how i got into nyu stern

Should you apply early or regular decision to college? At about 30%, Stern also enrolled one of the highest rates of U.S. minority students and was much higher than any other top ten school. In order to build a diverse student body, NYU doesn’t seek out a certain “type” of candidate, Williams, who has been in this role at NYU for almost three years now, says.

We want to get you admitted to your dream schools. My understanding is that Stern is very different from the rest of NYU in that it's a lot harder to get into and is more reputable. Throughout it all, we all do our best to make the summer months before their first year positive and productive.”, ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES TO AVOID WHILE APPLYING TO NYU. We can help. NYU prizes diversity: it has the highest number of international students in the United States. I know that NYU itself is a great school but I've heard that Stern's prestige and difficulty to get in is on par with Ivy League schools like Cornell and Dartmouth. While the university prizes diversity, it's equally clear that NYU prizes strong academics and hard work.

The Class of 2024 had the highest average SAT composite score yet: 1500. You can find more information on these international examinations. NYU doesn't accept the Coalition or Universal applications. Finally, we'll give tips to teach you how to get into NYU.

When asked to advise high-schoolers on how to best prepare themselves for the NYU application, Williams says students should practice introspection to know what they want from their college experience.

Early decision offers to NYU are binding, unless you don't receive enough financial aid to be able to attend.

You'll also need to send in your official high school transcripts and official transcripts for any college-level work you've completed. NYU offers early decision to applicants that are certain NYU is the right school for them.

In order to achieve a 3.7, you'll need to earn mostly A's and A-'s on your coursework. by: Pearly Tan on February 27, 2019 | 0 Comments Comments 36,876 Views. NYU has 10 undergraduate schools and programs offering over 230 areas of academic study. For the Class of 2021, for instance, the overall admissions rate was roughly 28% while early decision candidates were admitted at a rate of roughly 38%.

I completely agree with you because a very high percentage ... Can you please tell me how admissions rates are calculated ... Our Partner Sites: Poets&Quants |Poets&Quants for Execs | Tipping the Scales | We See Genius, About Poets&Quants | P&Q News Archives | Privacy Policy | Advertising & Partnerships | Editorial | Contact Us. By June before entering the university, students can make use of “call-in question days.” First-year students are also invited to a Facebook group to “meet” their classmates virtually, Tiffany Boselli, assistant dean of Academic Advising & Judicial Affairs at Stern says.

College admissions get more and more competitive every year, so you want to present yourself with the best application you can. “What makes a school a good school is that it can meet that student’s needs in a way that feels very special. However, the most important thing in any application, he says, regardless of which school or program at the university the student is hoping to enter, is the overall academic profile. Ethan Baron photo . There are so many applicants scoring 32 and above that a 29 will look academically weak. Want to get into NYU or your personal top choice college?

There’s such a thing as over-affiliation, says Jonathan B. Williams, the assistant vice president for undergraduate admissions at New York University.

We combine world-class admissions counselors with our data-driven, proprietary admissions strategies. In 2020, NYU's acceptance rate fell to a record low: 15%. Among the incoming Class of 2018, Stern students averaged an SAT score of 1,468, with international students making up an 23% of the population, which was higher than all but two of the 88 undergraduate business schools ranked this year by Poets&Quants for Undergrads.

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