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A doll that seems to enjoy moving around. We are canon divergent. If you can narrow it down we’d be happy to help brainstorm, but otherwise we might be here for a week. please like if you are!!

theme. There was no good Halloween candy left at the store, so our muses have to choose between handing out mints that have been on the shelf for 40 years or just putting random shit in the kids’ bags. i just got an urge to do a witches group rp, with a small coven of witches, maybe at an academy for witches, or living in a normal town and attending normal high school whilst trying to avoid being detected and setting off a witch hunt, and each member of the coven has their own skill, like there’s the clairvoyant, the medium, the pyrokinetic, the hydrokinetic, electrokinesis, etc etc. my gf thought up the most amazing headcanon and i’m head over heels for it. I’m bored. Their stepparent, Muse C, is the current ruler of the kingdom. This is a casual, hobby RP group. i really wanna rp so i was thinking of maybe doing a cute lil closed group of like a witch coven??

Send a symbol for a starter or drabble (feel free to specify which) about one of the following prompts. (The Call is Coming from Inside the House) One muse is sitting at home when they start to get strange phone calls. Muse C calls upon Muse B to end it once and for all. The team is here to have fun. Ever since, they’ve been glued together. does anyone want to have a small rp group where we have our characters and relationships and then every few weeks we throw them into a completely different setting???

They all decided that being a team wasn’t as important as rebuilding the organization that more than deserved a second chance. ". (Melonheads) While on a deserted road, possibly lost, our muses grow uncomfortable after being warned of mutated humanoids that stalk the dirt road looking for people to run off the road and kidnap.Z. Welcome to the blog for the Assvengers RP Group! (played by ___), The Werewolf: is called ____ portrayed by ____ and they could be best described as a  _____. Our muses must play Jigsaw’s dangerous game in order to survive. The letter states “you found it, it was meant for you and you must read this aloud” or something like that. We have a few! Please also keep in mind that, while there are ten plots listed below, between five and eight of them will be filled unless there is interest expressed in filling all twenty roles. #just a bunch of youths hunting ghouls and ghosts, #but really all they've got is each other, #I want this and I'm not a fan of any in the tags tbh, #idk if anyone even looks in that tag but !!! If you are a current member, or looking to apply, I hope you find all the info you need here on the site. Send my muse a letter (A-Z) or the title following it for a starter based on one  of these famous Urban Legend plots. When whispers of  Hydra threatening an uprising, and the A.I.M threat looming and growing they decided it was time to launch what they called the Next Avengers Initiative. Muse B provided stability but it felt almost stifling. trying to recount their lives maybe?? Additional notes: Muse A or Muse B could be in a serious relationship. like first we’re in suburban america and then all of a sudden they’re thrown in 17th century england and after a week they’re on a spaceship in the year 3009 and we just keep on changing the setting but keep the characters consistent.

Before clicking that button to submit an application, please understand the following about our group: "if we can't sass the world, you can be damn sure we'll assvenge it. One night, Muse A and B begin dreaming of each other, though they’ve never met. who thinks he’s.

Not all members will be active at all times, and all are essentially affilliated-but-independent blogs. Halloween: A masked knife wielding killer just escaped from prison/asylum after they brutally murdered their sibling/relative/member of the family and they seem to be stalking your muse as they babysit my muse (or something else like that). There, they incurred the wrath of Muse C, a powerful sorcerer. Your muse receives a frightening letter telling them that somebody knows the crime they committed. Come inside before you catch a cold.” :)). As these worlds collide, two people from two very different realms must learn to adapt to one another and in the process, they learn to love. and now, three years later i see you at this party and i don’t know how to approach you because i’m still not sure if it was all real…, as someone who has a muse over the age of 40, i know it can be difficult sometimes to find plots that work since the average muse on tumblr is usually 10/20 years younger. We have about 4-5 of us! Has no current ongoing plot and group plots are will be few, far-between, and optional. muse b happens to be the really cute stranger at the end of the ride looking for this hat’s owner. Muse B is frantic and calls for an ambulance. Group plots are few and far between.With a group with at least 80+ characters in it, planning and running group plots are difficult.

L.A. RP is an original character roleplay group located in the city of Los Angeles, California. Each idea can be modified to suit your muses. does anyone want to have a small rp group where we have our characters and relationships and then every few weeks we throw them into a completely different setting??? As children, the two are forced together by their parents, telling them from a very young age that one day they will wed. Years later, Muse A has found success in the big city. Muse A goes to sleep on Christmas Eve after a long night of work.

Muse C cast a curse on their souls that every lifetime they would have together would end in tragedy. Feel free to use them in your rps. It’s been ten years since they watched Steven Adler fall to his death. (Deadly Wedding Dress) Our muses are getting married. So, one day, without warning, Muse A left Muse B. there can be gym battles, mystery, adventure, etc. As they casually go about their business, taking Muse B’s order while keeping up a polite facade – truth be told, Muse A would’ve refused serving them if they had the choice. consider this an interest check in some respect and if there’s enough i’ll make a discord server for us !! Their domestic lives are quite boring, so it comes as a shock to both of them when they are given their next target. ⛄It’s snowing on Halloween, it’s sNOwinG ON HAllowEEEEN. ok so is anyone interested in sort of a friends or himym or something around that vein small group?? Until one day, Muse A randomly runs into Muse B in town and realizes that they are not simply dreaming of someone their subconscious made up, but a living, breathing person.

still tired so leave me alone sudden ideas, can you imagine how awfully hilarious this would be, i’m checking something on my boyfriend’s phone and he’s been texting another girl?? (Hook Handed Man) Our muses are out for a drive and stop somewhere private, but are quickly spooked by eerie scratches against the back of the car.C. so if you are interested in doing something like this, give this a post a like and if i get enough people wanting to join, i’ll set up the d*scord server and start messaging people it!. ), LIKE FOR A REVERSE STARTER CALL AND I’LL HOP TO IT OK BYE LUV U. Reblog if you RP and are 25+ cuz I need you.

How is it that you’re the only one who’s been here for me? The Runaway: Muse A is a journalist who becomes fascinated by the story of Muse B, a serial bride/groom who continually leaves their significant others at the altar. awkward. i had a crush on you in middle school but you always said you were straight. hello!

Spring break had become their nightmare and now while the flowers are blooming again, so is the spirit of justice for Julie Adler, Steven’s younger sister. We could either take turns making up crimes/clients or decide on them as a group and throw our muses in there and see how they figure it out. We do not include the events of Thor 2, but do include some plot points of Captain America 2. We are…. War ensues, and six teenagers fight to stop it. Cat food. 3 a.m.: there are only two things that this group

but you can invite as many people as you want, and it’s easy enough to make it a genre school (wizardry, shapeshifter, etc. Many people turn to roleplay as a fun way to use characters, whether they're original or from a fandom. turns out muse b sucks more at golf than they thought because they just nailed muse a in the leg with one of their terrible hits. Kinda want to do a small group plot like the show friends from college where 20 years later everyone is still friends and two might be dating, another one might be cheating, another one is a celebrity or famous author and the other one is struggling. ART FROM ESSU-RWBY-DESU (tag fix, whoops) posted 5 years ago #allthesedumbcolors#u can tell this is blake bc it's my mun fc ayyy. It wasn’t until graduation day that they each got a chance to break free from the town and its past haunting them and move on. we’re the two best cheerleaders on our squad and we’re constantly fighting for the top spot; we definitely hate each other so why are we making out? hey hey hey, so i really wanna do a small town beach mumu with a few people, but i’m super out-of-date with rp trends, so i don’t think i could successfully create + promo a group
but i do need someone that won’t drop it. Most of these are inspired by movies or Disney Songs or something of the like. (Humans Can Lick Too) One of our muses is home alone, dozing off to sleep, when they hear movement beneath their bed. But, when disaster strikes, Muse A and Muse B are the only survivors and end up marooned on a deserted island together. ❁ muse a is stuck at grandma’s beach house for the summer and doesn’t know anyone in town. If you are looking for something that is a little supernatural, there’s always something like Van Helsing/Hansel & Gretel, where the family has spent their time hunting the creatures of the night (or in reverse, a family of creatures of the night trying to avoid the hunters and live as normally as possible! As a result, Muse C places a powerful curse on Muse A. Muse A will be cursed, their good looks taken from them. Hey everyone!! idk i don't necessarily want all of them but!! Your muse thinks it’s crazy and says they’re not doing it.. but they read it in their mind and that was enough to make the chant on the letter work and do its thing. There they meet, muse B, a workaholic who doesn’t believe in much of anything anymore. They decline the proposal and leave the kingdom, sadly. Someone thought it would be a good idea to fit their head inside of a freshly-carved pumpkin, but needless to say, it was not their best decision. enter muse b, who manages to intercept the beast and now the dog likes them better. Feel free to send me your own ideas! Eddie’s early morning Human Resources class had been just as uneventful as it was on the first day, at least in terms of the content presented. They hire Muse B as Muse A’s bodyguard of sorts, though Muse B is instructed not to tell Muse A. Muse B arranges to meet Muse A randomly and a bond is formed. i really wanna try a small, p much appless rp, so…. Muse A finds themselves living the life they would’ve lived if they’d made the other choice. Both happen to be spies, though neither spouse is aware of the others occupation. Hmu if interested. An archive for RP and story prompts. Maybe some of them know each other from childhood, maybe some of them have just been thrown together by circumstance. Interested? Check the tag 'wanted rp' for plots I'd love to write about. *Numbers are subject to change depending on the interest.

Many years ago, their kingdom was attacked.

However, upon finding Muse A, a bond is formed and Muse B finds they are developing feelings for Muse A. Torn between their new-found love and their loyalty to their family, they must decide what to do next. One of our muses works at a Haunted House and the other is coming through with their friends and – whoops, they got so scared they fell down and oh shit now they’re bleeding.

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