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Act 2 - Part 4 Boss Battle (Trista). I truly like this character, and not just 'cause I'm a fan of Yukari Tamura (her Japanese VA). She wears red overalls and shorts with a bag holding all of her tools. Achieved beginner rank in the Eight Leaves One Blade school. Show items tagged with all of the selected terms: Click here to learn more about Steam Guides. Combine it with stuff like Radiant Spin, Megaton Press, etc. They cost 200 000 mira EACH. tell you the truth, I'm scared right now. And since Fie is the fastest character she will rarely miss if you give her the.

She is a Mage, so she won't be useful to hurt with her rapier unless it is with Swallow Tail. Now we are talking! You thought Fie was the only super assassin out there? For a moment, Rean's senses return and he wonders what he has just done. She is only around in the Roer area and will only return to the party for the Chapter 2 Act 4 Boss and the Reverie Corridor, so if you wish to use her, those are the times.

Intermediate level at the Eight Leaves One Blade style. Found in the Stella Spirit Shrine (星霊窟). Lil' HP, lil' Def, not so lil' Spd.

The one true Balanced character. © Valve Corporation. Hurt your enemies, take some of the sting from their attacks and make them vulnerable to your own. Class VII is listening to a radio broadcast of Chancellor Osborne's national address geared toward Crossbell's illegitimate declaration of independence and subsequent annihilation of the Garrelia Fortress when the chancellor is sniped by the Imperial Liberation Front leader C, who had been Rean's senior and classmate Crow Armbrust all along. That Angel MQ is super important on her 'cause of her fragility. I know: stupid) created. He is back, and better than ever. Thus, aside from Class VII, which are all versatile and have enough different abilities to address all possible situations, you get 13 guest characters who are all sort-of wild cards. After the events with Valimar's discovery, Towa is seen as one of the audience members at Class VII's live concert and can even be one of Rean's dance partners, if the player so chooses. The programmers gave us a true Shield at every end. Leveling up her Aegis MQ will give her access to Adamantine Shield. Magic Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Sleep (50%) Nightmare (30%), Magic Attack - Area (XL) - Confuse (100%) (Class SS+), Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Suction - Faint (30%). However, since one of those mandatory members is Alisa, it is better to choose some good complements. It works like this, you use it (Lose 50 CP, they are worth it), and you. The Legend of Heroes: A Guide to the Trails Series *SPOILER FREE*. In-between the second and third field studies, two more students are transferred to Rean's class: Musse Egret, a well-informed noble girl with a large crush on Rean; and Ash Carbide, a wise but arrogant young man with an agenda. Hello there, beautiful. If your target is weak to Mute...hehehehe!

Buffed it an be a great crowd control. After this incident, Rean decided no longer to rely on the power. Aries MQ and Seraphic Ring make this one not as useful when you only bring one age with you. Since Special Characters only appear in battle, they bear no relevance whenever you get out of the Old School House. She then reveals that she had serving as a crew member on the Courageous ever since until she reunited with Class VII who told her what had happened to him. Towa is first introduced as the student council president and one of Class VII's upperclassmen. In Trails in the Sky, Tita is a twelve-year-old girl with blonde hair covered by a red beret and goggles. You don't yet have proper Gladiator equipment at the time she joins, so you need to be thrifty with it and Heavenly Gift won't cut it since she is slow.

One seriously broken character that takes me back to the King Of Fighters era (the late 90s early 2000) where you could choose those insane Final Bosses SNK (hey, Sora No Kiseki! Crow, Towa, Angelica & George at the Imperial Wedding, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV.

For all these reasons, and any other you see fit to think while in game, it is vital to know the kinks and quirks of your army. Instead, he helps out the Towa Herschel-led student council with requests from both the academy and in Trista. He admonishes Group B for their abysmal grade in their previous field study and spurs them into cooperating by appealing to their sense of pride. And is good just the same!

Don't want to break the formation? The following year, in S.1197, Yun Ka-fai takes Rean in as a pupil. During the school festival preparations, Towa later becomes shocked when a barrier suddenly erupts around the Old Schoolhouse and waits while Class VII deal with it.

With the help of both Old and New Class VII - minus the arrested Ash, the kidnapped Altina, and Millium Orion who stands with her fellow Ironbloods - Rean leads a charge into the Gral. This one depends on what you want to do. Even if they are a bit costly. Jusis points out that his tendency to do this comes across as more abnormal than virtuous. And for only 50 CP! Slow too and tends to miss if not equipped with a Hit quartz. Tita Russell is a child prodigy in orbal technology and supporting character in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky trilogy.

And I'll say it again: Swallow Tail is only useful when her Ats is buffed/Stacked, so save the CP for Holy Squall.

He even comes with an accessory that acts like a Bell quartz, enabling him to throw powerful stuff almost the next turn. He can have enough turns but will never monopolize the action like Fie or Rean. His arts have power, but they will not decimate mobs (as in groups). They will embark on a whirlwind tour through the never-before-seen lands of the recently expanded Erebonian countryside, and encounter fresh faces as well as old friends familiar to fans of the series.

Best Speed and Evasion of the entire 23 characters. You can only really see what she is capable of at the Corridor of Reveries, at which point there are so many better characters that it's easy to forget the Ice Maiden (I did).

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

Works just the same.

[9][Supplementary 3], On the night of the 127th Thors Military Academy festival, one week before the start of the Erebonian Civil War, Rean and his classmates complete the trial against Loa Erebonius and discover Valimar, The Ashen Knight, in the depths of the Old Schoolhouse. I know that ain't his middle name. (Trails of Cold Steel IV), Osborne begged to goddess and demon alike to save his son. Stack it on Gaius and watch your party rake in those counters. Standing here with all of you makes me feel stronger than I ever have before. His offensive crafts become even more powerful it will even change the way on how Gale works. While she benefits from the. Also, her crafts are rather CP-consuming. Good amount of EP and the Ats to use it, relatively fast. A-Detector and Comet Strike will be your most common use of her CP, especially the Detector. Count me in! She also comes equipped with an orbal cannon to fi… Great range too, so very few things will escape the craft, and as a perk, it those not push them back too far, so he sets the stage for other crafts or a well placed art to clean up. Because of point 3, all Exp and Link Exp GOES TO THE CHARACTER WEARING THE MIRROR. She comes decked with some really nasty arts and has the effects of the Lv 5 Aries MQ, so all you need is one art to recharge her batteries. Can cover nearly any situation. that can only be obtained at certain times. Very effective against bosses with allies. Nice indeed. Support - Self - STR/DEF +50% - Insight - ATS/ADF -50%.

Take.Good.Care.Of.Her! I never remove her from my party. Craftwise, his best one is Sphere Breaker. Quartz sets include Lost Arts and Lv 5 MQs, so they also benefit from the full roster of abilities.

Though equipping him with a Chrono Burst will make good use of his EP if you don't plan to use Valimar. Requires Rean and Crow. Not worth the risk of Death or Nightmare, even on emergencies and for 5 measly CP. Takes place at least 15 days after Class VII resumes their duties. Arts are not his forte, but that fact is often ignored. [4][5][6][Supplementary 3] Yun Ka-fai taught him the Eight Leaves One Blade school of swordsmanship in the hopes that Rean could eventually overcome his fear and master his power. And put those ARCUS slots to work as they are meant to. [2] Ishmelga responded, stating it had been waiting for those words for two centuries. A real life saver indeed! Put her around magical monsters like Emma and watch those numbers! Does as much damage as a non-Spirit Unification Termination Slash - Dawn when fully buffed. The day before the World War, Towa arrived at Mishelam Wonderland with her friends, where she was annoyed with Angelica for not sharing information with her regarding Crow's disappearance. All-round character with decent Str and Ats, plus enough EP to cooperate with arts. While it does Impede the enemy, its main selling point is the fact that it chops enemy defense in. Her S-Craft ain't that good, so one last time: Holy Squall. HP Regen and Def Up are always welcome, even on Nightmare, the stat can give you a survival chance, especially for fragile characters (Elliot Included). Ah! No need to ask why... Enemy far away? Use only for S-Breaking. His crafts will be useful even against enemies resistant to Physical attacks.

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