钟情. 鴛 鴦 會 雙 死

Then at the age of forty, his wandering ways ceased and he settled in Luoyang, which was considered the “Eastern Capital” of the Tang Dynasty, with a population that approached one million, second only to Chang’an, the capital,which, at the time, was the largest city in the world. Mother’s Day is Sunday, so I thought it appropriate to repost a transaltion of Meng Jiao’s Song of the Parting Son. Wǒ de biǎogē xiǎng zhuī wǒ de yīgè tóngxué, kǒngpà tā shì yīxiāngqíngyuàn ba! 2. Partly to study Tao, partly to think of you. Still I don’t know who she hates. 柔情法(tenderness way to express love)

In the ancient Warring States Period (475–221 BC), the Land of Qin lay to the west before conquering the other states. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield.” Master Meng would say the same is true of love, which is soft and yielding, but firm in its devotion over time and tragedy. His masterpiece 断章 Duàn Zhāng (A Broken Chapter) was written in 1935 when the author was 25 years old. A:你怎么会和X有交情? 我不知道该如何表达我的心情, As the study of Tao suggests, Yuan Zhen is caught between the pure emotion of his grief and his desire to see his wife’s face in the beauty of the flowers. A young wife encourages her new husband to join the Tang army and go off and fight the enemy at the border. It derives its name from the jade that passed through its walls.

Gazing at Mount Lu’s Waterfall, by Li Bai. What I don’t know is WHY. If your words are worthless, don’t give advice.” – Chinese Proverb. Wang’s use of the willow is symbolic. It came under control of the Han Dynasty (China’s second imperial dynasty, 206 BC – 220 AD, following the Qin Dynasty). Originally titled A Love Song, this poem was written in 1920 by poet 刘半农 Liu Bannong. I hope it will be better and better.


The short poem was first published in the Three Autumn Collection. 他们看起来已经两情相悦了,突然来了个第三者。 一见如故 and 一见钟情 are similar phrases, but not the same obviously. Jíshǐ tāmen yǐjīng fēnshǒu le, Wángchén duì Cáobó háishì yīwǎngqíngshēn. You can check the website to find the idiom come form.

Bú yào ɡuǎn nǐ zài bié rén yǎn lǐ shì shén me yànɡ zi ,zài wǒ xīn lǐ , nǐ shì wán měi de 。, 2. “Never judge a person by his appearance.” – Chinese Proverb, “A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials.”, “Be the first to the field and the last to the couch.”, “Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom.”, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

A well-known idiom uses the same two characters, 心甘情愿, I’d be delighted to help. Li Bai sees the troubled face, but can only imagine the hate in her heart (心 恨 誰). Unwillinbg at first to take the imperial examinations, he eventually did at the urging of his mother, and at the age of 50 passed the test, after which he received a minor post. All water is forgettable when you’ve seen the vast blue sea

originates from the movie (bàn shēng yuán), 3. The ocean is vast and blue but not as deep as Yuan Zhen’s love for his departed wife.

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