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Elk live 20 years or more in captivity but average 10 to 13 years in the wild. [23][24] The smallest-bodied subspecies is the tule elk (C. c. nannodes), which weighs from 170 to 250 kg (370 to 550 lb) in both sexes.[23]. Subspecies living in arid climates tend to have lighter colored coats than do those living in forests. Beringia provided a migratory route for numerous mammal species, including brown bear, camel, horse, caribou, and moose, as well as humans. Bulls are some 40% larger than cows at maturity, weighing an average of 320 to 331 kg (705 to 730 lb), standing 1.5 m (4.9 ft) at the wither and averaging 2.45 m (8.0 ft) in length[19][20] while large males reach 1.7 m (5.6 ft) tall at wither and 3 m (9.8 ft) in length. Snails and slugs, the intermediate hosts, can be inadvertently consumed by elk during grazing. [1] The habitat of Siberian elk in Asia is similar to that of the Rocky Mountain subspecies in North America. [10] The formation and retention of antlers is testosterone-driven.

Hunting pressure also impacts migration and movements. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. They were also frequently overlaid with boats and associated with rivers, suggesting that they also represented paths to the underworld. Elk farms are relatively common in North America and New Zealand. Although it is currently native to North America and eastern Asia, it had a much wider distribution in the past. Elk consume an average of 9.1 kilograms (20 lb) of various vegetation daily. [35] The gestation period is 240 to 262 days and the offspring weigh between 15 and 16 kilograms (33 and 35 lb). Populations vary in antler shape and size, body size, coloration and mating behavior. It is transmitted to humans as undulant fever, producing influenza-like symptoms that may last for years.

[22] More typically, male Roosevelt elk weigh around 300 to 544 kg (661 to 1,199 lb), while females weigh 260 to 285 kg (573 to 628 lb). Elk range in forest and forest-edge habitat, feeding on grasses, plants, leaves, and bark. The name wapiti is from the Shawnee and Cree word waapiti, meaning "white rump".

Two distinct subspecies found in China and Korea are the Manchurian wapiti (C. canadensis xanthopygus) and the Alashan wapitis (C. canadensis alashanicus). Anthony Alan Arsenault, 2008, "Saskatchewan Elk (Cervus elaphus) Management Plan - Update", p.2: "1.1.2 - Physical Description", Bowyer, R. Terry, and David W. Kitchen. [11], There are numerous subspecies of elk described, with six from North America and four from Asia, although some taxonomists consider them different ecotypes or races of the same species (adapted to local environments through minor changes in appearance and behavior). [83] A prized possession of many members of the B.P.O.E. The elk of southern Siberia and central Asia were once more widespread but today are restricted to the mountain ranges west of Lake Baikal including the Sayan and Altai Mountains of Mongolia and the Tianshan region that borders Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China's Xinjiang Province. Elk are hunted as a game species. Males, females and calves of Siberian and North American elk all grow thin neck manes; female and young Manchurian and Alaskan wapitis do not. Elk that have contracted the disease begin to show weight loss, increased watering needs, disorientation, and listlessness, and at an advanced stage, the disease leads to death. Its adaptability may in fact threaten endemic species and the ecosystems into which it has been introduced. [10] Calves are born spotted, as is common with many deer species, and they lose their spots by the end of summer. [56] Nevertheless, research has been ongoing since 2002, and a successful vaccine has yet to be developed as of 2016[update].

Successful cow elk hunting is an accomplishment worth celebrating. [71] As of 1989, population figures for the Rocky Mountain subspecies were 782,500, and estimated numbers for all North American subspecies exceeded 1 million. October 28, 2019 - by Wandi - Leave a Comment.

[53] Since infection by either of these parasites can be lethal to some commercial livestock species, their presence in elk herds is of some concern. [42], As is true for many species of deer, especially those in mountainous regions, elk migrate into areas of higher altitude in the spring, following the retreating snows, and the opposite direction in the fall. Your IP: Only the males have antlers, which start growing in the spring and are shed each winter. This allows potential combatants to assess the other's antlers, body size and fighting prowess. Once the antlers have been shed, bulls tend to form bachelor groups which allow them to work cooperatively at fending off predators. This allows potential combatants to assess the other's antlers, body size and fighting prowess.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. In North America they adapted to almost all ecosystems except for tundra, true deserts, and the gulf coast of the U.S. The Asian subspecies are sometimes referred to as the maral, but this name applies primarily to the Caspian red deer (Cervus elaphus maral), a subspecies of the red deer.

All Asian subspecies, along with other deer, have been raised for their antlers in central and eastern Asia by Han Chinese, Turkic peoples, Tungusic peoples, Mongolians, and Koreans. However, the Manchurian wapiti (Cervus canadensis xanthopygus) is clearly distinct from the Siberian forms, but not distinguishable from the Alashan wapiti. The Chinese forms the Sichuan deer, Kansu red deer, and Tibetan red deer belong also to the wapitis and were not distinguishable from each other by mitochondrial DNA studies.

[37] The offspring will remain with their mothers for almost a year, leaving about the time that the next season's offspring are produced. All elk have small and clearly defined rump patches with short tails. Chronic wasting disease, transmitted by a misfolded protein known as a prion, affects the brain tissue in elk, and has been detected throughout their range in North America. [13] The eastern elk (C. canadensis canadensis) and Merriam's elk (C. canadensis merriami) subspecies have been extinct for at least a century. and Ostertagia sp.) [30][29] A male elk's urethra points upward so that urine is sprayed almost at a right angle to the penis. [19], Since 1967, the Boy Scouts of America have assisted employees at the National Elk Refuge in Wyoming by collecting the antlers which are shed each winter. [55], The Gram-negative bacterial disease brucellosis occasionally affects elk in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the only place in the U.S. where the disease is still known to exist. [62] As the Pleistocene came to an end, ocean levels began to rise; elk migrated southwards into Asia and North America. [28] If neither bull backs down, they engage in antler wrestling, and bulls sometimes sustain serious injuries. The Alashan wapiti of north central China is the smallest of all subspecies, has the lightest coloration and is the least studied. In domesticated cattle, brucellosis causes infertility, abortions, and reduced milk production. [7], Until recently, red deer and elk were considered to be one species, Cervus elaphus. [47] Particularly fond of aspen sprouts which rise in the spring, elk have had some impact on aspen groves which have been declining in some regions where elk exist. [33], After the rut, females form large herds of up to 50 individuals. • A cow elk provides lots of delicious meat (120 to 180 pounds or more), as well as collectible “ivories”. Top 10 elk facts grand view outdoors how much meat to pack out on an elk elk in banff national park how much does an elk weigh the celebrating 100 years of wild michigan elk, Mdc hopes public will help solve 2 new elk poaching incidents local elk breeder s ranch thriving farmington press roosevelt elk thehunter call of the wild wiki fandom arizona elk hunting d az bull hunts cow s arizona elk, Elk Types Of Behaviors Ranges And Other Facts, How Much Does An Elk Weigh The Survival Life, How Much Does An Elk Weigh The Will Make You, 13 Bizarre Bull Elk Facts That Most Hunters Don T Know Outdorhub, How Much Does A Bull Elk Weigh And Why Every Hunter Should Know, Louis Vuitton Coated Fabric Cowhide Leather Lining, How To Improve Dairy Cow Fertility Through Nutrition, Can U Eat Laughing Cow Cheese When Pregnant. [84], Although breakdown figures for each game species are not available in the 2006 National Survey from the U.S.

B… [26] After the breeding season in late fall, the level of pheromones released during estrus declines in the environment and the testosterone levels of males drop as a consequence.

How Much Meat To Pack Out On An Elk. [32] It is only the mature bulls that usually have large harems, and breeding success peaks at about eight years of age.


[43] During the winter, they favor wooded areas and sheltered valleys for protection from the wind and availability of tree bark to eat. [19], Outside their native habitat, elk and other deer species, especially white-tailed deer, were introduced in areas that previously had few, if any, large native ungulates. [9] These Chinese subspecies are sometimes treated as a distinct species, namely the Central Asian red deer (Cervus wallichi), which also includes the Kashmir stag.[17].

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