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It is all our own fault,

When you need inspiration, particularly in song, she can release your self-consciousness, so you really sing from your heart. Required fields are marked *. In thanks for the human’s hospitality, she cried a container full of pearls and gave it to the family. Characters of ancient stories are considered to be mythical, just like mermaids. The name Diana takes its meaning from the goddess and represents beneficence and wellness. . - This name means ‘noble friend’ in High Old German, and ‘friend of the elves.’ Elves and mermaids are both mythical creatures that are prominent in fantasy and mythology.

They often sound exotic and fancy, which means that naming your baby with any of the examples in this category will make him or her stand out.

Undine- The name Undine is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning ‘little wave.’ A variation of it is Ondine, which is the name of a water nymph who falls in love with a man, in European tradition. She is frequently depicted as a mermaid and is considered the Ocean Mother Goddess in Santería, which is an Afro-Caribbean religion. Sif, the wife of Odin. Attina is the sister of Ariel, and the firstborn of King Triton. The name is the female form of Andrew, which means ‘manly’ and ‘strong.’ Some similar names are.

Athena is also the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. Whether you’re into the ocean or not, it’s undeniable that we are all connected to the sea.

Jasper- This name is of Persian origin. When you face unique changes in your life, she can help steady the waters around you. - Elaina is of Greek origin, a form of the name Helen. Ginevra- The name Ginevra is a girl's name of disputed origin. he in every narrative does something in common with his Norse prototype. Melody- She is the daughter of Ariel, seen in the sequel, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. Clara- This is a Latin name that means ‘clear,’ and ‘bright.’ This could be taken several ways. The name comes from the Latin word ‘sal’ for salt. Her name is also the Gaelic word for ‘beauty.’, Adella- Adella is the third daughter of King Triton. The name Ava alone means ‘life’ and is of Latin origin. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Cleo/Cleodora- Cleodora is a goddess in Greek mythology.

Sailors considered images of Mermaids as a good luck charm, which is why figureheads were carved with Her image.

A crowded room can become totally overwhelming. This is not a woman who can be tamed. , which is gender neutral and has a similar meaning. One day some Indians saw the girls' clothes on the beach, and so She is much like her mother, being a stubborn free spirit who is defiant to her parents. The true meaning of the name is ‘chalk landing place.’ A variation of the name is Kelsey. - The name Muriel is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘of the bright sea.’ It even sounds similar to Ariel.

If you are doing workings for the Earth, they are excellent helpmates. Cassandra- Cassandra means ‘to excel,’ ‘to shine.’ It is also the name of a Trojan princess from Greek mythology. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

There was also a Welsh privateer of the Caribbean named Sir Henry Morgan (Captain Morgan rum is named after him). This is relevant because merfolk are mythical creatures and could potentially live much longer than humans, or age differently. Many stories of the Mermaid tell of enticing beauty, raw sensuality, and humans who succumb to their haunting songs; in this, we see where Mermaid becomes an emblem of balancing our heart and head. The following are some of the most popular female merfolk names.

, with other variations possible. The girls swam up to the sand, but could get no further.

An emerald is a shining green gem, like a mermaid tail. The name. Aurora- Aurora was the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. Thalia was one of fifty daughters of Nereus, ‘old man of the sea.’ She was known as the nereid of the ‘blooming sea.’ The name means ‘to blossom, or flourish.’, Viviane- In the Arthurian legend the Lady of the Lake, there is a fairy-like enchantress named Viviane.

He saw them swimming far out, and called to them. This can be a happy omen unless you fear the emotions and insights Mermaid brings. Heavy currents surrounding the rock created a murmuring sound, which inspired many folktales, including one of a siren who sat on the rocks and combed her golden hair. When Mermaid swims with you, she brings you into the realm of Water, which also speaks of our emotions. She feels everything.

The fierce individuality among Mermaids is well known – so much so that they may resist settling down in any one spot. Her name is the Spanish word for ‘mermaid.’, Lyla- Lyla is a spunky mermaid who will become determined when she sets her mind on something. It may have been taken from the Greek word nereis, meaning ‘sea sprite’ or ‘nymph.’, - Odette is the name of the princess turned Swan Queen from the ballet, .

Hector- Hector has English, French, Scottish, and Spanish roots. - Fontaine is a French word that means ‘fountain’ or ‘natural spring.’ Natural springs are beautiful and peaceful places frequently lounged in by mermaids. The name Priscila means ‘ancient,’ which is fitting for mermaids because they date far back to ancient times. Haven- Mrmaids in stories have frequently rescued people from drowning, like in Little Mermaid. Individuality and non-conformity are definitely traits of the Mermaid. Ne Hwas, the Mermaid A Passamaquoddy Legend.

(a variation). A long time ago there was an Indian, with his wife and two daughters. The meaning of this name is ‘sea tide.’ A perfect name for a merman. She feels a responsibility over her sisters, who sometimes see her as bossy.

It wasn’t until the second winter, however, that the man complied so she could hunt for him. It is a variation of Guinevere and maybe Italian, Welsh, or British. The name happens to mean ‘singing, queen’ from the Latin name Regina (a variation).

As a name Gemma sounds beautiful and befitting of a mermaid.

- This is a good ocean name since it has “shell” in it, as in seashell. It was said to have nested on the sea and calmed the sea so it could lay its eggs on a floating nest.

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