african proverbs on love

If anyone makes you laugh, it is not always because they love you. 36. 46. He who loves you, loves you with your dirt. If love is a sickness, patience is the remedy. 55. 1. 24. It is difficult for two long-nosed lovers to kiss. Sharing is caring. Bread without sauce and a home without a wife are meaningless. True love means what’s mine is yours. 4. Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands. Swahili Proverb. A good wife is easy to find, but suitable in-laws are rare. 59. Love truth even if it hurts you and hates lies even if they help you. 50. When one is in love, a cliff becomes a meadow. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Love is like a baby: it needs to be treated tenderly. Senegalese Proverb. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly, your wholeness when you feel broken, your innocence when you feel guilty and your purpose when you feel confused. Let your love be like the misty rain, coming softly but flooding the river. The cabin of a loved one is never too far away. Reblogged this on Where the &%!# is Botswana?.

Love doesn’t rely on physical features. Nigeria, 24. 9. Your email address will not be published. ~Bantu Proverb There is no physician who can cure the disease of love. 22. A fish and bird may fall in love but the two cannot build a home together. Subscribe, Join the conversation Share your thoughts, Enter Email Address Where there is love there is no darkness. Here are a few wonderful African proverbs that should get you thinking. And as every African child knows, the latter were not intended to be, and will have to be learned through experience, and over a lifetime. Love is better than a whip.

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Sierra Leonean Proverb. African Proverb. 1. Search African Proverb. 37. 22.

She is currently an Amplify Africa Fellow and member of the Global Shapers Accra Hub.

Nigerian Proverb. – Somalia, 7. 13. These cookies do not store any personal information. Cameroonian Proverb.

You know who you love, but you can’t know who loves you.

Tunisia, 17. A woman who is not successful in her own marriage has no advice to give to her younger generations. 38. South Africa, 23.

Sudanese Proverb. Don’t try to make someone hate the person he loves. 51. Egyptian Proverb. African Proverb. One who loves you, warns you.

Ethiopian Proverb.

Ugandan Proverb. Here is a list of 60 African proverbs about love to encourage you to love your significant other in a romantic way, the African way. Love is a painkiller. Don’t be so in love that you can’t tell when it’s raining. – Congo, 15. It’s better to be loved than feared. Liberia, 15. 45 Exotic Toxic Parents Quotes To Help You Handle Toxic Parents Gracefully. – Uganda (Ganda), 8. Cheers. One who loves you, warns you. Congo, 11. You have to crack it to see what is inside.

Where there is love, there is no darkness. ~Moroccan Proverb. Love is a despot who spares no one. – Nigeria, 6. 29. Burundi, 4. African Proverbs about love will teach you the secret about relationship and the ideals of marriage and happiness These 10 African Proverbs about love will surely inspire your day.

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