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Udesky | Sarah Harding Please! [Eddie finds Ian, Sarah, and Nick trapped in a trailer hanging over a cliff]. : However, her campfire alerts the attention of Eddie Carr and Nick Van Owen, the team's video documentarian, who rush to put it with a jug of water before being told to switch to dirt by Dr. Sarah Harding.

Dr. Ian Malcolm Malcolm is infuriated that Kelly has followed him to Isla Sorna, and after having her clean up the mess she made of the trailer when she was cooking, she points out the sound of approaching helicopters. Kelly first appears when she greets her father, Dr. Ian Malcolm, when he is visiting Eddie Carr in his garage. Breaking all tradition, the bride was given away by her mother. On 30 June 1902 at St. Margaret's, Westminster, he married Jeanne Langtry, daughter of Lillie Langtry, the famous actress. Eddie Carr Now behind the rest of the group, Nick, Ian, Sarah, and Kelly did not fall into the trap set by the Velociraptors in the long grass. You gotta baby it a little bit. Ian Malcolm was invited to the park by Donald Gennaro as an insurance consultant as Donald apparently felt that Ian, as a fiduciary, would be able to notice any dangerous shortcomings the park had. Dr. Ian Malcolm

Sarah Harding I figured out how the dinosaurs survived without lysine. Sticking her head into the recess, and terrifying the people inside, she recedes after Burke, who has been frighted away from the recess wall by a harmless milk snake, runs into her mouth and is dragged out of the cave.

Vivian Krill | Dr. Ian Malcolm Cooper | Kelly, seeing this, then uses her gymnast skill to kick the raptor through a rotted wood-grated window, and lands safely back in the ground. : I'll love it when it works. : Though the dialogue suggests that Kelly considers Ian her actual father, so it's possible that Kelly is his biological daughter, but shares the physical traits of her mother. Yeah. Full Name Ian Malcolm : Although she insists on accompanying Malcolm on his journey, the destination of which he withholds from her, Malcolm is adamant that Kelly stays with an associate by the name of Karen. Nash | I don't care! Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Survival Guide, The Science Of Jurassic Park And The Lost World Or, How To Build A Dinosaur, http://www.jurassicworld.com/intel/character/kelly-curtis-malcolm, https://jurassicpark.fandom.com/wiki/Kelly_Malcolm?oldid=249648. Do-Gooder Malcolm was born in 1868, the son of Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, 16th of Poltalloch (1837–1930).

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