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On the plus side you are close to Kyoto and you can increase in size quickly. This Shogun 2: Total War guide is going to be a five part series. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM.

On the plus side they enjoy a charge bonus for all units and they can recruit superior no-dachi samurai for less money and lower upkeep costs. As others have mentioned, the best are the Shimazu, Chosokabe, and Date. This obviously doesn’t apply quite so much to the more specialist units like siege units or kisho ninja. The Chosokabe start on an island that is pretty easy to secure and hold onto. This post is part of the series: Shogun 2: Total War Guide, Shogun 2: Total War Guide - Part 1: The Clans, Shogun 2: Total War Guide - Part 2: Campaign Strategy, Shogun 2: Total War Guide - Part 3: Generals, Shogun 2: Total War Guide - Part 4: Units and Battlefield Tactics, Shogun 2: Total War Guide - Part 5: Replenishment, Agents and Victory, How to Lead Your Clan to Victory in Shogun 2: Total War.

Over a decade has passed since the original Shogun: Total War launched the series. You’ll start with a small island in the south (Shikoku) all to yourself and there are advantages and disadvantages to this. Build up some forces and push east toward Kyoto. I totally agree with Ieevan. You’ll enjoy a +2% chance for metsuke success, a bonus to diplomatic relations and you can recruit better kisho ninja for less money and lower upkeep costs. They have awesome archers and are amazing if you are a defensively focused Total War player.

Try to get as many trade agreements as you can (but choose your friends carefully). Choosing a Clan in Shogun 2: Total War Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.

Pick a clan that has the abilities you want to use and manage your economy well. Best clan in campaign?

Hojo are the easiest clan to play in my opinion, since you can pretty much ignore naval units (at least on the lower difficulties) plus you have a gold mine and two provinces, that are easy to defend, from the start. In this first part we’ll take a look at the various clans you can play as in Shogun 2. This is just a brief overview of the clans, if you have any tips please post a comment. All rights reserved. The other bonus is increased trade income and you’ll need it because they start in a vulnerable position and really require some good armored units to back the warrior monks up.

but only you can now what the problem is as it is you that are playing.

Take your time and build a good army and secure the island the Chosokabe province is on and then from that secure position you can decide what path to follow. It’s too close to the mainland for you to protect it with a navy and this is not the best way to defend. If you want to have huge armies then the Oda are a good choice. #1. All Rights Reserved. Learn how to conquer Japan and gain a victory in Shogun 2: Total War with this five part guide.

I tried one on the Shimazu clan, but i went bankrupt (the advisor said something about my castles not being upgraded enough?) There’s a +2% chance of success for all monk action and you can recruit superior warrior monks for less money and lower upkeep costs. I use it to hold kyoto and enemy stood no chance since the terco are also heavily armour.

The nearest clans are the Shimazu and Chosokabe, both off on their own islands. Make sure you grab the trade route in the north early on.

Each clan presents an entirely different challenge because of their starting positions and military or economic specialisations. It’s probably a good idea to build “nanban” ports and trade with the Europeans to get access to new weaponry, though this means converting to Christianity which will cause serious unrest when you move on and conquer Buddhist territories. It's really not that difficult to win the campaign, the easiest clans early on are the chosokabe and the shimazu, but the clan you are wont make a huge difference later in the game. Im wondering which the best clan is ... so ? You are also closest to the bulk of the trade route spots so develop your harbours fast and take advantage of that.

They also enjoy a +2% chance for successful ninja actions. it is as Yoman said, it dont make much different which clan you are as the different clans give you only different bonuses and some different units. If you do manage to get a foothold on the mainland then your home island will be less of a target to your enemies and the cheapest way to defend is leave one army there. They enjoy improved morale for all cavalry, they can recruit superior cavalry and they cost less to recruit and maintain. Re: Best faction for each campaign. In the next part of our Shogun 2: Total War guide we’ll take a look at some general strategy that should help in any Shogun 2: Total War campaign.

I think position matters a bit more than units or anything, Shimazu usually and in FOTS it's Saga or Sasuma for me. Their starting provinces are nice and easily defended. And, they start with both a Gold mine and a Smithing resource. The reason for Otomo is because they can access the portuguese terco, with this unit your castle is impregnable.

The Shimazu clan is a good choice for your first game.

Shogun 2: If you like easy, then Shimazu. We’ll offer some strategy, tips and advice to help you in your rise to shogun.

The Chosokabe can be a good ally because they’ll help protect you from naval attack or invasion. The Tokugawa clan presents a real challenge. The aim is to offer some useful information on strategy and tactics, explain various elements of the game and help you to emerge victorious. Total War: Shogun 2 is still widely considered by many to be one of the best Total War games out there. FOTS: Easiest is Satsuma or Choshu and if you want challenge, then Aizu or Nagaoka.

I personally like Chosokabe, bow units and economy are extremely strong along with the ability to land armies anywhere on map with a decent chance of securing a one front sweep for complete map domination. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), try and look for a problem as you need a problem to fix something. When you select the clan you get a rough guide to the difficulty level involved in leading them to victory so start with an easy option to get your bearings.

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