ark eternal creature ids

Resurrected Tier and Several Tribute Dinos as well as Treasure Turkey have gained proper buff immunities based upon Tier. Eternal Spyglass info box Auto Resizes to Fit text now, and it has a passive or KO tame marker now as well via an icon. Added All Vanilla Corrupted Remaps back into mod as well as a few more regular vanilla dino remaps. Endgame item, will take an increasing amount of items to craft the artefacts depending on the empowerment level, currently level 1,2, and 3 give a 5,10, and 15% stat boost. Evo DeinoNychus Takes place of Evo RockDrake. Potion , Hp Potion Injector and HPPotionInjector 100. Souls are now Primordial Essences includes icon changes as well. Added Unknown Theriz and Dodo non-particle skins. Slightly stronger than vanilla. Same taming mechanism as vanilla counterpart. And the best thing about Eternal, is that its WIP, meaning we still have a lot of new features we are both thinking about and working on. All flyers that do not have ranged attacks are now immune to grounding debuff. Eternal Alpha Diplodocus Also has Rhino Charge attack. vertical-align:top; Added Eternal Pickup Relic Works same as Dino Pickup Mod, Upped Apex Loot items drop rate from dinos. These creatures used to be called Immortal Tier creatures. Melee Stone Buff reduced from 10x to 2x or 2%.

Added Spectral DireBear Spawns on Death from Prime DireBear. Added Eternal Alpha Lion and Tiger Spawn on Death from each other and Eternal Alpha Saber and Thyla. Added some spawns to Valguero map's custom spawners. Tame an Enlightened OviRaptor and evolve it to an Elite Oviraptor put a saddle on it and you can use it to craft kibbles in the dino’s inventory. Spawns when a Prime, Spectral, or InDominus is killed. MeleeStone Chance to drop lowered to 5% chance so much lower than before.

Tranquiliser and Elemental Dino Torpor Mechanics. Fixed tier 1 & 2 Bionic Magamsaurs not using their AI elemental blast attack (this makes them a lot more dangerous). If running by itself the structures workbench is crafted in the player inventory. Removed knock-back from Heirophant minions. Prime Diplodocus Spawns on Death from Eternal Alpha Diplo or Prime Allo.

Refreshed Rock Drakes to be in line with changes made to their parent by Genesis. Fixed Vanilla Remap Anky and Stego to give live birth instead of using eggs(only the Stego needed changed). These data values refer to the different types of creature IDs for the PC version of ARK: Survival Evolved. Further implementation will happen in a later update. For example, one command will let you choose specifics such as creature level and its spawn location. ARK: Eternal (MOVED to new owner/Mod Id see link in description Below) Subscribe. the name you see it by in game. Updated All Frogs to be able to attack while swimming and jumping. Undead Wyvern Boss from Summoner is Now on Par with Normal Mode Phantasmal's stat and damage wise. Upgraded Eternal Tek and Heavy Tek Turrets to have more health and do more damage to be on par with Ark Eternal Dinos. Certain features of our website use cookies to help improve your experience.

Similar stats to Primes. Scrap Metal can now be smelted by Eternal Anky this. The creature will have a random level given to it. Spawns in the wild, tameable. thanks @Prome. Removed Empowerment Station from WorkBench. Ghost Saber now drops Mysterious Element. We do not encourage it though, as it could block some of Eternals content. Spawns in the wild, tameable. Can only be Knocked out by Prime Elemental Dino or above or Prime Tranqs. Added Resurrection Stone functionality to SpacedPanda and Prime Sloth. Several Items received a makeover icon wise.

All Matrixes are now called Summons or Summon Reagent. [Eternal] Has Infernal Fire AOE Debuff that sets things on fire when you get close to them burning them for 5% of their total health over 5 seconds. Boss summoner code cleaned up so they are truly immune to damage by default must set the .ini setting to true to enable them to be damaged. Added Razor Tooth Costumes Crafted in Eternal Bench Engram Learned by killing All Tier's Yuties. BearBoss gets new mesh with saddle built in thanks Zythara. Ark Eternal Patch Notes 11th January 2020, Ark Eternal Patch Notes 19th December 2019, Ark Eternal Patch Notes 6th December 2019, Ark Eternal Patch Notes 20th November 2019. + Added Bionic Magmasaur boss & Hard mode boss. Eternal WorkBench and Boss Summoner Folder Names have been changed to Suit new Item Names. Fixed Elemental Glowtails Inventory they will now equip saddles and costumes as well. Optimized DummyProof and DisableHarvestAnky/Doed Code so that code will run smoother depending on which toggles are called, Default is still True for DummyProof and False for DisableHarvest. the one in the workbench) instead of the old WIP version we used prior to the current one. +Give Jugbugs Class Settings and Buff immunities that vary by "tier". Made Elemental Rock Drakes Immune to AE, Gaia and dino pickup mod Pickup Relics. Welcome to the Ark Dino & Creatures IDS Full List, we will provide you the id of every dino and creature available in the game, including creatures of Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction and Valguero Before we begin, we will need to enable the use of cheats via the console command EnableCheats. Endboss Lootpools modified so that the eternal god shrine has a difference change to drop based on boss tier. Added Alpha Elemental Owls spawn on death from Alpha owl and Elemental Tier owls. Type an item name, GFI code or ID number into the search bar to search 1277 items. Added armored darkstar boss variant ONLY. old ones will disappear must re-tame.

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