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V Matrix. Matrix – Refers to the Matrix family of devices Reader – Refers to the Matrix device Client – Refers to the ControlLogix PLC C. References Volume I: CIP Common Specification, Release 1.0, ©2003 ODVA Volume 2: EtherNet/IP Adaptation of CIP, Release 1.0, ©2003 ODVA The skill selected while crafting Nodes becomes the main skill, and sub-skills are assigned randomly. Most classes will have 3 or more skills they want to level up so ideally you would want all 3 skills in a node to be useful. The four skills listed above are all incredibly useful.

Boost Nodes consist of 1 main skill and 2 sub-skills. The Nodestones that you acquire from mobs will only be tradable within the account so, if you plan on selling them, you'll have to go to the V Matrix topic. You can equip Nodestones by dragging them to a Node or double-clicking on them, and they can be removed by double-clicking on them. *** For almost all classes, the primary justification for the skills placed under Trio #1 is that those are the essential skills that are most utilized in bossing and/or training. Next. Speed infusion increases attack speed and erda nova can bind monsters and makes both of them very useful at bossing. this: A/B/C, C/D/E, A/B/E, D/(any)/(any). Assuming 3 essential skills labeled A/B/C, you would need two or three nodes in the following perfect configurations to max those 3 skills: Assuming 4 essential skills labeled A/B/C/D, you would need three or four nodes in the following perfect configurations to max those 4 skills: A/B/C or A/B/D or A/C/B or A/C/D or A/D/B or A/D/C, B/A/C or B/A/D or B/C/A or B/C/D or B/D/A or B/D/C, C/A/B or C/A/D or C/B/A or C/B/D or C/D/A or C/D/B, D/A/B or D/A/C or D/B/A or D/B/C or D/C/A or D/C/B. Common Skill nodes:These are skills obtainable by any class. Although, it won't gain all of previous Node's exp, it will gain most of it. Okay. You can use the search feature to find a Node faster. For Evan you should replace Dragon Master with Dragon Flash in the second trio, it allows for more options and for people who don't have / can't obtain cooldown reduction for Dragon Breath it's optimal to use (when breath isn't available), ZomgNit! V Matrix Summary: Obtain Nodes through Nodestones. I have some recommendation for skill nodes if you are just starting out. V Matrix Optimization Guide for All Classes. Assuming one can one hit Clocktower mobs with Fairy Spiral, it is the fastest way for Wind Archers to grind. I would say that Towering Inferno would take priority for the third slot rather than Cinder Maelstrom, but I wouldn't say that Blaze Wizards actually need a tri-core. 20 Grants the chance to invoke a spirit when attacking that deals damage to enemies and curses them. There are also Node Skills that can be equipped by all Jobs such as: Keep in mind that these Skill Nodes have cooldowns. Trio #1: Beyond Blade/Final Blow/Final Attack, Trio #2: Smash Swing/Hunter’s Prey/Maha’s Domain, Trio #1: Paralyze/Flame Haze/Mist Eruption, Trio #2: Inferno Aura/Megiddo Flame/Meteor Shower, Trio #1: Chain Lightning/Frozen Orb/Lightning Orb, Trio #1: Basic Charge Drive/Ominous Nightmare/Impending Death, Trio #2: Abyssal Charge/Gust Charge/Creeping Terror, Trio #3: Unstoppable Impulse/Scarlet Charge (Training), Trio #1: Finishing Blow/Dark Shock/Condemnation, Trio #2: Dark Genesis/Sweeping Staff/Battle Burst OR Dark Chain, Trio #1 (Bear Mode): Paw Swipe/Lil’ Fort/Fishy Slap, Trio #2 (Leopard Mode): Three-Point Pounce/Thunder Dash/Macho Dance, Trio #1: Magnum Punch/Double Blast/Revolving Cannon, Trio #2: Shotgun Punch/Bunker Blaster Explosion/Hammer Smash, Trio #1: Orbital Flame/Blazing Extinction/Ignition OR Dragon Blaze, Trio #2: Ignition OR Dragon Blaze/Towering Inferno/Cataclysm, Trio #1: Hurricane/Final Attack/Quiver Cartridge, Trio #2: Arrow Platter/Arrow Stream/Phoenix OR Gritty Gust, Trio #1: Octopunch/Power Unity/Dragon Strike, Trio #2: Buccaneer Blast/Nautilus Strike/Spiral Assault, Trio Skills: (Chain Arts: Thrash/Muscle Memory/Stroke)/(Summon Brick)/(Summon Bat)/(Summon Daggers/Shuriken)/(Summon: Shotgun/Bombs)/(Summon Skimitar/Claw), Utilize 2 trio sets to encompass all 6 skills twice, Trio #1: Cannon Barrage/Cannon Bazooka/Rolling Rainbow, Trio #2: Monkey Militia/Monkey Fury/Nautilus Strike, Trio #1: Rapid Fire/Broadside/Majestic Presence, Trio #2: Eight-Leg Easton/Ugly Bomb/Nautilus Strike, Trio #1: Rapid Fire/Brain Scrambler/Majestic Presence, Trio #2: Eight-Leg Easton/Ugly Bomb/Broadside, Trio #1: Dark Impale/Gungnir’s Descent/Nightshade Explosion, Trio #1: Moon Dancer and Speeding Sunset/Crescent Divide and Solar Piece/Styx Crossing, Trio #2: Flicker and Bluster/Moon Cross and Sun Cross/Impaling Rays, Trio #1: Execution/Nether Shield/Infernal Exceed, Trio #1: Demon Impact/Demon Lash/Cerberus Chomp, Trio #1: Phantom Blow/Blade Fury/Asura’s Anger, Trio #2: Sudden Raid/Blade Clone/Blade Ascension, Trio #1: Mana Burst/Earth Circle/Wind Circle, Trio #2: Dragon Breath/Dragon Spark/Dragon Master OR Dragon Breath/Dragon Flash/Dragon Dive, Trio #2: Thunder Circle/Dragon Spark/Dragon Breath, Trio #3: Dragon Dive / Dragon Flash / Debris, Trio #1: Rai Blade Flash/Shinsoku/Rai Sanrenzen, Trio #2: Hitokiri Strike/Falcon's Honor/Hitokiri Hundred's Strike, Trio #1: Raging Blow/Rising Rage/Final Attack, credits to AsianRookie, cattharis, PokemaniacGRAZED, Trio #1: Radiant Javelin III & Winged Javelin/Machina & Reaction - Domination III/Reaction - Destruction III, Trio #2: Longinus Spear/Umbral Brand III/Deus & Ex, Trio #1: Starline One/Starforce Salvo/Singularity Shock, Trio #1: Gigas Wave/Wingbeat/Tempest Blades, Trio #2: Infernal Breath/Stone Dragon/Blade Burst, Trio #1: Shikigami Haunting/Tengu Strike/Ghost Yaksha Boss, Trio #2: Vanquisher's Charm/Yosuzume/Shikigami Doppelganger, Trio #3: Kishin Shoukan/Exorcist's Charm/Nine-Tailed Fury, Trio #2: Trainwreck/Kinetic Combo/Mental Break, Trio #2: Spectral Light/Morning Star/Death Scythe, Trio #1: Snipe/Piercing Arrow/High Speed Shot, Trio #1: Homing Missile/Massive Fire: SPLASH-F/IRON-B/Distortion Bomb, Trio #2: Magnetic Field/Robo Factory: RM1, Trio #1: Ishtar’s Ring/Stunning Strikes/Lightning Edge, Trio #2: Spikes Royale/Wrath of Enlil/Leaf Tornado, Trio #3: Rising Rush/Unicorn Spikes/Elemental Knight, Trio #1: Radiant Cross/Four-Point Assault/Charging Light, Trio #1: Quad Throw/Assassin’s Mark/Showdown, Trio #2: Dark Flare/Death Star/Sudden Raid, Trio #1: Quintuple Star/Shadow Spark/Shadow Bat, Trio #2: Dark Omen/Shadow Stitch/Dominion, Trio #1: Blast/Lightning Charge/Heaven's Hammer, Trio #2: Holy Charge/Blizzard Charge/Fire Charge, Trio #1: Cardinal Blast/Cardinal Deluge/Cardinal Torrent, Trio #2: Swarm Shot/Triple Impact/Glyph of Impalement, Trio #3: Shadow Raven/Ancient Astra/Combo Assault, Trio #1: Mille Aguilles/Tempest/Carte Noir, Trio #2: Carte Finale/Impeccable IV/Penombre, Trio #1: Spirit Claw/Bomb Punch/Fox Spirits, Trio #2: Spirit Incarnation/Spirit Frenzy/Death Mark, Trio #3: Spirit Trap/Soul Splitter/Shockwave Punch, credits to payandwin, ddares, MakingMarios, Detrivance, Trio #1: Assassinate/Shadow Veil/Sudden Raid, Trio #2: Boomerang Stab/Dark Flare/Meso Explosion, Trio #3: Savage Blow/Midnight Carnival/Phase Dash, Trio #1: Shark Sweep/Annihilate/Gale + Typhoon, Trio #1 (bossing): Thunderbolt/Annihilate/Gale + Typhoon, Trio #2 (mobbing): Ascension/Shark Sweep/Thunder, Trio #1: Wild Arrow Blast/Final Attack/Summon Jaguar and Another Bite, Trio #2: Exploding Arrows(Jaguar Rampage)/Hunting Assistant Unit/Sonic Roar and Jaguar Soul, Trio #3: Swipe/Drill Salvo/White Heat Rush and Dash n' Slash, Trio #1: Song of Heaven/Trifling Wind/Storm Bringer, Trio #2: Triangulation/Pinpoint Salvo/Aegis System, Trio #3: Quicksilver/Diagonal Chase/Combat Switch, Trio Skills: Pierce Thrust/Spin Cutter/Rolling Cross/Rolling Assault/Wind Cutter/Wind Strike/Storm Break, Choose 1 combo skill you do not utilize (recommended to be Pierce Thrust as it's only required in Lotus, credits to almog12497) and enhance the other 6 skills into 2 sets of perfect trios, Utilize 5 nodes (total of 15 skills) to encompass all 7 skills twice (total of 14 skills). The V Matrix is mostly all about efficiency.

If you disassemble an enhanced Node, you will receive compensation for it.

They usually take Fairy Spiral/Monsoon/+@ but this is more optional tricore than the one listed above. Equip Nodes on the V Matrix to obtain 5th Job skills. I would say its more like, (Rapid fire/BrainScrambler/MajesticPressence) (UglyBomb/Nautilus/Broadside), The only reason im placing BrainScrambler above Broadside is because in mobile bosses the summon cant move, or switch direction, so lot of times the dps gain on this skill is completely wasted. Reading up on it, I think Ignition does make more sense, will add that in. So, a great strategy would be to get 3 different Boost Nodes with the same sets of skills and level them to 17, 17, and 16. It is quite a unique skill system in that you can add and customize your own skill window and replace them as needed.

16/17 nodes. Hello Maplers! The following list is organized alphabetically without sorting between class types. Players start with four unlocked V matrix slots and as they level up from 200, every 5 levels… Skip to content.

I dont think id Prioritize broadside over brain scrambler? ( Log Out /  I mentioned before that all nodes can be enhanced to level 25, but the level of a boosted 1st to 4th job skill can go up to level 50. There are Skill Nodes made for specific jobs (Phantom, Dual Blade, Blaster, etc...) and there are Skill Nodes that are specifically for classes (Thief, Magician, Pirate, etc...). It consists of various slots, and you can freely equip Nodes to advance the skill's type or strength. Double clicking a node inside your active V matrix slots will unequip the node and likewise double clicking the nodes in your V inventory will equip the node.

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