gloomhaven tinkerer enhancements

Making sure that they’re taken out quicker when they’re back in action! That 2 hex space can make the difference between a monster choosing one ally over another.

Fate is whimsical, and unfortunately the Scoundrel flips one of these. We’re effectively swapping a slightly unpredictable crowd controller for an ability that gives us certainty in where bonus hits are directed. Crowd control is fun to play because it keeps your mind engaged in what’s happening in the scenario rather than just watching the health of your allies.

Awesome card to add to our deck. This is a nice way to snag some loot, but to lose the card for it is a steep price to pay! Board games, TTRPGs, miniatures - everything tabletop games! (I love Curative Aerosol myself - It's loaded in its own right, and fast, but it also is the only card that lets you position your bottom actions on the same turn that you use them.) Net shooter is a pretty good loss card, but the only option for enhancement adds another hex. Not only does it prevent that monster from healing, but it adds +1 to everyone’s hit against that monster for the entire time it’s poisoned. So far I've found that I comfortably play a solid healer with the option of going burst damage late scenario to help burn down heavily shielded enemies or bosses, so in the mean time my lower damage attacks are better as ways to deliver wounds/stuns etc. Text, photographs, and other content © Nick Wirtz 2011. These are helpful for basically every starting character! Whoop! It makes your lower ability more useful until you’re ready to use the top Loss. How do you get the rest you need? Still, they were pretty useful and I would like to discuss them. This can really help swing the scenario in your favour as you use this heal several times per scenario.

It’s Loss swap time again! This blog covers Gloomhaven strategy and tactics.

However, I don’t think they are more complex and situation for the Tinkerer. So you've chosen the Human Scoundrel?

Its 6 hit points aren’t amazing, but we can always heal it to extend its use.

That might mean healing your tank, moving a summon to take attention away from your glass canon ally, or dealing an area of effect to immobilize a bunch of monsters. The tinkerer never needs any elements personally, so these would only be for allies to use, and quite frankly, there are better ways allies can get elements. Press J to jump to the feed. It helps us to move a monster into the position we want them in. There’s nothing wrong with looting, after all, you’re going to spend it on upgrades and enhancements that help your party to win.

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The heal of 1 is nice, but doesn’t really make much of an impact in reality. Your party will really benefit from that zero damage turn. It takes a while to save up for even the ‘cheaper’ ones, especially at lower levels. The first perk I always take when it’s available is negative scenario effects. Making Toxic Bolt a 6 just gives us another option in our hand.

I don't know. Combo that with Warhammer to make a bunch of people unhappy. This article is a complete guide to playing a Gloomhaven Tinkerer that focuses on crowd control. Sure, Tink has a bunch of losses, but the best ones (D-Beam, Auto-Turret, Stamina Booster, your level 9) don't need enhancements. This is a better non-loss ranged heal than what we’ve currently got. This setup is amazing for shielded enemies.

Some characters such as the. It’s not like you have to place a token down and it stays there. Seeing as we’re adding in a better heal, we can afford to swap out one of our other heals. Perhaps more so than the Spellweaver because the Scoundrel’s stamina is very low as they can’t recover cards like the Spellweaver can.

Tinkerer definitely is not the strongest character as far as Loot is concerned and this is also visible in number of enhancements he got in our game – two. The double target attribute is what makes this card cool.

Another create trap ability.

Our summons can also give us options here because the Gloomhaven monsters work on an AI. 20 initiative, repeatable Stun, and a Move 4. It’s solid and useful! At early levels, Flamethrower and Potent Potables will get you another 4 points and a summon is another 2 points. There are three main priorities for the Tinkerer crowd control build.

We can afford to be a bit looser with our losses and at least this one is persistent and useful. The bottom is a really awesome ability that dishes out some nice Poison damage to 3 monsters at once. } Once you get your Heater Shield and Hide Armor refreshed, you'll have plenty of shields to tank future hits anyway. A great bottom action to have while we’re biding our time to use the top ability. Flamethrower. We can use it on our decoy to keep it alive longer and help us manipulate the situation. Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion – Voidwarden and Demolitionist (NEW!) At higher levels, Poison is more effective. Looking at just the starting items here so I don’t reveal any of the higher-level items! So it has to go.

Now, another Move 4 we could really do with. They are supposed to be launched with the campaign, which will be with the full release. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Subscribe. However, if you. *Edit: ink bomb doesn't have an additional hex enhancement. Combined with Stun Shot, you can now also put one enemy out of commission for two rounds, which lets your allies ignore it while they deal with other threats or focus it down without reprisal. The Gloomhaven Quatryl Tinkerer is the support class of the starting characters. Kuba’s two enhancements visible above. That makes it even more situational though. It’s a cheap and cheerful enhancement, but a really useful one. This is a great ability. } Human Scoundrel - Comprehensive guide to stabbing and looting. One of our two repeatable heals. So for me, this mine is just not worth it. The Gloomhaven Quatryl Tinkerer is the support class of the starting characters. Auto Turret! Consider adding Jump to one of the Tinkerer's Move 4 abilities. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Who doesn’t want one of those?! To make matters worse, this card is a Loss too. We can use it escape from monsters that have us surrounded, avoid traps blocking our way, or just move further when there are obstacles around. You could even use it on yourself before your area of effects to gain advantage on the damage against every target. We do fare worse in repeatable abilities that give us experience, though. It will cost a lot but you will always keep the card in your deck. The Tinkerer rules! The top trap just isn’t worth it, especially because we already have a muddle ability. You're playing the Cragheart or Brute and you've got plenty of health to spare. I find it annoying when the game tells me to add negative modifiers to my deck!

For example, if we’re facing a hard-hitting melee monster with no ranged abilities, Immobilize will really help us.

Part of me wants to put curse and both attack hexes on flamethrower. Follow by Email Resting like a pro in Gloomhaven. This is our card for taking out one particular monster so let’s make sure that happens. You’ll need to get into melee range but it’s totally worth the risk. Not a bad card for us. Seeing as Crowd Control beats healing in our build, and we have a decent Move action to replace the Move action we’ll lose, it’s time for Potent Potables to go. We can’t afford to swap out a card with a decent bottom movement for Noxious Vials which restricts our choice a little. Oops. We don’t have a huge amount of high movement abilities and more movement is always good.

Typically an enhancement on a loss card is not as powerful as an enhancement on non-loss cards, but it's not unreasonable to have 7 or so cards in your active deck that include a loss action that you may perform depending on the scenario. You have range 5 from wherever you currently are.

However, bonus damage is bonus damage and that Range 5 means you can be pretty much certain to hit something each turn if you position yourself correctly.

I guess it could be worthwhile if all your adjacent allies are about to do some mass area of effects. For every card in the build, I’ll be assessing it with these in mind.

There will be plenty of occasions where you don’t need to move and can make good use of a ranged heal instead. Finally, add Muddle, and then the two Fire cards if you want to. Who doesn’t want a +2 Move? Also, +1 or wound to the top of enhancement is decent, as it’s a solid non-loss. Move 4 is always welcome but it’s not good enough that we’ll put up with the top ability for it. We’re replacing it with a better crowd control card. Another fantastic way to use those hard-hitting Loss abilities. One small point I’d like to make is that net shooter + enhancement field is pretty good. On most runs, we’re going to be taking one summon with us. Taking two bad guys out of action for a turn is awesome. Especially because we use contraptions to distract monsters.

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