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It can be done, but pulling wires through finished walls can be a real pain, especially if you don’t have the proper tools. The other thing to be aware of is only people with access to the app are going to be able to control them. Smart Switches That Work Without A Neutral Wire, Links & Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The setup takes a little more work than the super-simple Lutron system, but these Inovelli switches are sooo much more powerful from a home automation standpoint. A lesser known company, Yoswit, also makes a smart switch that works with no neutral. While not the cheapest solution, they have arguably the most reliable and robust professional-grade smart lighting technology on the market here in the States. Unfortunately, I still have a few switch boxes that don’t have a neutral.

I quit buying incandescent bulbs years ago. Most of the available smart switches for no-neutral installs only work with incandescent or halogen lamps. Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: If your home has switch boxes without a neutral, you basically have 3 options. They require a hub and are not cheap, but the original Jasco/GE Z-Wave Dimmers (45612) do not require a neutral - just live and ground. Works with LEDs – Any smart switch I install needs to work with LED bulbs. Now let’s take a look at the second configuration (no neutral) with a smart switch installed. Thanks for the recommendation, I checked it out but it has a few issues: Doesn't look like it's compatible with Alexa out of the box... Also, those means I'll still have my original switch which means it can be accidentally turned off at the source. solution to bypass the hub requirement. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If there are multiple bulbs in the fixture, the total load is the sum of the load of all bulbs. R1 represents the load required to power the smart switch. Why are you so opposed to a hub? They will usually be colored one black and one white (potentially with black stripe). It works with the Broadlink Pro hub which supports voice control and a growing list of smart home integrations. NOTE: Alternating current (AC) does not have polarity. Additionally, as most of the switches in my house are 3-way with 2-3 switches per box, the ability to put a remote in instead of jamming 3 bulky switches into the junction box makes installation even easier. could inadvertently turn off a switch rendering your smart bulbs useless. iDISRUPTED May Get A Commission.,, That’s not good because we need R1 to be on all the time but we don’t want the light to be on all the time. There are a few other smart dimmers that work with no neutral, but I didn’t list because they don’t work with LED lights. This may be the best smart switch available anywhere. Thankfully, the electrical has been updated since then. There are a few other smart dimmers that work with no neutral, but I didn’t list because they don’t work with LED lights. I quit buying incandescent bulbs years ago. Otherwise, the smart switch will be unable to power it’s wireless communication. Buy a smart switch that works without a neutral. Right now, the Lutron Caseta Dimmer switch is the best I’ve found. I used the + and – symbols to represent the different phases. ecobee vs Nest: Don’t Overlook These 8 Crucial Differences, Say Goodbye To Pull-Chains: 7 Ways To Add Smart Control To Your Old Ceiling Fan. If you have switch boxes without a neutral wire, there’s no need to panic. Leave a comment below and share your experiences!

iDISRUPTED May Get A Commission.

It is frustrating that the price is higher than those switches that do require a neutral. You should be good to go with any smart switch. We spend 100's of hours researching before launching a new guide to save you the time and hassle of going to the same lengths. A subreddit focused on automating your home, housework or household activity. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And their starter kits keep things affordable. That means that the vast majority of available smart switches won’t work in those boxes. Amazon Alexa & Google Home work straight out of the box via wifi, with Apple HomeKit integration possible through an additional hub you can purchase separately. would be perfect. The diagram below shows this configuration (this circuit HAS a neutral).

Adding a neutral requires adding an additional conducting wire between the fixture and the switch. 2. It's worth noting that the C by GE range is completely separate to the GE Enbrighten smart switches, which communicate using either Z-Wave or Zigbee protocols, are manufactured by Jasco and don't offer a no-neutral option at time of updating this article. NOTE: These do require an extra part (Aeotec Bypass) if you use them with no neutral and the load is less than 25W. What does it mean when a switch has no neutral? For me, a ZigBee light switch that supported dimming and fit in a UK box (different sized back boxes to the US - curses!)

Notice that regardless of whether the switch is on or off, there is a clear path from line to neutral that includes R1. The Broadlink TC2 switch is a lower-cost alternative.

If you’re going to be installing your own smart switches, you will be working with some potentially dangerous wires, so it’s probably a good idea to know what you’re dealing with so you can avoid making a stupid mistake. He enjoys technology, sports, outdoors, and dabbles in the dark realm of politics. Before the electricity can be used in your home, it needs to be converted to a lower voltage. Most of the available smart switches for no-neutral installs only, No-Neutral Smart Switch Comparison Table 2020, And lets not forget you can always opt to go with smart bulbs like.

The transformer converts the incoming 13.2 kV electricity down to a usable 240V. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. The pick of the bunch that work with both LED and incandescent bulbs is undoubtedly the Lutron Caseta range. If you want cheap, get a bunch of Sonoff or Shelly wifi switches and put them in the same workbox as the fixture. After doing research for the same situation I found the Lutron to be best. To complete the new lineup, C by GE are also launching a range of complementary "controller" switches and sensors. It’s very reliable, even with many devices. Also, if you buy a dimmer switch, make sure your LED bulbs are specifically labeled “dimmable”. Although you are limited to only a handful of smart switches that work in a 2-wire circuit and most are dimming devices. However, it connects via BlueTooth, so the smart home integration is weak (for now). However, in this case the light needs to be included in that path.

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