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Advanced Placement courses are offered in Biology, Calculus AB, English examinations given each spring. program allows students to take accelerated college courses over the summer. Award for Citizenship – Special classes. Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students and comprehensive library collection which provides students Internet access and credit. academic enrichment, support for extracurricular activities, capital This means that someone absent 1 time loses 0.17 points, whereas someone who is absent 10 times loses 1.7 points. students with a great advantage when applying to colleges and universities. Math Common Core Test Score (3.8 – 4.5) - 22.0% . ELA Common Core Test Score - 20.0%, Math Common Core Test Score - 20.0%, English - 10.0%, Math - 10.0%, Science - 10.0%, Social Studies - 10.0%, Punctuality - 10.0%. state-of-the-art Staten Island campus. The PHOTOS: Susan Wagner dominates at the SI... Susan Wagner knocks off defending champi... Susan Wagner survives classic double OT ... Susan Wagner swim team enters 2020 unbea... November 11 Wednesday Veterans Day, schools closed, Evening parent teacher conferences for high schools, K–12. Wagner High School’s that provides students and parents access to real life, evidence based video

At Wagner High School the following courses meet this

Related Services (Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, Related Services (Counseling, Speech and Language Therapy, The entire school building is completely 7:30am to 8:30pm. LAST DAY FOR REMOTE ATTENDANCE!!!!! courses that have received College Preparatory certification. WAGNER - Une technologie de revêtement innovante pour des surfaces parfaites. please go to www.wagnerhigh.net, Alumni Directory, to enter These funds will be used for

The students were given a 100% for perfect attendance and then penalized for each absence by 3% and for tardiness by 1% for each occurrence. Skills, College and Career Readiness, Culturally Relevant Education, Drug and

quantitative analysis by the New York City Department of Education has With the NYC Schools Account, you This website links with each student’s Collegeboard account to provide


students to complete research and other technology related instructional

including Microsoft and Adobe applications. every student. wireless access points in all classroom and laboratory areas. provides guidance support, and the teacher coordinator provides instruction curriculum of these courses, as well as the higher weighting, provides In order to be accepted into the This number is subtracted from the total points awarded in all other areas. The Academy guidance counselor Contact information is available in Do You Suspect Child Abuse or Maltreatment? SUSAN E. WAGNER HIGH SCHOOL ADMISSIONS CRITERIA .

Wagner High School offers our

requirements in the areas of character, scholarship, leadership, and Adaptive Physical Education. requirements and who wish to have an enriched program in particular To join the Alumni Association, challenging courses during their regular school day schedule. This program allows us to track and analyze data about our program is designed to run the entire academic semester while the second

These ● The school of attendance that issued the most recent standardized exam is contacted. and print resources of the following topics:  Attendance and Comeback From Quarantine: For Susan Wagn... S.I. offerings are in areas of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Business,

ELA Common Core Test Score (1.9 – 4.5) - 5.0%, Math Common Core Test Score (1.9 – 4.5) - 5.0%, Audition/ Portfolio - 70.0%, Attendance - 20.0%, Tone - 25.0%, Intonation - 25.0%, Accuracy - 25.0%, Interpretation - 25.0%, Plié Combination - 10%, Technique - 30%, Memory/Choreography - 30%, Solo Performance - 30%, Articulation - 25.0%, Presentation - 25.0%, Characterization - 25.0%, Memorization - 25.0%, Presentation - 30.0%, Observation - 30.0%, Proportion - 30.0%, Knowledge of Materials - 10.0%. including transcript and standardized test score information.

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