tanning rattlesnake skin

After lunch I went over to another buddies house who I had seen tanning various hides. I skinned my first snake yesterday. Starting to flesh a large section of rattlesnake hide. Practice is a must. What % alcohol? Always select a board longer and wider than the snake skin. Don Davis has been a professional writer since 1977. A primitive skills and aboriginal technology message board for those interested in Stone Age, Bushcraft, Survival skills and Pal. Hope that helps! That way your scale side does not get that greasy glycerin soaked in it and it stays natural. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Then I sprinkled Borax liberally over the whole hide and placed in a cool dry place. I was taught this by the village hunters that I was around growing up. Also, if we find a rattlesnake near the house or barn, we will kill it. Wrap it in a cloth and keep it pressed for some time. Do you add the removed rattlers in the tanning solution? Is this the correct way to tan Rattler hides? And this guide will exactly teach you how to tan a rattlesnake skin! I have made bracelets, hatbands, wallets, and belts. Cork board, depending on the size of the skin which can fit in easily. I clean the skin/article, when needed, by rubbing with a soft cloth and saddle soap or woolite. 4) I then apply glycerine to the skin & let dry, repeat this process 5-7 time, depending on size of snake. Take extra precaution that the skin is straight and wrinkle free. This process is intended to draw all moisture from the skin. The skin should be coated with borax when you are done. It is formulated in a way not to evaporate fast, so watch for an orange-ish texture and let it soak completely overnight.

I will try to post my results. now I wan't to make a wallet (it still has all the scales on it, it is tough and seems brittle but rolled decent) can I wet it, add the tanning solution, and get some flexibility that way? Thanks for this!! You can now use your snakeskin for a hatband, belt or anything else where you want a little extra decoration. Additionally, AdventureFootstep.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Flesh it immediately after thawing. you might be able to bring it back, but using such a dried out hide might not work for a wallet, if you really want to hydrate it use glycerin, you can buy a bottle for 5 or ten bucks at most pharmacies. then I soak it again for another half an hour and squeegee it between my fingers again . And for a novice, there cannot be any better way than trying it out with this method. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Nick harvested a couple of rattlesnakes with his bow, First Taste: Eating Rattlesnake • Modern Hunters, Kill Photos and Mounted Heads • Modern Hunters. Initiating the Process! The method I used was relatively inexpensive to undertake, was very easy for a novice tanner, and seems to produce great results. let the hide soak it up over night, and if you like add some more and let it soak, but when you are satisfied get a wet rag and clean all of the extra solution off, its okay to get your hide wet, and it will get very flimsy and floppy. Don’t overdo it and just put the amount that is required to soak up the entire skin. a bath in denatured alcohol will remove the excess water for the most part and a quick pat dry makes the final process of a 24 hour at minimum soak in glycerin then rinse and stretch and tack out on a suitable board or a piece of card board scale side to the board. Drying: Put and spread some salt all over the skin to ensure no moisture is present. Cork board a mildy large one, that your skin will fit on (or a large piece of plywood if thats easier, but cork is better) 4. small plywood sheets 5. dishrags, even ones, not torn up 6. heavy stuff, just used as weights, could be rocks for all i care 7. tanning solution, this is the hard one but here it is on amazon, its also sold in cabelas, P.S. Or is it the other way round and snake meat makes you go yum-mmm? I have been given a easier way to do rattlesnake skins.

4. The warmth from your hands will cause bacteria to grow and spoil you hide. Keep it there for some time unless it comes back to normal temperature. Asked him what to do with the skin. Be SURE you wheel is turning away from the edge of the hide NOT into the center of the hide OR it will wrap around the hide destroying it and possibly your hand, eye etc. You can however brighten it somewhat by giving it a couple of light coats (allow drying in between) of clear Kylon matte acrylic spray found atcany hardware store. be sure to keep the skin from folding before pressing it, 6 years ago That appears to work just fine at preserving them. is after flashing the hide wash it ( I use a plastic coffee can .to do this step in ) in woolite. When you skim the hide use non- iodine tanks salt to salt the hide. We were thinking of using the larger snake to cover a wooden picture frame and the smaller snake to make a couple of snake skin bracelets. with this method the scales seem to stay intact for a very long time. I rinse and repeat until I no longer get soap bubbles in the rinse water when I wring the skin . Pinning: This is one of essential steps and here you need some of the materials. Mind you this was hot season in one of the hottest places on the African continent, so I don’t imagine this would work everywhere, but 5 years later I still have the bracelet I made from it and the scales are all still on good and tight. The first step in the tanning process is fleshing.

it is a solution glycerin and denatured alcohol. I like old barn boards that are easy to work with and put upholstery tacks into when mounting the skin. The flesh should be completely removed from the skin. Do you guys have any other crafty ideas? cleaning rattlesnakecleaning snakefleshing rattlesnakefleshing snakehunting rattlesnakepreparing rattlesnakepreparing snakerattlesnakerattlesnake hiderattlesnake skinsnake skin craftssouthern pacific rattlesnaketanning snake hidetanning snake skin. All these issues everyone is having is due to letting the skins get warm and bacteria starts to work on it. Last, I hung the snake skins over a wide plastic coat hanger to dry over my bathtub while I went out for a weekend hunt. So using the knife, how to tan a rattlesnake skin? Borax is usually used to "salt" the skins before they are soaked in the tanning solution, the most ancient of which is tannic acid, which gave process its name. including believe it or not original WD 40 . ….soaked the skin as instructed for 3 days ,but having difficulty getting last bits of flesh from edges.

tannng the hide. An Ultimate Guide to Making a Recurve Bow from Scratch, Myths Of How To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting Busted, Find Effective Ways To – How To Wash A Shemagh, Everything You Need To Know About – How To Wear A Boot Knife. The complete process for tanning a snakeskin involves skinning, fleshing, salting, tanning and stretching. Then you will have to see it up using invisible thread (from any sewing store) and super glue after sewing it shut. PLEASE let me know. The Material List. Will it change the beauty of the skin as they come off, or break off while working with the hide in making hat bands. When the skin is dry, brush off the excess salt or any extra pieces of chunk if left. first you need a large flat board, cork boards are nice if you have one, but a sheet of plywood can work fine. Well remember when you’re killing any particular creature, it is essential to utilize every bit of it and with the right set of tools and supplies, the process can be carried out effectively. It’s rawhide with glycerine added to help make the skin pliable.

Be thorough when fleshing the snake — don’t forget the edges! I bought a very large African snake skin tanned, that was brought in the U.S in the 60’s, and is disintegrating. While doing so, stretch the snake out with the other hand. the woolite wash is the actual tanning process that kills the bacteria and micro organisms.

Boards wider than 6-8 inches are sometimes hard to find!!! After about 4 hours the thing was fully tanned. While snake skin is used as an effective treatment material, decoration is also possible with it. Discard the flesh, rattle and head (or use it for another chosen purpose). We hate to kill snakes, but occasionally it is necessary. 363. When I did the same process with a larger skin, a 3 foot Cottonmouth, even after the final rinse and glycerin application the skin stank something awful, and it still does to this day, three years after the fact. scales while making hat bands or just leave them be. I will be watching this one.

Is this the correct way to tan Rattler hides? Sprinkle a generous layer of salt (without iodine in it) over the whole skin. So, finally when you are set to tan, you need some preparations beforehand to do the process in a perfect way.

Even the warmth of your hands will cause scale slippages if your too slow. Even the underside, which receives considerably less attention, is very pretty! It should become soft and supple. To thaw, I placed the bag in a bowl of water and placed that bowl in the fridge.

a more traditional oil method.where natural oils are used instead of glycerin. I placed the skin sections in a separate ziplock bag and tossed them in the cooler.

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