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Two members of her family were present when Miss Nightingale passed away. If you study this visualisation long enough you will hopefully see that over a 2 year period that the number of deaths from preventable deaths grew to a peak in January 1855, but then reduced dramatically over the following 15 months. Dr. Thomas, P. Noguchi, chief Medical officer of the Los Angeles County coroner's office, said the an autopsy, still in progress, indicated that the cause of death appeared to be a heart attack. Put simply we have three data series plotting deaths by a custom grouping of cause over time.

Her efforts were proportioned to the greatness of the occasion. Celebrities, actors, musicians, artists, politicians and famous people who died in 1996.By clicking on each name from the below list, you can find their biography, birthday, age at death, date of death, location of death and even cause of their death. While the 8,000 British were lying at Scutari, about half the number lay prostrate at Balaclava in much the same condition of helpless misery.

Her eyes failed completely in 1901, and her memory in 1906. On Christmas Eve, 1861, she took seriously ill again and was bedridden for six years. In the case of this visualisation I understand that it was developed with the specific aim of driving the important military hospital reforms through government to change lives The first edition of the Dictionary of National Biography (1911) asserted that Nightingale reduced the death rate from 42% to 2% either by making improvements in hygiene herself or by calling for the Sanitary Commission (Source Wikipedia), The dataset for this diagram is publically available and is less that 100 data points. They were deployed in the Crimea, where the main British camp was based. Medicines were in short supply, hygiene was being neglected, and mass infections were common, many of them fatal. This signaled the end of her physically active life.

Janie Badinger, of the coroner's office, said there was no indication that the microscopic examination of the heart abnormality would affect the finding of death by natural causes.

There was not room for so much as half the number.

The Economist suggests how to interpret the diagram: As with today’s pie charts, the area of each wedge is proportional to the figure it stands for, but it is the radius of each slice (the distance from the common centre to the outer edge) rather than the angle that is altered to achieve this. Two members of her family were present when Miss Nightingale passed away.

If it had continued as it stood in the month of February, 1855, over four times the entire hospital population of that period would have perished in the one year. To this task, Nightingale brought her skills as a nurse. The rate of mortality from all causes was indeed frightful. Florence Nightingale, (1820 – 1910) was a celebrated English social reformer and statistician, and the founder of modern nursing.

The blue wedges measured from the centre of the circle represent area for area the deaths from Preventable or Mitigable Zymotic diseases, the red wedges measured from the centre the deaths from wounds, & the black wedges measured from the centre the deaths from all other causes. In point of fact, the task before Florence Nightingale was nothing less than to save the British army. There was no equipment to process food for the patients.

I was hoping to show a new feature in SAP Lumira version 1-16 to animate the data over time which dramatically displays the swing in the number of deaths between 1854 – 55.

This exhibition “explored how our understanding of ourselves and our planet has evolved alongside our ability to represent, graph and map the mass data of the time”.

She was enabled by the liberality of the public at home to provide large quantities of stores and necessaries, the cost of which was in part repaid by Government, and the distribution of these and of the immense accumulation of gifts in kind from Great Britain was a heavy part of her work.

She came to prominence while serving as a nurse during the Crimean War, where she tended to wounded soldiers. The funeral will take place in the course of the next few days, and will be of the quietest possible character, in accordance with Miss Nightingale's expressed wish.

Cause of Death: Old age Physician's Notes: Known figuratively as "the Lady with the Lamp" and historically as the mother of modern nursing, she contracted almost every illness the Crimean War had to offer, including Crimean fever, dysentery, and rheumatism.

I have definitely been guilty of looking at this visualisation as a piece of art but not listening to the story the data was trying to tell.

One exhibit stood out for me: The causes of mortality in the army in the east by Florence Nightingale.

I realise those were different times but even then if a crime had been reported (threatening behaviour towards Caroline or possible foul play re the Duchess) it would have been investigated especially considering who the Duchess was. (Source Wikipedia). Nightingale believed that, by keeping patients well-fed, warm, comfortable, and above all clean, nursing could solve many problems that 19th century medicine could not. On 21 October 1854, Florence Nightingale and the staff of 38 women volunteer nurses that she trained were sent to the Ottoman Empire.

Rats invaded the wards, and ran with impunity among the living and the dead. She was known as “The Lady with the Lamp” after her habit of making rounds at night. The beds in the hospitals literally touched each other.

The terms “unknown” or “approximately” may be used. The cause of death was heart failure. General terms, such as minutes, hours, or days, are acceptable, if necessary. From 1896 until she died, she did not leave her bedroom. « Famous People's Cause of Death Charles Dickens, Famous People's Cause of Death Leo Tolstoy ».

It was often difficult to reach one wounded man without walking over the body of his comrade. An image may be so visually interesting, so iconic, that we assume its conclusions without examining its data. Miss Nightingale had barely arrived before the wounded from Inkerman began to stream into the hospital. "The death of Florence Nightingale Shore could have been straight from the pages of an Agatha Christie mystery.

Since Caroline’s life had been threatened and no-one had seen the Duchess for some time surely the police should have been informed. Constantly working to the point of exhaustion, she collapsed in August, 1857.

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