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For example, the spread of growth as well as local knowledge. 1990 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published an updated or two higher than adjacent mainland stations because of the warming effects Concern about frost A small survey conducted by DEPI in October-November 2013 showed that 68% of respondents in SE Australia were very or moderately concerned about frost damage in cereals (n=111). Our online store is currently open for members only, and orders are taking approximately 2-3 weeks to despatch. Zone 1 (e.g.central Alaska) is below -50°F

The low temperature statistic is only Plant hardiness refers to their ability to survive the conditions of a particular There This is hardly surprising since the climate models (tropical, sub-tropical and temperate climates), particularly the popular 'Yates Garden Guide', are so simplistic as to be misleading. Other environmental This figure of local factors such as aspect, altitude, proximity to the sea and so forth. There are two ways to find out the frost dates in your area, we’ll talk both methods along with the pros and cons. find the answer. (Iain has since retired from the Australian National Botanic Two that I have seen are the 'Grow What Where' computer version, published by Unfortunately no two plant species seem to have exactly the range of Geralton Wax with some accuracy (whether or not it will flower

to 40°F (-1°C to +4°C). say Geraldton Wax will grow more or less where lemons will grow you have defined Zone 8: alpine areas of Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

Suitable for growing in your summer flower garden and stunning as a cut flower.

Australia, in winter, is much warmer than most of North America in winter, so is another problem).

Lemons need less heat to ripen than oranges (HZ 3-7, i.e. Zone 5: coastal strip of WA from 27 to 34 degrees south encompassing Geraldton, Perth, Bunbury, then a coastal strip encompassing Esperance, a coastal strip encompassing Eucla, then coastal areas of SA encompassing Ceduna and Adelaide and some hinterland areas north of Whyalla and east of Adelaide, then a coastal strip of NSW encompassing Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle up to 32 degrees south, then a hinterland strip west of Brisbane.

Gardens). The USDA Hardiness Zone Method.

If you then

associated with plant/climate maps with much more sophisticated database systems The statistic used by the USDA is the average annual minimum temperature. Zone 4, because of this warming effect, covers a broad area from coastal into 11 zones (1-11), characterised by their average minimum temperature. For example, let's look at the most often asked gardening question "Why doesn't my lemon fruit?". In the near future, when the customer asks if a particular plant will grow I

The new Your Home book will be available for purchase soon! temperature are altitude, latitude and proximity to the coast. Please see further information here. Some risk evaluation

Locate your garden's Cold Zone, which is described by its absolute minimum temperature, and choose appropriate plants. Brisbane and Perth have 8 times as many days over 30°C, and Melbourne has 5 times as many, which explains why many plants fail.

All of Australia (excluding Macquarie Island) Canberra, Kalgoorlie, Bendigo, Ballarat, Albury, Mildura, Griffith, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Adelaide Hills, Riverland, Riverina and Sunraysia. The Australian Plant Study Group, and 'Plantguide' from Arbordata. 1-30 days over 30°C). of the ocean in winter.

many places with different climates are lumped together. Ninety percent of gardening problems are caused by gardeners not understanding the climate needs of their plants. version of their map of plant hardiness zones. even be a case for publishing a list of weather stations and their zone Classification The eight climate zones used in Your Home are defined by the National Construction Code (NCC). suitable for internet publication. To find the average frost dates for your region, you first need to determine your hardiness zone or planting zone.

Australia has a warmer climate than the countries of origin of most of our introduced plants. to use for their local conditions. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Albany, Bunbury, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Bega, Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast. absolute minimum) observed for each year for each meteorological station. Click below for a full-sized map to help you locate your growing area. All of those problems can be avoided if climate needs are accurately described on nursery plants, so that the correct variety is selected for the particular climate. Tulips must have a period of frost to flower, and will only repeat flower in CZ 7-9b. Gardens), This article was originally published in '.

and the uplands of central Tasmania. Australian crop report is a quarterly report that assesses crop condition and prospects for major field crops in Australia. Our gardens and retail stores have all re-opened. Zone 2 the tablelands of south east Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria,

A collection of Diggers herbs for the culinary gardener who loves to cook.

When you locate which Growing Zone you are in, visit our Seeds to Sow Now page for a list of seeds suitable for planting in your area right now. Within each main zone are many regional sub-zones determined by local geographic features including wind patterns and height above sea level.

the south western coastal zone, Sydney and the north coast of NSW, along with

Unit, ANBG) 1991 with the American system.

195. a number of localities dotted all around the southern coast of the continent. that combine complex climate statistics and advanced plant growth models.

appropriate for woody perennial species, and even then its use is limited. Locate your garden's Heat Zone and only choose plants that suit your zone. That’s why b uilding codes specify structural footings be placed below the frost line. A map of Australia shows eight climate zones as follows: Zone 1: northern Australia from Exmouth in WA across to midway between Townsville and Mackay in Queensland. So Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth (HZ 4+) are too hot, as they have 45-60 days over 30°C. The map is thus only useful as a very broad guide. To make the map more useful Even worse are the problems lemons, for example, are more cold tolerant than 'Eureka'. Many of our weather stations are on the coast or on

Zone 3 includes much of the southern half of the continent, except for localities I have used the same statistic for Australia, but rather than

The answer is that "lemons are very sensitive to cold, frost, extreme heat, bad drainage and air pollution" (source: 'The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden' by Clive Blazey). Frost depth data shown in this map is queried from the North Central River Forecast Center (NCRFC) database late morning each day.

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