realm grinder research builds

1 Obsolete as of 3.0 2 Reincarnation 16-19 Builds 3 Reincarnation 20-27 Builds 4 Neutral Research Builds R25+ 4.1 Post-Ascension Builds R40+ 4.2 Tiered Builds R42+ 4.3 Dragon Builds R46+ (pre-lineage) 4.4 R70+ Builds 4.5 Buff Builds R70+ 4.6 Lineage Unlock Builds Outdated, obsolete research builds that were on the main Research Build page are moved here. I started this at R39 with a gem count of 1.876e148. Has it helped? i'm currently doing an angel bloodline dwangel … Formula:  where x is your Assistants stat. Gain additional assistants based on the amount of Faction Coins found in this game. Reduces cost multiplier by 0.02; with no other reductions applying, the multiplier will be 1.13 instead of 1.15. This is because I got to R36~37 with neutral research before prestige research was even released. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for more info in a realm grinder guide. Moreover, I would like him to post his builds, very similar to this one, but for higher Reincarnations. Faction: The group you choose to align with during a run (fairies, elves, angels, goblins, undead, demons, etc).

C400 can replace C150 to get SS5 or DB4 faster. You’ll need to grind it out for at least 1E72 gems. Economics: 150, 200, 320, 330, 350; swap 320 for 400 if both available and higher. Increase the production of all buildings based on your offline production bonus. Gain assistants based on mana produced in this game. Formula:  where x is the amount of Trophies Unlocked. Gives you all the Unique Buildings of your alignment. Target changes every 2 minutes. R0 refers to your first time playing the game.

Increase the production of Unique Buildings based on the amount of assistants you own. Requirement: 40k%+ Drowline (If you don’t have it, you CAN meet this during the run itself by going offline for a couple of days, and it will build up time-based upgrades. Rush build. All artifacts have a random chance of appearing. If this build is being used to unlock E1425: S500 and A250 with E1225 as a substitute for E1425.

Contingency set to 4899 Mana. Formula:  where x is the number of spells currently active. Formula:  where x is the amount of research made. Olympian Halls are always hit by Lightning Strike in addition to the primary target. Increase the production of all other buildings by 95% per Undercity you own. So, if you arent doing so already, spend your offline or idle time as Druid (2 days of Druid time will make your life much easier in R28+, because it will unlock the strongest research avaiable to you), Focus on getting Vanilla Flavor Juice, Sunforce and other easy Lore artifacts with excavs (Up to R19: After getting the RPs with them), After you unlock E290, make sure to do a last excavation run with it prior to reincarnating, There is a relevant guide on how to go through the unlocking of the researches needed to finish R16.

Formula:  where x is amount of gems you own. Research consists of several specialized facilities. Increase the production of Non-Unique buildings by 40% per Unique building you own. Broken as of (Changes to C250 makes this unoptimized as heck. Realm Grinder guide for beginners. Silver: Spiritual Surge, Moon Blessing, Call to Arms, Gold: Diamond Pickaxe, Holy Light, Tax Collection. Increase assistants production based on mana regeneration. Research Reverberation (S330) & Mesmerization (S305). Reduce spell cost for higher spell tiers. where x is your Playtime (Total) in seconds stat and c is Increase the production of all other buildings based on the production of your Stonehenge Circles. C460 requires clicks to grow (it can grow past C120 quickly.)

Due to the minor production boost of this build, it is not worth running for over a few minutes to buff Faceless runs until R78+ or so when runs are expected to take multiple days each.

I was just wondering why you wouldn’t want to purchase all available researches when using a build, and why it helps not to do so? Gain additional assistants based on mana produced this game. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. R22+: Remember to grab Ancient Cocoa Bean, you will need it from R26 on. Formula:  where x is the number of Non-Unique Buildings you own.+Access to the Mercenary Research. Research Transcendence (D200) & Pyromancy (S150). Once all upgrades are purchased, set up autocast : Instructions: The build runs itself once all upgrades are purchased and autocast setup.

Increase mana regeneration based on the amount of excavations made. S250 instead of S500.

Formula:  where x is your Time Spent Offline (Total) stat.+Access to the Drow Research.

Formula:  where x is your Treasure Clicks (This Game) stat. As a general Rule: All builds were tested without Sunforce, if not stated otherwise. Buildup runs: The Works by Deworx in the special builds section or Ascended Goblins (Druid bloodline) in this section. Slows down around 1 Notg (1E120) Gems. or 0% if x is 0, where x is the number of corresponding Research Points}} where x is your Playtime (This Game) stat in hours. Economics: 135, 145, 250, 1225, 1325, 1425. 590RPs: 200 dwarf or drow Royal Exchanges. Anything missing or want to add? Formula: 3 * x^0.35%  where x is the amount of Excavations you made. So far i’ve messed around with Angels to find a R19+ build and demons to find a R20 build – these builds can break the e99 gem wall. Increase production bonus from gems based on the amount of research made.

Formula:  where x is total time spent as non-Faceless factions. Formula:  where x is the number of Stone Pillars you own. Bloodline: Druid. It will take until 90-92m/s to be able to cast all spells at the same time, at which point getting E80 should be possible, along with increasing research points in branches if needed.

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