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To keep the AXIS II Precision’s price down Savage kept barrel length a uniform 22-inches no matter the caliber. I will recommend Blue Mountain Precision to all of my shooting companions.”, SWAROVSKI OPTIK/Kahles - Mountain Territory Sales Rep. Remington offers the rifle in .260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester.

We will gladly build the rifle to your specs. There has been an error with your Email Subscription. Just like with all of our Fierce centerfire rifles the Rival comes with our flagship .50 MOA guarantee. We shoot every custom rifle before it leaves our facility. On the surface, it appears a behemoth, the 527 Varmint MTR is quite light, relatively speaking. It all came together for Eric when he moved out west in his early twenties.

ATG Custom Rifles was established in 2008, as a Division of Buck Run Hunting Lodge, to offer a selection of Super Match Grade Guns, with quality optical systems, as a custom made hunting rifle. Some other nice features include Bergara’s trigger that breaks at 3 pounds, threaded muzzle and integrated QD flush cup mounts. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links.

(Technically, the Lapua option falls outside the perimeters this post lays out for “affordable” with a price tag of $1,759.). Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Thank you! And this has come with one of the big names in the stock game—Greyboe. Everybody loves a cheap rifle that punches above its weight, and we’ve got some of the best rifles in the world that we found at really low prices. We work directly with you to make sure the custom build fits your needs and we create personalized masterpiece rifles that can’t be found anywhere else. Can you help me customize my existing factory rifle?

The Guns of James Bond: Roger Moore. Between barrel break in, feed and function testing, and accuracy testing, IN-RUT shoots and cleans your rifle several times before it is finished. Rethinking the lightweight precision stock, Tikka improved the bedding to create a seamless mate up, thus a platform solid as concrete footings.

A target is included for your proof of accuracy. The solid action with three-lug fat bolt is mated—in all calibers—with a 26-inch fluted heavy sporter barrel topped with proprietary muzzle brake. Surprising no one, Savage turned to Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) for Axis II Precision’s chassis. More . With BMP you get a full service rifle build, from help with technical questions to finished success of your custom long range hunting rifle. Truth be told, with a little time, effort and modest investment, a shooter can transform most appropriately chambered modern rifles into precision rifles. So it’s no surprise it ends up on a list of precision rifles. You won’t find a comparable rifle that is customized to fit your needs and crafted from unique blueprints drawn specifically for you anywhere else.

This is then bedded in Winchester Composite Max stock that, while light, provides the stiffness required for repeatable accuracy. Our high-quality rifle builds are the best in the industry. 7222 Dalton Fox … To that end, both the cheek rise and length of pull dial in via thumbwheels and each feature dual guide rods for added stability. Essentially the barrel and action are identical to the ultra lite carbon with the only difference being the stock style.Our carbon A3/A5 type stocks give you a slightly different grip style and a wider beavertail fore end. But the company has gone above and beyond with its newest creation — the 10 GRS. And to top it all off, the T3x Tactical Compact rifle has an improved rail attachment system with extra screw placements on top of the receiver for a Picatinny rail. Shooting and rifle building is in our blood, and we know what it means to have an accurate rifle for hunting, recreational shooting, and competitions. Click on the images below and give us a call with any questions. At IN-RUT Rifles, we specialize in extremely accurate custom hunting rifles built on the Defiance Rebel Action and Remington Model 700 bolt-actions. Rifle Shipping Packaging All rifles will be shipped in a quality plastic hard case whenever possible $85.00 Shipping Charges UPS including insurance approximately $100.00. And that’s what we’re looking at with the 16 affordable precision rifles listed below, at least when it comes to bolt-actions. .

Tikka’s TCR has a more traditional stock pattern and doesn’t boast the adjustments found on many precision rifles. It weighs in at 8 pounds, giving the rig some nimbleness. As solid as the company’s actions and button-rifled barrels are, the stock is the bell of this ball. Our custom hunting rifles are lightweight, durable and well balanced. This hunting rifle is designed to meet the needs of the long range shooters and hunters. We also have the capabilities to paint most any color combinations. Marrying Savage’s proven Model 10 short action with the Norwegian GRS stock has created a precision rifle ready to tackle the greatest distances. Broached, instead of drilled from bar stock, the action is silky smooth, particularly with the aid of its oversized bolt handle. Some of the dandiest and deadliest single-shot rifles proudly boast the T/C roll mark and prove more than a match for weary elk, deer and caribou. In either case, Browning delivers a proven platform to launch them from. The company has embraced the concept of crossover appeal with the rifle, making it sturdy enough to shoot a match, but practical enough to carry into the woods. I contacted him on behalf of our non-profit organization, Muley Fanatic Foundation, to see if he would be able to build us a rifle for use in our annual banquet. These rifles are fully customizable, with many hydrographic and Cerakote options. These days, most firearm enthusiasts use some kind of optical sighting device on most of their guns.

Our pro shop is stocked with all the accessories you need to personalize your rifle even more: custom slings, custom rifle stocks, custom rifle modifications and much more. “Carolina Custom Rifles: more than just a company selling custom rifles. Additionally, the buttstock is fully adjustable—length of pull (LOP) and cheek rise—the former, however, not on the fly.

Additionally, the company has included its MOA adjustable trigger and has threaded the muzzle, a bonus if you shoot suppressed.

A bonus, Ruger outfits the precision rifle with a 20 MOA Picatinny rail, with increased elevation capabilities over the integral mounts machined directly into the receiver. Once all required parts are at IN-RUT Rifles the time usually runs around 4-8 months. Well thought out, the Turkish Walnut stock is ergonomic, with the little extras that help you hold on a target — well-stippled straight grip, wide fore-end and blockly butt with a high comb.

Kelbly’s Atlas Tactical and other 700 style clones.

We have been building the most accurate rifles one at a time for 75 years! Drake Associates supplies the chassis for the rifle — its Hunter/Stalker model — which is machined from a single piece of aluminum. However, it does make it a bit more wieldy, if you're in the market for a precision hunting rifle.

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