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"el hombre del overol" ("The overall man"), Montìguéz Franco a.k.a. What Henao did not know was that the invalid did know that he had given the order for Pacho’s death, so somehow he managed to introduce two weapons to the prison, and with them on November 13, 1998, he would murder José Orlando Henao Montoya.

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Henao later became rivals with the Cali Cartel after Helmer Herrera assassinated his associate Claudio Salazar in 1994, and his cartel became more powerful as Cali declined. One day he could be “The businessman of drug trafficking”, another day “Don H” but the one that causes the most intrigue is “The man in overalls”. Henao gave higher autonomy to the lower levels of his organization, effectively taking his organization off public eyes and into the underground.

Para liderar el negocio mató a sus socios.

"Don Diego", Wilber Varela, a.k.a. No

When the leaders of Cali, Miguel and Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela and José Santacruz Londoño were behind bars, Henao would take the opportunity to weaken them, since he wanted to be the new king of the city.

He was nicknamed "The Overalls Man", and he became the capo de capos in the northern Cauca Valley as a leader of the Norte del Valle Cartel after working as a policeman for years. The last one emerged from a telephone conversation intercepted by the Colombian authorities between Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela and a fugitive from justice, Helmer Herrera known as “Pacho”. Later, Henao finds out that Pacho Herrera has intention to collaborate with the North American justice against him, so he decides to send Varela to end his life.

In 1995, Henao Montoya surrendered to the Colombian authorities and served a light prison sentence, with his sister Lorena leading the cartel in his absence. In this way they put an end to the life of the drug lord, who died on November 4, 1998. He received several nicknames in life. 3 "Monty", Diego León Montoya Sánchez, a.k.a. However, such an order was not maintained even for two months, because on July 18, there was a counter order that nullified any attempt to arrest “Don H”. En la muerte del narcotraficante Orlando Henao en el pabellón de alta seguridad de La Modelo a manos de José Manuel Herrera, el hermano paralítico de Pacho Herrera, hay detalles insólitos. This last charge was the most controversial. After his murder, the North Valley Cartel was divided into two groups: One, led by Diego Montoya Sánchez and another headed by Wilber Varela; both were part of another group called “Los gatilleros”. Norte del Valle was the third-largest cartel in Colombia after the Cali Cartel and the Medellin Cartel, and, in 1986, he agreed to do business with the Mexican freelance drug trafficker Sandra Avila Beltran, sending her 200 kilograms of cocaine to traffick into the United States.

After many raids made between the Police and the Army, the Prosecutor’s Office decided to order his arrest for the crime of receiving money from activities related to drug trafficking. The chiefs of the Norte del Valle cartel at one time included Orlando Henao a.k.a. José Orlando Henao Montoya, a former policeman who became leader of the so-called North Valley Cartel, was born on May 5, 1953, in Cartago, Colombia. He was responsible for ordering the death of Cali Cartel leader Helmer Herrera, and he was murdered on the orders of Pacho's brother Jose Manuel Herrera.

In the first place, due to the inconsistencies between the value of a property located in a Cali neighborhood declared in the document and the value determined by the expert.

Norte del Valle cartel He was imprisoned in the same prison as Henao. Henao formed a partnership with Mexican drug lord and Cali cartel ally Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who too was opposed to the Cali cartel's retirement plan.

On 13 November 1998, Henao Montoya was assassinated in the Picota of Bogota.

Real life

Orlando Henao This fact meant a mutation of the power relations around the activity, since the discrete style based on bribes and favors granted with which Henao managed to evade arrest warrants and investigations, alternated with punctual killings destined to break some resistance, it was replaced by simple and pure violence, with the execution of criminal actions related to the settling of accounts in the struggle for the control of power. Deceased In 1986, he was approached by Mexican socialite Isabella Bautista to form a joint operation to undercut their bosses, the Cali cartel and the Guadalajara cartel respectively. In an attempt to hide his guilt, Henao offers his friendship to José Manuel, and tells him that he has nothing to do with the death of his brother, that his lieutenant Varela acted without his consent and that if necessary he would make him pay for it. https://narcos.fandom.com/wiki/Orlando_Henao_Montoya?oldid=2662, He is one of the three characters that appears in both.

Orlando Henao Montoya (died 13 November 1998) was a leader of the Norte del Valle Cartel of Colombia. Henao Montoya, age 43, was the widow of Ivan Urdinola, and the sister of Orlando Henao Montoya, alias “the Overall Man.”

Lorena Henao Montoya, known as the “Widow of the Mafia,” was murdered after assassins on a motorcycle strafed her car with bullets in the province of Armenia, just the latest chapter in a widening drug war.

The Prosecutor De Greiff accepted as valid the declaration of his owner, who fixed the value of the same in 6,000,000 Colombian pesos, while the expert established the value of the house in 125,990,600 pesos, claiming that the first one came from a public document, subtracting credibility from the expert’s judgment due to lack of precision. Occupation ¿What Happened to the North Valley Cartel After Orlando Henao’s Death. After all the attacks committed, the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers send a message to Henao and The North Valley members, claiming that if the bloodshed did not stop, they would go to the authorities and reveal everything they knew about them, including the name of their closest collaborators.

1980s–1998 After the fall of the Medellín cartel in 1993, and the Cali cartel in 1995, Henao's cartel became the biggest drug cartel in Colombia. 8

Eventually, Enedina Arellano Félix of Tijuana also became a part of the partnership. Secondly, the Prosecutor agreed with the fact that what was produced by the livestock activities were sufficient to justify the ownership of those goods, as well as the fact that “Don H” had been favored by luck by winning the Colombian Lottery jackpot on December 30, 1985. The Man in Overalls is not saved from appearing in different television series, among them are: Orlando Henao Makes Peace with the Cali Cartel.

In the same attack Miguel Rodríguez Orejuela’s son, William Rodríguez Abadía, suffered very serious injuries, but miraculously he survived. Orlando Henao Montoya Gran capo del norte del Valle.

This was done with the active collaboration of retired Armed Forces officers, very well supplied with high-caliber weapons, media and off-road vehicles. One day he could be “The businessman of drug trafficking”, another day “Don H” but the one that causes the most intrigue is “The man in overalls”. In 1994, he cut off his ties with the Cali cartel after Gilberto Rodríguez Orejuela announced the Cali cartel and it's allies would leave the drug trafficking business in 6 months. Julián Arango. After Orlando Henao surrendered to the authorities, Pacho Herrera would take the opportunity to attack his trusted man, Wilber Varela, AKA Jabón, however, the hitman and future drug lord would survive.

This did not stop the course of justice.

Drug lord

Appearances Rank José Orlando Henao Montoya, a former policeman who became leader of the so-called North Valley Cartel, was born on May 5, 1953, in Cartago, Colombia.

Relationship between the cartels further deteriorated after Pacho Herrera murdered a Norte del Valle boss, Claudio Salazar. Despite the overwhelming evidence about the illicit origin of Orlando Henao’s fortune, the Attorney General of the Republic, Gustavo De Greiff, refrained from opening an investigation for illicit enrichment. Henao convinced Avila to make him her exclusive supplier, following in the footsteps of Cali Cartel lieutenant Helmer Herrera, who made Gulf Cartel boss Juan Nepomuceno Guerra his sole trafficker.

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