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This system is used to uniformly determine underlying cause of death for all death certificates in the United States. The emulators were developed on the PDP-8 minicomputer and allowed COPE terminals to communicate with the IBM/360 and IBM/370. Included strategy to bridge divisional silo barriers and recommendations for developing organic business opportunities. Concepts positioned the company to meet emerging trends around demand aggregation, price transparency and disintermediation. Marketed by the University Computing Company (UCC), the HASP emulator gave a significant performance increase over the IBM 2780 emulator he had developed for UCC in 1969. Hamblen 1959. Developed business model for the launch of a consumer health and weight management device including complete financial analysis. [2], Barr created the ACME program for the National Center for Health Statistics from 1967 to 1969.

Tony applies his extensive expertise in business strategy development with an emphasis in business modeling and economic analysis to identify true opportunities. His company, Barr Systems, Inc., marketed and sold Barr HASP,[12] and went on to implement and support Bisync and SNA SDLC workstations and gateways, along with other data communications and output management products. Hiervoor wordt de cacao zelf ingekocht bij Afrikaanse boeren. Key highlights: New Product Business Analysis, Alliance of industry leading companies created as a market-accelerating organization that conducted real-world pilots, research projects, and served as an ongoing perception-influencing organization with media and analysts. He played for York City when they beat Manchester United 3–0 at Old Trafford in the League Cup in September 1995, scoring the third goal after a brace from Paul Barnes. Key highlights: Digital Business Strategy Consulting, Recruited to provide experienced technical leadership and establish credibility with General Motors engineering community. Improvement of printout in addition to job times over IBM's linkage editor. Taylor 1968b. Barr, Anthony J. and Mullin, Alexander G., Apparatus and method for maximizing utilization of elongated stock. His work featured the innovation of a uniform lexical analyzer for all languages in the system with a uniform method of handling all error messages. Born in Billingham, County Durham, Barras started his career with the Hartlepool United youth system, before signing a professional contract in July 1989. Led the development of a patented business process for integrated store and online sales of homes and ongoing home services. Tony’s 25+ years of experience with a broad range of responsibilities in new product and service introduction including market and consumer research, product concept ideation, product portfolio creation and management, project management of pilot and consumer trials, organizational design and integration, operational process development and product launch. Mary Barra (Waterford (Michigan), 24 december 1961) is sinds 1 januari 2014 CEO van General Motors.Zij is daarmee de allereerste vrouwelijke directeur van een grote autofabrikant. In 1971 and 1972, Barr, along with partner Sandy Mullin designed, patented, and built the first computerized equipment to optimize the usage of lumber in the furniture industry. Built and led innovative teams and forged long-standing customer relationships, contributing to firm growth from $13M to $260M+ over 5 years. Spoke at many industry trade shows including the Consumer Electronics Show, International Builders Show, and Electronic House Expo. Among his notable contributions are the Statistical Analysis System (SAS), automated lumber yield optimization, and the Automated Classification of Medical Entities (ACME). [5], In 1983, Barr developed hardware and software for performing HASP remote job entry communication on the IBM PC. [2] After one season at Notts County he joined Macclesfield Town, where he scored once in the league against Shrewsbury Town[3] and once in a Football League Trophy tie against Mansfield Town. [1] He played for York City when they beat Manchester United 3–0 at Old Trafford in the League Cup in September 1995, scoring the third goal after a brace from Paul Barnes. Dr. A. Grandage, author of IBM 650 analysis-of-variance programs, advised on some of the statistical computations. Anthony James Barr (born September 24, 1940), aka Tony Barr or Jim Barr, is an American programming language designer, software engineer and inventor. This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 00:42. Implemented on the Data General Nova minicomputer, the program became the Singer Corporation Remote Batch Terminal.

Reference to the creation of SAS by Barr in 1966. [6] It and the other components of MMDS, or variations of them are used in many nations around the world. Became a leading industry spokesperson and media source for industry vision. The Barr Loader cut typical program testing times by twenty-five percent. [14] There he worked on the NIPS Formatted File System. Born in Billingham, County Durham, Barras started his career with the Hartlepool United youth system, before signing a professional contract in July 1989. Mary Teresa Barra (née Makela; born December 24, 1961) is an American businesswoman who has been the chairman and CEO of General Motors Company since January 15, 2014. Recruited over 25 companies to join including Bell Canada, Disney, Herman Miller, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Kraft, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, AT&T, and Whirlpool, generating more than $3M in fees. He is a leader who applies his experience in a range of industries combined with deep expertise in technology and business strategies to deliver high value results to organizations facing market challenges created by rapid innovation.

Greenberg & Cox, et al. Barr, Tony, Satisfaction Metrics and Methods of Implementation. Built positive relationships with automotive product engineers while delivering leading technology to support design, engineering and analysis disciplines. [8][9], In 1968, Barr created the first non-IBM linking loader for the IBM/360. Developed an Internet bank start-up business plan, resulting in $5M angel funding and $30M first round financing. Here, she met Anthony E. Barra, which she married shortly after. Recruited to develop industry-wide sustainable business model, create ecosystem roadmap with targeted companies and recruit targeted companies for the connected home market consortia. Honed classic business strategy, process reengineering and technology competencies. Recommended several product concepts. Tony's Chocolonely is een Nederlands bedrijf dat strijdt voor 100% slaafvrije (zonder kinderarbeid of -slavernij) chocolade.Naar het doel wordt vooral gestreefd door zelf zo veel als mogelijk slaafvrije chocolade op de markt te brengen. ",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [13], Barr was employed with IBM Federal Systems Division at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. from 1964 to 1966. De toen 53-jarige Barra volgde de topman Dan Akerson (65) op. Created an offering memorandum that resulted in $10M first round funding. Key highlights: New Product Business Model Analysis, Started firm to provide deep expertise in value chain business analysis by providing clients with insights into launching economically viable products and services. Determined out-of-spec material dispensation and federal compliance tracking of life support systems. Barr designed and implemented the programming language, data management, report writing, and systems areas of the evolving system.

1963 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship at North Carolina State University. The system provides essential data used in calculating mortality statistics. [2], Working with FFS introduced Barr to the potential of the defined file structure, which was to become a central concept of SAS (above).

University Statisticians of the Southern Experiment Stations, College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, "Tony Barr: President/founder of Barr Systems Inc.", "Comparing hospital discharge records with death certificates: Can the differences be explained? Greenberg & Cox, et al. Barr, Anthony J. and Mullin, Alexander G., Apparatus for optimizing the yield of usable pieces from boards and the like. BS in Applied Physics (with honors), North Carolina State University, 1962. An samar da muƙaloli a ƙarƙashin lasisin Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; mai … Mary went to the General Motors Institute, now Kettering University, to study electrical engineering and obtain a B.Sc. From 1966 to 1968, Barr developed the fundamental structure and language of SAS. Developed technology architecture, designed organization and selected service providers. Reference to Barr's employment at IBM Federal Systems Division. Key highlights: Integrated Product Development Process Leadership, Hobbies include golf, hockey, softball, photography and training for his first marathon.

Led the development of a client server call center system for a home warranty division of a $4B commercial and consumer services company. Barr & Goodnight, et al. Over the next four seasons he made 108 league appearances for the club, and had a brief loan spell at Plymouth Argyle. Both Singer and UCC sold their terminal divisions to Harris Corporation, which continued to market the products. [5], In 1971, Barr created the first non-IBM HASP terminal emulator. 1978:181. He developed it in assembly language on the IBM 1410, as a graduate student at North Carolina State University from 1962 to 1963.

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