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Morse’s options are fairly limited in that regard. I don’t think their cohabitation will ever reach the harmonious heights of Morcambe and Wise making breakfast together though. I’m not sure who would be who. I’m wondering what were your initial thoughts on the character from reading Russell Lewis’ script? The most illuminating part of reading the books was discovering the world in which these characters operate. He gave Strange effortless authority laced with a genuine kindness. Perhaps this is because they are both somewhat intriguing characters who frequently appear in both Colin Dexter’s novels and the original Morse television series. I went in, sat down with Susie, and promptly set about forgetting all my lines, mumbling and sweating even more. The night of the Apollo 11 launch, a car accident leads Morse into a murder investigation that involves the Wingqvist family.

However he was a classically trained actor and that accent seemed to have been softened over the years. No Comments on sean rigby wife Strange was played by British actor James Grout (1927–2012).Numerous photographs, plaques, and model ships seen in the background of his office as Chief Superintendent suggest prior service with the By the chronologically later stage of the (earlier) However, it is also clear that Strange has a deep respect for Morse, even if not always appreciating his … After years of riding horses and tanning like it was my job, my skin was looking quite like a saddle with hard lines and a leathery appearance.

Although Evans has not spoken much about this time, Corr opened up to the Irish Independent in 2007. DAMIAN: How do you think the relationship between the two has developed since Strange was first introduced in GIRL (S1:E1)? DAMIAN: Surprisingly, it’s not Robbie Lewis with the honour of being Morse’s longest-serving friend – it’s actually Strange – a thirty-five year sentence! DAMIAN: We simply couldn’t discuss Strange without acknowledging the great and much missed James Grout who played the role from 1987 to 2000. It is true to life though, isn’t it? I got completely lost on my way to Susie’s house and had to ring a friend of mine to get on google maps and give me directions. SEAN: I must confess that the short stories are still unopened on my bedside table, but I will make a start on them very soon indeed. No Comments .

SEAN: I graduated from LAMDA in July 2012, and like most drama school graduates, was hunting for a regular job at the time. I used to play the cornet as a kid but I am reliably informed by my parents that I was utterly pants. THE ENDEAVOUR INTERVIEWS: Sean Rigby. SEAN: Cheers matey!

DAMIAN: Of course, it is rather ironic that Morse is perhaps directly responsible for the eventual promotion since it was he who recommended Strange to serve as Acting Detective Constable in his absence when he takes some time off to his visit his ailing father (Home), might Morse regret planting those “little acorns”? It deserves pacing and appreciating, much as Strange would approach that Macallan! DAMIAN: I absolutely loved the scene in ARCADIA (S3:E2) when Strange, once again, completely genuine but oblivious gives Endeavour the James Last album. While I appreciate that he was someone, at that stage of his development at least, who was more of a conformist and rule bound, isn’t it still unforgivable that he hesitated for so long and initially chose to follow ACC Clive Deare’s orders rather than help his friends Endeavour and Thursday at Blenheim Vale? I’m Carla Longmeyer Brow Artist Extraordinaire, Esthetician and Makeup Guru. No offence intended to any James Last fans out there. From rehearsals to the last take I had my nose pressed against the glass in total awe of the pair of them. I caught up with Sean again for a second interview while I was visiting the set in November 2018…. To echo my previous answer, I am cautious about ‘bingeing’ on Colin Dexter’s writing. That went much better, and the week after that I was called in to read with Shaun [Evans]. [1], Rigby is best known for his role as Police Constable, later Police Sergeant and Detective Sergeant Jim Strange in Endeavour, the prequel series to Inspector Morse, from its inception in 2012 to date. A friend of mine sent me an email telling me that he had been up for a part in something called Endeavour. Likewise, Morse perhaps finds Strange’s dependability endearing whilst being irritated by his reluctance to bend the rules. Strange would not be impressed! SEAN: There is something of the Auguste clown about Strange at times. Strange made the right decision in the end and, hopefully, that is what counts most. The swinging 60’s really passed Strange by where fashion is concerned. The next day, whilst sitting on the tube in Barons Court (right outside LAMDA), I got a call from my agent telling me they had “Good news and bad news. SEAN: It’s a very difficult thing to quantify, really. I arrived with 5 minutes to spare, hair all over the place and severely out of breath. Sean Rigby plays Detective Sergeant Jim Strange, originally played by James Grout in Inspector Morse. We shall have to wait and see…. DAMIAN: Endeavour boasts an impressive cast of characters and while I adore every single one of them, I’m particularly fascinated by Jim Strange and pathologist Max de Bryn. I had a good whack at the trombone regardless. That’s not to say that there isn’t a great deal Morse can’t learn from Thursday, but he certainly has a few more avenues available to him when it comes to an investigation. The relationship dynamics between Morse and Strange in Endeavour and Inspector Morse are at once vastly different and very similar. SEAN: Strange does dip his toes into the dating world. I wore the black three piece suit I had worn to my graduation, shaved off my beard, and slicked back my hair in a vague attempt to look like a 1960’s policeman. I leaped off the tube and performed an impromptu Irish jig on the Barons court platform. It was a stroke of dramatic genius that Russ chose to reverse this by having Morse start out as Strange’s superior in the first film of series one (Girl) but by its end (Home), Strange, unlike Morse, has taken his Sergeant’s exam – will future series see the beginnings of the inevitable development of their shift in power? The accent can be tricky at times. They find each other, for different reasons, quite hard to figure out at times. Yours is a very understated and subtle performance made all the more remarkable considering this was your first professional job in television after graduating from LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

Sean Rigby plays Detective Sergeant Jim Strange. DAMIAN: Indeed, I was greatly amused and delighted to learn that in the first film of this year’s run that Endeavour has moved in with Strange and although they’re not quite sharing a bed together, isn’t their unlikely partnership beginning to resemble Laurel and Hardy or Morcambe and Wise?

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