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Destiny Is black all over with a little White Star on her Forehead. I like the name Rickety Rocket, All that Jazz, and Curious Charity for race horse names. we’ll kick off this list with a Star Wars horse pun. this horse just always says no! Briana If you are getting a new horse in your family, you need to find the best male horse names for him. the act of being polite when you’re eating, probably not used widely by horses. Horse Racing Sense is your resource for learning about horses. Mia Daphney I have 2 horses. Similarly, Highland Pony is called a mouse dun, and Norwegian horse is called grey dun.

If they have a baby, then Prince or Princess. I just got the love of my life- a black hanovarian gelding! Zodiac themed names are always a fan favourite in my books; growing up I had a bay called Virgo and a quarter horse called Aquarious. I have been collecting for 5 years and I have over 80 of them, most of which are retired horses. Cinnamon My husband asked me to name him, we call him “Trace” his show name is “Without a Trace”. Jonesy Rolo Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards) Colors of the Wind Riatta.

Token We hope this list of funny horse names made you laugh, or even roll your eyes at the very least!

Alpha Lunar I seen a lot of great names, just will have to get a few more ponies. jagger (Mare or gelding/stallion), I have a friend with a black/white mini horse named Zoe. A bay dun is the most common dun coloring. The dun coat may occur in different shades, including dun (also called zebra dun, classic dun, or bay dun), red dun (also known as claybank), and grullo (also known as blue dun). Being able to estimate a horse’s age by its teeth – a name like Buck Tooth could be quite fitting, They have cute noises that they use to communicate with other horses, such as whinnying and neighing, In one ear, they have 10 ear muscles (compared to 3 with humans) which means they can move their ears 180 degrees to single out a specific area to listen to, Harry Trotter – if JK Rowling wrote a magical fantasy book about a horse. how about Fancy, Zest/Zesty, Paige, Buddy? This helped me a lot I love these funny names a good one would be Jet! Connie Pearson– “A friend had an APHA horse named Titan Your Buns.”Mallory Phelps-“Forever ago, there was a horse named Bad Acid.Their ads all said, ‘Every trip is a good one on Bad Acid,’ and I thought it was the cleverest thing.”Julie Johnson. Toby Connies cannot be dun. ROYALTY!! Jack’s Duke and Duchess is also an option. haha! I just want to call her after another famous horse. Lola

Brownie Here are some “different” name suggestions. What’s more fun that carefully pondering all of the choices and ultimately selecting the best and most wonderful name? Coloring and markings vary in intensity and depth in dun horses, but their clean, crisp dorsal stripe is constant, and most have dark-tipped ears. My TWH came with his name Smokey. Pop the balloon to reveal the winning name. If it’s on the list I would like river but if it’s not from the list I would name it April (: Because my nickname is tater so tater and tatertott. Rio Double the trouble, if you will. How about some pretty feminine names for your beautiful mares: Dolly, Lady, Beauty, Princess, Honey, Misty. wilson, donner, perk, and speed, Hi grate names I used nearly all of them I have 60 horses and I needed some names for my new born foal she is a beautiful dapple grey I have 200 schleich horses and 3 big stables I have a friend who has a Chanel on YouTube called schelich horse lover, Well schelich horse lover 200 is her YouTube’s name. Hence, the name line-backed dun. Love all of these but I recommend https://myhorsenames.com/female-horse-names/. David is the pet lover behind My Pet's Name. Lillianna (Lilly) Not all horses are as fast as these famous Kentucky Derby winners, but they certainly can inspire you to think of a name fit for a champion! (See-Mo). a lightning bolt is often used to symbolise immense power and/or the Gods, an American rock band whose songs include ‘Californiacation’, the act of being polite when you’re eating, probably not used widely by horses. and for a boy Big time, Scout, and Bo. The ancestor of the horse may have only been as big as a large dog, and perhaps not something you could use as transport! The hairs on either side of the mane and both sides of the dock of the tail may be significantly light-colored, creating a semblance of frosting. Astro turf champion (champ for short) Breeds, Names, Colors, & Pictures. in Names. Nees Whalen Hey, another name to add to the ‘alcohol list’ would be Rosé like the wine! So how do you decide? April Thor What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? Sky Especially horses, I've been around them most of my life but I am always learning more and enjoy sharing with others. another name is spirit for a boy and rain for a girl. The first horse I ever got had the name “Big Red” He was a thoroughbred pin fired off the track. Once he became a sire, he created winners worth more than $130 million. Here are four of tips that might be helpful when picking from funny horse names: Horses can often live to be 30 years old, (it is reported that one even lived to be 62 in the nineteenth century). A lot of Dun horses have visible primitive markings, but all dun horses have a dorsal stripe, running from the poll to the dock of the tail. I’ll never get over the joke names used in Young Frankenstein (definitely the musical, unsure about the movie) for the horses: Black & Decker. When i was 10 i use to love Lego friends and i would name the Lego Horses Those names. Paris. Marie Antoinette or Marie or Annie Bronco beautiful horses :) So, the only way for a horse to get the giggles in is to have a hilarious name. A need a sophisticated name for a Holsteiner filly that starts with an "N." This is a hard letter!! We have Matthew, Christopher, Henry, George, Wally, Leo, Ellie, Abbie, Ruby, Grace, Jess and Dusty. Bluebell My horse is name big mama because she has that hard to get rid of haybelly. Red duns are created by the dun dilution gene working on the chestnut base coat. A horse’s heart is almost the size of a basketball – they have a lot of love to give! She is so honored and excited and was hoping to get more information about when and where the picture was taken and if it is anywhere else.

Nightingale’s song Finding the Perfect Horse Name - Read Horse Names >> We have complied the largest horse name list on the web. Dubai is A kind of light brown with a white main and a white tail. My pony is named Princess.

I love your names! Bandit – a robber or an outlaw typically in an isolated or lawless area, Clotheshorse – a frame on which clothes are hung to have them air dry. This type of shading blends animals in with its surroundings and looks similar to dun markings. Tobias and Tris, from the Divergent series, Alex and Aaron from The Unwanteds, or Alex and Sky. Midnight Want them to be UNIQUE. I'm Tatiana and am a firm believer in the power of holistic healing and home remedies! I am going to name my horse(s) Spartan or Pegasus because they are from my favorite tv show! Miles Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ranger Miles Henry, Why Does My Horse Lick Me? A gray foal can be born any color, and as it matures, white hairs begin to replace birth colored hairs as the horse continues to age the number of white hair increases to exhibit classic gray features. Most breeds have a specific ‘style’ of name; for example, Arabians are often given Egyptian-inspired names, while Welsh Ponies often sport Welsh-inspired names and spellings. i love these name and I love the horse channel don’t listen to these haters love-your #1 horse girl. When naming a horse, you want to choose a name that will be the perfect fit. Rock Around The Clock or “Rocky” for short Mix ’em up anyway you want. in Names.

Pepper Athena Fortune Warrior TV show or Anime character names are good to; a friend of mine has a pair of ponies called Zelda and Link, they also had a pair of donkeys called Natsu and Happy.

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