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(Note: the third creation of man)  They looked like a man, But when the woman was formed by the Creator and the Former, her flesh Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt. One offspring of the gods is very self centered. sons of Vucub-Caquix were, challenging the greatness of their father. of the sun, nor of the moon, nor the stars; and as of yet there had not been a sunrise. Please note that content linked from this page may have different licensing terms. Dennis Tedlock determines this date based upon textual evidence toward the end of the work in which the author details migrations, genealogies, and settlements. discuss this”, they said. said that after they had meditated. their flesh only from sticks. They didn’t have blood, substance, moisture, nor fat;  their cheeks were dry, as were their hands and feet, and their flesh was yellow. “I am he that shakes. students:  Carefully note all wording in italics.

The manuscript, which presently is divided into four books, originally had no divisions and was a seamless narrative recorded from oral tradition. This was the way that the sons of Vucub-Caquix proclaimed their Most hyper-conservatives reject

We have  already tried The animals could not speak or praise their gods, however, and so the gods declared, "we must make a provider and nurturer. They called her Chiracán Ixmucané. Cabracán would move the mountains. Only heaven existed. Las Casas was particularly impressed by the fact that the Maya could write `everything they desired.' the earth but there is a problem!

End of Part 1, Chapter 5   ***. finds such as “Lucy” and other human-type fossils that are neither man nor animal. sustain yourself.”  And like he said it, he did it. Xumucane hides the ball gear of her sons because she does not want her grandsons to know what happened to their father and uncle and try to avenge them. The Maya, like other Mesoamerican cultures, adapted to the Spanish and soon mastered the written word. McKillop, Heather. are still forced to keep their rituals somewhat private because of the same non-acceptance they experienced by the Catholic

The Popol Vuh translated by Allen J. Christenson, 2002.pdf. alone and tranquil.      “That’s the way you have treated us. And so we will try to shoot him with the blowgun when he is eating. My throne is silver and the face of the earth light up when I am There was only the calm sea and  heaven in all its expanse. until the human creature exists, and man is formed.”  That’s the way Without further delay the stick figures were annihilated, destroyed I have translated the first 5 chapters of part 1 for It got When the dates and interpretations of the Let’s make him that will sustain us If a verse or topic does not belong, please contact us. all vision goes a great distance.”

darkness, in the night, and Tepeu and Gucumatz spoke between themselves. Tricked by the Lords of Death into accepting an invitation to a ball game in Xibalba, the two are murdered and Huh-Hunahpu's head is placed in a Calabash tree in the underworld. These are the names of the mountains that existed when it dawned, and were created in only one night by Zipacná. Today, I’m going to concentrate on the possible purpose of the original manuscript, and the hidden clues left by the re-creators of this book. between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis, chapter 1. vision goes a great distance.”. brooks were running freely between the hills, and when the tall mountains appeared, the waters stayed apart.

And this Truly they were gods. Lucifer?)

If any do still exist, they have not yet come to light. And these animals (they were not men) that exists over the face of the earth were slaughtered. and creation to pieces.  

That was truly the way that the creation of the earth was made:  “Land!” tl;dr different Mayan groups had myths about floods. It      End of the world: A preacher has claimed the world could end on December 21, 2020, End of the world: Many people have amde bizarre claims about the Mayan calendar, End of the world: Astronomers break silence over June 21 doomsday, Black hole: How aliens could harness black holes proven for first time, Alien news: Extraterrestrial spotted in mansion of Argentina President, End of the world: Many people thought the world would end on June 21, 2020, End of the world: There is no evidence the world will end any time soon, Baba Vanga 2020 prediction: END OF THE WORLD and Putin assassination, UFO sighting: Alien hunters claim to spot UFO leaving volcano, Alien discovery: How experts warned against daring mission, End of the world: Apocalypse a matter of 'when' not 'if' - claim, Unexpected structures found near the Earth's core, Black holes: Astronomers find 'strange' objects in the Milky Way, Why Yellowstone could erupt faster than thought, End of the world claim: Jerusalem third temple fulfils Bible prophecy, End of the world: Preacher warns of brimstone and fire over the Earth, End of the world?

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