martin kendall mother on the cosby show

"[116], Julee Wilson of HuffPost described the character as "head-strong yet lovable". The second eldest of their five children,[4][5] Denise is a younger sister of Sondra (Sabrina Lebeauf) and an elder sister to Theo (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), Vanessa (Tempestt Bledsoe) and Rudy (Keshia Knight Pulliam). "[124], As one of the decade's most popular actresses,[12][115] A Different World initially attempted to capitalize on Bonet's fame by featuring Denise prominently. [51] As "the most mellow Huxtable kid with a slightly boho style",[69] the character also dresses in a manner that is distinguished from the moderate way in which her siblings dress. "[92] Writing for The Atlantic, Joe Reid ranked Denise the best Huxtable child, praising both Bonet's performance and the character's "flakiness". But he's also pursued other endeavors in his life, and has raised a family with his wife Nicole Phillips. Denise left Hillman after her sophomore year (although she returned on th and returned home where she pursued various short-lived part-time jobs before traveling to Africa to become an assistant for a wildlife photographer. [150] HelloGiggles ranked Denise first on its ranking of "10 TV Characters Who Would Make Awesome Big Sisters", calling her "magnetic to watch" due to her free-spirited personality and sense of fashion. "[130], Writer and executive producer Susan Fales defended Bonet's acting: "the character was far more at fault [than Bonet]. "[45], Filming A Different World required Bonet to relocate from New York, where The Cosby Show was taped, back to her hometown San Francisco, California. [131], However, some fans lamented Denise's departure. To see a girl who’s upper class kid, having a baby, not married because she didn’t want to be married…and the girls could root for her. [37] After Bonet's departure, Whitley replaced Denise as A Different World's main character, and the series underwent major revisions to focus on her and other supporting characters. [101] Similarly, The Odyssey Online's Bianca Eugene cited "15 Reasons Why Denise Huxtable Is A Fashion Icon", elaborating that the character "has proven that no matter how outrageous her outfit or hairstyle may be, she still looks good. [20] All five Huxtable children are based on Cosby's own;[8] Denise in particular was based on the creator's daughter Erinn, who was approximately Denise's same age when the series began in 1984. It isn't until later in seasons 7 and 8 that he finally calls his new in-laws "Mom" and "Dad". Bonet had a difficult professional relationship with Cosby while working on The Cosby Show, particularly regarding her decisions to appear in the controversial film Angel Heart (1987) and subsequently pose nude for various magazines.

We couldn’t. "[5] Originally, Denise was intended to be the eldest of the Huxtable family's four children. Phillips' role as Martin Kendall came about when Denise unexpectedly married him in Africa, unbeknownst to her parents and family. The Cosby Show Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. [71][72] Her character is, however, mentioned and used sparingly throughout the episode.

While there, she meets and marries Lt. Martin Kendall, becoming stepmother to his daughter Olivia. [34] Although nearly every main and recurring character who played a significant role on the series returned for The Cosby Show's finale "And So We Commence", which revolves around Denise's younger brother Theo graduating from New York University, Bonet was not invited back to make a final appearance on the show after having being fired the previous year.

Add the first question. "[142] Agreeing that Denise is a precursor to Carrie Bradshaw and Cookie Lyon from Empire, Julee Wilson, senior fashion editor for HuffPost, named the character "one of our first TV style crushes", crediting her with teaching audiences how to layer and accessorize their outfits. [14] Since Cosby did not intend to add an infant character to the series, the show concealed Bonet's pregnancy using loose-fitting clothing, large coats, sofas and grocery bags. [117] The Etsy Blog's Alison Feldmann wrote that Denise's "loud style remain[s] iconic as ever. [23] The fact that Bonet, a Cosby Show cast member, had been cast in a sex scene with co-star Mickey Rorke garnered far more media coverage than whether or not the film deserved the X rating it had originally been assigned. But mostly, she was just fierce. [47] Richard Pfefferman, author of Strategic Reinvention in Popular Culture: The Encore Impulse, described Denise as "Young, hip, trendy and colorful".

Revered as a fashion icon, the character's eclectic style has had a profound impact on modern fashion trends; media publications frequently rank Denise among television's best-dressed characters. "[90] Marie Claire included Denise at number six on their "15 Female TV Characters That Have Incredible Hair" ranking. "[24] Denise has been nicknamed the Huxtable's "prodigal daughter" by the media. ", "10 episodes of A Different World that redeemed the topical sitcom", "An Appreciation: What I Learned Re-Watching A Different World", "Bill Cosby's Treatment of Lisa Bonet Should Have Been an Early Sign of His Behavior", "Lisa Bonet's May 1988 cover of 'Rolling Stone' is timeless in its confident rebellion", "9 Surprising facts you may not know about the show "A Different World, "Spelman College No Longer Wants To Be Associated With Bill Cosby", "Lisa Bonet Returns to 'The Cosby Show' with TV Husband and Child Prodigy", "11 TV Characters Who Vanished Into Thin Air", "Denise: The Saga Continues – The Cosby Show Season 8", "21 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About "The Cosby Show, "15 Things You Didn't Know About "The Cosby Show, "Where are the female stars of The Cosby Show now – and do they support Bill? [114] According to, Bonet "struck a chord" among The Cosby Show fans with "her ethereal beauty and quiet strength". [49] Allen suggested that Bonet's pregnancy be written into the series,[50][51] explaining that it "would be a great thing. [95] Glamour contributor Tracey Lomrantz Lester wrote that, in addition to fitted vests, the character dons "some of the most memorable headwear I've ever seen on TV. "[102] Erin Faith Wilson of called A Different World one of her favorite shows "because of my love for Denise Huxtable", elaborating, "her clothes were amazing, she was incredibly intelligent and she didn’t put up with shit from anyone ... At the time, she seemed to scream feminism and I couldn’t get enough. [27] Bustle's Cherise Luter believes that Denise's wardrobe "expressed [her] inner rebel. Allen created an entirely new character, Freddie Brooks, and recruited actress Cree Summer to occupy Bonet's vacancy as the show's "earthy, bohemian" character.

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