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日本生命保険相互会社 DeepL Translator sees the addition of Russian and Portuguese. ぷれりり This vision also motivates many AI researchers and developers to join DeepL; the number of employees more than doubled in 2019 to 60, and Kutylowski is expecting a further doubling in 2020: "Highly-qualified applicants are naturally always welcome here.". メディケア生命保険株式会社 Linguee. As of today, the ability to influence DeepL Translator’s choice of words is available to DeepL Pro subscribers and free users alike on The translators selected DeepL's translations four times more often than those of any other system. プレスリリースジェーピー←非SSL プレスリリースゼロ←非SSL As always, to ensure the highest quality, DeepL blind-tested their new systems: Japanese and Chinese translators were presented with anonymized translations from DeepL and competitors such as Google, Microsoft, and Chinese giants Baidu and Youdao, and were asked to select the best results. PR TIMES, Value Press(バリュープレス) プレスリリース ゼロ←非SSL The addition of these two languages brings the total number of translation combinations available on DeepL Translator to 110, and expands DeepL’s language coverage to more than 1 billion potential new users. 株式会社伊予銀行 The Cyrillic alphabet is no barrier to clear and accurate translations: DeepL Translator produces results beyond anything yet seen from Google or even Russian Internet giant Yandex.

Just as with previous languages, DeepL Translator consistently achieved the highest quality ratings between Russian, Portuguese, and English. 560 login:Penguin 2020/03/20(金) 13:25:37.44 ID:qvk/oW3B. 無料ニュースリリース・プレスリリース配信サービス←非SSL、サービス終了?,, 創業手帳というサイトの2018年7月31日の記事ですが、少し古く情報も少ないです。,, ValuePress(バリュープレス) “This integration represents a further step in our quest to provide high-quality AI solutions to everyday language problems,” said Kutylowski. イノベーションズアイ

DeepL Pro, released in March of 2018, As a result, the popularity of DeepL grew rapidly: More than half a billion people used its services in 2019. The free online service is supplemented by a paid version known as DeepL Pro. The Glossary feature is available for translations between German and English, and English and French, with further language combinations to be added in future. The company is led by CEO and co-founder Jaroslaw Kutylowski and supported by world-renowned investors such as Benchmark and b-to-v. Germany’s top AI company, DeepL, is proud to now provide machine translation for two of the most highly-anticipated and in-demand languages: Japanese and Chinese. DeepL is a German company that has set itself the goal of eliminating language barriers worldwide through the use of artificial intelligence. 株式会社NTTドコモ


Millions of people enjoy DeepL’s unparalleled translation quality – as evidenced by each day’s 7 billion translated characters. One final click inserts the translation into the user’s text., SSL非対応、表示遅すぎでスマホ非対応、更新少なめです。 We positively disrupt to create a radically inclusive world of beauty. ポケモン剣盾. 株式会社三菱UFJ銀行 住友生命保険相互会社 Value Press(バリュープレス) ・参加ブランドのコンセプトなど、ブランド・ストーリーの紹介 Translations can be called up at any time, without ever leaving the program or application. In these languages, too, the system achieves previously unknown translation quality. ", DeepL's vision is to break down language barriers worldwide and bring cultures closer together. 野村證券株式会社 Press Partnerz ! It also provides professional products for companies, organizations, and translators. *Further details about the blind tests can be found at

260+ million Russian speakers have never had a more powerful tool to connect with the rest of the world. DIRECT PRESS(ダイレクトプレス)←非SSL Over half a billion people have used DeepL's services to date. With the new DeepL API, developers can build the next generation of apps and tools, benefiting from DeepL's superior translation quality.

DeepL has now made it easier to get English translations in your preferred style: DeepL Translator can now produce translations that reflect the particularities of American and British English. HARMONY PRESS(ハーモニープレス)←非SSL、サービス終了? あいおいニッセイ同和損害保険株式会社

Nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and even multi-word entries can be added to the Glossary and the algorithm will adapt the translations in terms of grammar and context, ensuring that the integrity and fluidity of the translation is not compromised.

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