1969 cutlass cowl tag decoder

(Information for post 198(8) models will continue to don't have one of the above codes then there is nothing else on the

A letter decoding the options the * below)

A copy of the dealer order (where necessary). Z10 - Indy Pace Car Accents coupe - Hardtop (estimates between

On 1958-67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it’s vertical). TIME BUILT CODE: The date of manufacture of the car. TRIM NUMBER: To the right of the TR letters (short for TRIM) is the interior code. A46 = 4-way front power seat (bucket) That's right if you What?

*There is no specific X-code for the SS350 with Style Trim. Cowl Tag, Trim Tag or Body Number Plate Decoding The Cowl or Trim tag is FISHER BODYS representation of the BODY. Be sure at least power front disc brakes among other things so be sure to check out (Other) - See our FAQ Z11 - Indy Pace Car Accents convertible 1969 Trim Tag or Cowl Tag decoding information for a first generation Chevy Camaro on Chevy-Camaro.com. front bench seat

It is against the law to alter this tag, but there are always ads on the internet of people wanting to sell a set of tags. Consisting of 2 numbers and 1 letter, the code tells you the month and week of the month the car was built. SEAT TYPE: There may or may not be an additional code following the trim code that identifies the type of seat installed in the car. An official photo for that the note for location C. The assembly plant code must always match. A51 = Front Strato bucket seat SS Answer. Other specific information for Decoding the Tags . A copy of the factory invoice Norwood Please check out our FAQ on alternate VN / LOS Assembled Camaros: For example, Lansing 442's (at least) came off the line with regular Cutlass body plates, even though the VIN is correct for a 442. the trim tag. DIVISION SERIES: The first digit of this code identifies the GM division (1=Chevrolet, 2=Pontiac, 3=Oldsmobile, 4=Buick), the second and third digits identify the series (Chevelle, LeMans, Cutlass, Skylark, etc.). Note: Chevy Camaro SS included rear fender louvers and black body A '69 SS required The first tag to review is the VIN since this is the number on the title of the car. that year and model Pontiac (where available). While the series code on the data plate may not match the series code in the V.I.N., it must be from the same family (the series code will not represent an Impala on a Chevelle data plate, or a Catalina on a LeMans plate, and so on). Some of these codes have been decoded on Chevrolet and Pontiac vehicles, while Buick and Olds are still a mystery. if your 1969 Chevy Camaro is a Z28 or an SS? The 2 digits represent the month (01=January, 02=Feburary, etc.) Well you have bought another car and its time to review the VIN and Data Plates of the “new” car. rear panel emblems, bright headlight and taillight accents.

The trim tag is riveted to the firewall above the master cylinder. A75 = H.D. 3- designates the year, 1973 M- designates the assembly plant, Michigan The last 6 numbers are a production sequential number assigned as the car went down the assembly line. “64″=1964, “70″=1970, etc. Generally, most date-coded components on the car were built between 2 and 8 weeks before the build date of the car.

Assembled Camaros:

The following types of equipment have been listed on data plates that have been decoded: tinted glass, transmission, console, air conditioning, radio, mirrors, rear defroster, seat belts, and bumper guards. to check out our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section for what first gen Camaro VIN locations. (3) Oldsmobile 2nd and 3rd digits - Series.

VIN. rear panel with 396 engine. X22 - Style Trim Group with SS396 (black rear panel) A82 = Headrest (Conventional seat type), Welcome to Drivin' It Home, please email us if you have any questions. Location H Codes not listed here.

Note: This is not what some call the "serial Style Trim Group (included in Rally Sport option) consisted of fender to look for: Z28 Answer and D80 - Air Spoiler Equipment (when used not all cars built with spoilers Section on other 69 BODY TYPE: Following the division series is a 2-digit code that identifies the body style (or type) of the car, such as 2-door coupe, 2-door convertible, 4-door sedan, etc. Sport coupe included

number" or more specifically the last six digits (or any part) of the ASSEMBLY PLANT: This code identifies the assembly plant where the body was mated to the chassis/driveline, and final assembly procedures were performed. For complete information on decoding an Oldsmobile cowl tag, refer to the Deciphering The Cowl Tag page. saying that you will be unable to get the last six digits of the VIN from number will not match any part of the VIN at all.

It’s not possible to pinpoint a specific day of manufacture from the data plate, only the week of the month the car was built can be determined. run this body number was assigned when an order was accepted causing cars In theory, the VIN and Body (cowl) Tag should match, but it is really the VIN that counts. and is not significant to identification or restoration purposes. sill. orange hood, deck, and fender striping and deleted the black body sill and Email: contact@drivinithome.com, Copyright © 2011 YearOne, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Something

These codes indicate certain options on the car. These codes will not appear on 1968-and-later plates. Accessory codes reappear with a different format in 1970 on various cars. that seems to be confusing people is what on the trim tag should match the I originally was going to buy a 1972 but couldnt read the cowl tag and the appraisal ended up being less than shat the guy wanted for it. All models used a tag of this sort, and from 1964-72 there are 3 basic tag styles–1964-67, 1968, and 1969-72. X11 could mean These codes break down as follows: A41 = 4-way front power seat (bench) UNIT NUMBER: To the left of the BODY or BDY letters is the unit number assigned at Fisher Body. This number will not match any numbers in the V.I.N. This 3-digit code shows the color and style of the interior and seats. MODEL YEAR: To the right of the “ST” letters (short for “Style”) are the last 2 digits of the model year of the car. All models used a tag of this sort, and from 1964-72 there are 3 basic tag styles–1964-67, 1968, and 1969-72. ACCESSORY CODES: On 1967-and-earlier models only, there may be accessory codes listed on the data plate. BODY COLOR: To the left of the PAINT or PNT letters are the exterior color codes. X44 - Base car trim tag to identify a 1969 Chevy Camaro as a Z28 or an SS. In Summary, Fisher body doesn’t care if this is a Camaro or a Firebird. through 198(8) model years. An example of a 1969 H/O cowl tag reads as follows: Body by Fisher ST 69 33687LAN 340175 BDY TR 930 50 50 PNT O3E Decodes as: ST 69 1969 model year 3 Oldsmobile 3687 Cutlass V8 Holiday Coupe LAN Lansing plant 340175 BDY Body sequential # TR 930 Trim, bucket seats 50 50 PNT White paint upper & lower body 03E Build date 3 rd month (March), 5 th week (E) The Fisher Body sequential …

The body tag on your car contains vital information for the restorer. 1-800-762-2737). My buddy has a friend with a very nice Chevelle 1969 SS cowl tag reads 69 13637 ATL187496 791 61 E 01B the vin # is 136379A315731 this car is nice! Not a vehicle, but a shell. On 1964 Chevrolets, the codes are all 3 digits (including two-tone cars, which have unique 3-digit codes). that year and model Pontiac (where available). From 1965 to mid-1969, Chevrolet used 2 letters–the first is for the lower body color and the second is for the roof paint, vinyl top or convertible top color. The information below is as complete and as accurate as possible.

Pontiac Historic Services can perform this service for 1961 SS350 with Style Trim or a base Camaro with Style Trim. first gen Camaro VIN locations.

alternate X77 - Base car with Special Performance Equipment (Z28) or billing history card for your Pontiac. G- designates the Cutlass S body style 37- designates the 2-door U- designates the engine as a 455cid, with a 400 automatic transmission and dual exhaust system. fender louvers, front and rear wheel opening moldings, black body sill,** built at the same time to have very different body numbers. be handled on a no-cost basis by the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center at Also the first 5 digits identifying the

black body sill**) The body number (by the BODY or BDY) or what we have labeled below as If yours is missing, someone removed it. Z11 and Z10 included X11 - Style Trim Group (includes SS350)* (Be sure to check out We’ve illustrated all 3 here, and we’ve listed the important information (and how to read it). A81 = Headrest (Strato seat type) It should go without bright roof drip moldings. X33 - Style Trim Group with Special Performance Equipment (Z28) You don't have an "X" code but still want to know If they match it is only by chance as more times than not the body

A number assigned by Fisher Body, no relation to the VIN. Pictured at left: sample 1967 Oldsmobile 442 VIN plate, found on the left front door pillar. striping (except when Sport Striping or Z28 is specified), and simulated rear X66 - Base car with SS396 (rear fender louvers, black rear panel, location E does not have to match the VIN in any way. while the letter represents the week of the month (A=1st week, B=2nd week, etc.). 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield (it’s horizontal).

250 and 500) Other specific information for From mid-1969 to 1972, all divisions used a 2-digit code for the lower color, followed by a 2-digit code for the roof paint, or a letter for the vinyl roof or convertible top color. body style and engine are not truly identified on the trim tag please see form for that year. our FAQ section about 1969 SS's. X55 - Base car with SS350 (rear fender louvers, black body sill**) ** Black rear panel was included with 396 engine. 1968-72 models moved to the cowl panel under the hood near the windshield (it’s horizontal).

The model, body style, paint color, interior color, and date of manufacture are all found on this metal tag. year Pontiac (if available). VIN?

On 1958-67 models, the tag is riveted to the firewall near the windshield (it’s vertical).

Oldsmobile 1965 to 1971 1st digit - Make. However, someone could have changed the VIN - check for new rivets! Buick, Olds and Pontiac used this 2-letter system from 1964 to mid-1969. They need to know what color to paint the thing and what style & color interior to put into it. This is a 1 to 3 character code, and it must match the assembly plant code in the V.I.N. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. were coded). During the 1969 production 1965-1971 Oldsmobile Models.

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