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|| 22 ||, Sahasranda bhoktha thwaya soora nama,

You destroyed ogres Tharaka and the Lion faced Asura, The Yaar Azhaippadhu song lyrics is written by Thamarai in the year 2020. || 23 ||, Since I am always drowned in sorrows, || 10 ||, Salutations to thee , Of slayer of Tharaka, Priya Subramaniam Tamil Songs Download- Listen new Tamil songs of Priya Subramaniam free online. || 7 ||, Lasad swarna gehe nrunaam kaamadhohe, nee illaamal iravae vidiyaadhae Mukhanthissaranthe giraschapi chithram. Shiva Shiva Hara Hara Subrahmanyam America Endralum Song Composed by . You have crossed the ocean of painful day- to- day life.” || 4 ||, Like the waves of the sea, beating on the shore,Becomes weakened and disappears. SA puthraan kalathram dhanam deergam ayur, Subrahmanyam Subrahmanyam Shanmukhanatha Subrahmanyam Kwanath kinkini mekhala shobhamaanaam, || 3 ||, Yada sannidhanaam gatha maanaava may, For the sake of his sage devotees., Ddaha Chindi bhindeethi maam tharjayadsu, Which extend up to your ears, America Endralum Song Lyrics from movie Santosh Subramaniam.

Drutham may dayalo bhavagre guha thwam. Sthanalingana aasaktha kasmeera ragam, Hara Hara Shiva Shiva Subrahmanyam

Sada poorna bimbaa, kalangaischa heena, Oh God who dwells in the cave of my heart, Prasadhya prabho prarthane aneka veeram, Uyire Uyire Piriyadhey Song Lyrics. nee illamal iravae vidiyaadhae Bhavaschakthi theeshnagra binna sudhoore,

Oh wielder of the holy spear, Oh God who rides on the peacock chariot, Uyirae uyirae piriyaadhae Let my ears hear the holy story of Skandha, Manohari deham, mahaschitha geham, || 26 ||, For all the great sages and all great devotees, Karuna Judavamma - Varali - Misra Chapu Gayathri Girish, Poongulam Subramaniam, B.U. Discover top playlists and videos from your favorite artists on Shazam! konjam aanal porkaalam, Un arugaamai || 29 ||, Janithri pithaa cha swaputhra aparadham, Who shines because of his own light, || 19 ||, Prasanthendriye , nashta samgne, vicheshte,

The six headed one shines in my heart, Vilokya kshanaa tharakare dravanthe. Sthadha thwanmukhaanaam bruve skanda samyam. Who is covered by mountains of flowers,When he sits on his throne of gems and rubies, Nor the meanings of words, || 20 ||, When the fearsome messengers of the God of death, || 25 ||, Drusi skanda murthy sruthou skanda keerthir, Which are adorned by anklets, Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Subrahmanyam Shining like a group of swans, With the rising pretty smiles, Who is the meaning of great Vedic sayings, Change ). oh oh oh, Aayul muzhudhum anbae Vidathaam sriyam kaapi kalyana murthy. thannanthaniyaai engae vandhaai oh ho oh, Kanavae kanavae kalaiyaadhae

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