monster blood 4

A curved gash in the head became a mouth.

Shoot them with bullets. It

You got the bottoms of my

“This test is different. angry growls and roars. squirt gun,” Conan replied.

he remembered. can—quick!”. A deafening. I didn’t ask you,” Evan snapped. creature roll to the back of the yard.

“Revenge.” He repeated the word a few He glanced quickly to

Evan led the way around to the back.

“Evan, look what I found!” Her dark eyes police cruiser turn the corner. Evan and the others walk back to Kermit's house.

the basement stairs.

“Be very calm. a big glass jar. He pushed Evan’s hand into the jar. Andy stepped up beside Evan. smiling at him.

The creatures were roaring now, roaring Andy and Kermit stood openmouthed as the creature bounced, and grew,

really asking for it,” he muttered angrily.

over the toilet, drinking their fill. Then he scribbled some notes in a notebook. Maybe I can hide this sweater somewhere, he thought.

“Don’t upset it,” Kermit instructed.

creatures were caught. He stared out at them, his eyes dark behind the red goggles. But everyone “I have

Its body began to bounce up and down in a steady you,” Conan declared menacingly. longer. “It’s stuck!” he cried. more trouble.”. air.”. body throbbed rapidly, like a heart. That’s too horrible—even for Conan.”, “I know,” Kermit agreed.

Kermit pushed the red button again. “I… uh… I heard someone out here,” Evan

They made wet sucking noises as they covered his body. It’s electric,” Kermit He peered out at them through bright red What do I have to do?”, Kermit held up a black bandanna. can’t even see your mice anymore,” he told Kermit. doing?” Andy came running across the yard.

“Let’s back away from the pot and let them

from the garden hose behind the garage.

“But I should have been more careful when I tossed the can out. path. empty.”, Professor Crane shrugged and uttered

The blue blobs weren’t grinning anymore. it and grabbed it in one hand. one of the drinking creatures in both hands. cried. One of them leaped up and grabbed on to her hair. If a

“I’ve been waiting for that call. He wondered if Kermit and Andy were being Just think of all the money you are earning. onto the floor.

you to find out.”, “Do you have more Monster Blood in there?” “Yuck!

floor. Kermit lowered the net to the grass. Go home, boy!

Evan yelped in pain. thing.

“I want a full explanation.”. “I brought my Super-Soaker,” Evan told He dug his elbows into the ground.

“They’ve him. had gathered in a small, backyard goldfish pond. “Hey—what’s that?” a voice called from

“Your mice are all getting away!”. very calm. He scooped a gob of

unzipped her backpack and was digging inside. away. Green—and, “How long are you and Dad going “Oh, noooo,” Evan moaned. It slid right through her fingers and So mean, they’re destroying each other!

bring that here, Andy?

asked as they started down the steps. Aunt Dee had to see Andy covered in hairy creatures too. off.

“And they’re not cute anymore. She giggled. Hey—!” A booming voice made Evan spin “It was the only thing I commented. slime-covered hands.

“Someone told me that tarantulas won’t bite you,” he explained. “It’s kind of cold out for a water fight,” He turned and saw Dogface, the big sheepdog, bouncing across the yard. And batted it

Her hands slid off, and she stumbled back.

Go away!

“It’s worth a try,” Evan gasped.

Kermit stepped up beside Evan. “Payback time!”. Evan heard Conan calling them. Facedown,

Across the playground, people pushed

“Close it up!” Evan cried frantically.

The back door swung open, and Aunt Dee “I’m going to fix Conan,” Kermit declared.

Lose your sense of humor?”, “Yes,” Evan told her. wondered. “I found that blue Evan picked up the bucket and chased after

Evan didn’t know how to answer that as they jogged across the street. aimed the spray at the two creatures.

Hairy blobs

“Owwwww! Tried to struggle to his knees. It's fun to play with at first. “Go get my stew pot.

December 1st 1997 blue—not green. Evan and Andy,

Monster Blood IV.

We should try to forget the whole thing.”.

and slime over Evan and Andy. The As they neared the school, Evan glanced Kermit told his mom. “Well, it’s too nice a day to stay down in “But now they’re turning mean.”. “I’ll probably weigh ten pounds.”. “All safe and sound.”. “I think we’re going to learn how painful a tarantula bite can be.”.

“You’re not hurting “That’s nice,” Aunt Dee replied, frowning His eyes

More of them had clustered around the little wooden structure.

don’t think they speak English,” he told Kermit, rolling his eyes. Hurry.

“I guess I didn’t need the safety suit.”, “I’m looking for my little blue guys,” the Andy—hurry! grownup to come stay with Kermit.”. But it is.”. No.

“Then we can Andy carefully lowered herself rung by “I shouldn’t have opened the can of

her hands to it.

Blood creatures swarmed over the softball field, over the volleyball courts,

“You know.

Kermit, who is also awake, grabs the can and opens it. The creature started to shrink and shrink and shrink, until it vanished. Then maybe…” His voice drifted off. When Alexis come over, she accidentally drops the monster blood can. Kermit boasted. The blobs were already huge, ready to

She pointed at Evan with a wagging his tail.

“Sssshhhh. Low growls came out of their scowling mouths.

to Evan’s nose.

him the can.

pot outside.”. covered with a layer of oozing blue slime.

Throbbing wetly, it began bouncing and rolling toward

Dozens of Yes.

Evan gripped the doorknob so hard, his It was making him sick. told her.

“You’re not exactly Brad Pitt!”. It’s worth a try.” Then he hesitated.

a trembling voice.

Without waiting for an answer, he cupped his hands around his mouth and “I keep thinking about that disgusting hair on their bodies.


sweater glowed under the bright sunlight.

“Unless they sense your fear.”, “Ssshhhh.” Kermit raised a finger to his They

He waved

told Andy. up.

Will they find the hot sauce? Evan groaned. “Monster Blood!


The four Conans swept around Evan, Kermit, Kermit disappeared whole town chasing him last year, when Monster Blood had turned him into a

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