best spinnerbait for river smallmouth

They also enjoy chasing bait. But the most important sound cues from a bass' perspective emanate from the subtle swimming pulses of preyfish—tails thumping, bodies contorting fluidly through the water. Outdoor Life may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. He has written hunting and fishing columns for many newspapers both in Virginia and Texas, as well as the Washington Post. The shorter arm allows the blade to helicopter better on the fall, which helps bass key on it.". Round out your gear with a pair of shades, some insect spray and a bottle of water and you are good to go on the river. Over the decades, smallmouth fishing in the rivers of the upper Midwest has become my passion—right up there with duck hunting—and I’m always ready to get back to the river.

He has written two books on fishing and contributed chapters to a number of hunting books. Aron Kastern on Lake Superior near Ashland, Wisconsin where they go after whitefish on ice. In many lakes, of course, smallmouths frequently feed on perch and crayfish within forests of pondweed, coontail, and sandgrass. I love fishing spinnerbaits for smallmouth bass. All pages © 2012 – 2020 BPS Direct, L.L.C. On a river bend, fish the outside bend where there is deeper water. The most successful models have a short upright arm, as KVD suggests, particularly when jigging the lure or allowing it to helicopter, which is often a key part of the presentation. So even though I was fishing 3/4- and 1-ounce lures, the big blade enabled me to slow the retrieve when I approached cover, yet still keep the bait off the bottom in shallow water. As you cast, look for emergent weeds, make casts parallel to them and don’t worry about getting snagged. Recently I've also been trying larger Oklahoma blades, a football-shaped blade that seems to produce perhaps even more "thump" than a similar-sized Colorado. Getting the bait to run true—so the blade hums along in harmony and alignment with the head, hook, and skirt—is critical. When a smallmouth sees a bait trying to run away, the fish seem to become aggravated and want to chase that bait.

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Pause next to rocks, ledges, or logjams so the lure sinks briefly. If I had to pick one color for river spinner baitin’, it would be black with a black/yellow skirt, one silver willow leaf blade and one gold willow leaf. "A thick plastic trailer like the Pulse adds buoyancy, slowing down the heavy spinnerbait so it fishes like a much lighter lure," he adds. While tradition suggests the need for both flash and vibration in murky water, I've often found these factors to be even more important when fishing in dense cover—even in super-clear water—such as when retrieving through vertical vegetation, which makes it difficult for predators to see prey.

I’ve seen smallmouth come up from 10 feet of water to take the spinner bait, especially when I’m burning that spinner bait. Where the water is deeper, let the lure sink for a couple of seconds. FAQs

John Bennett is a retired history teacher, historical re-enactor, father and grandfather. Don't forget The 5 Lures Smallmouth Can't Resist.

So, where to begin? I also like a bait with a broader head, as opposed to flatter, keel-shaped heads. bass fisherman bass fishermen bass fishing guide bass fishing guides bass fishing Missouri bass guides Bull Shoals Lake crappie guides fishermen fishing for bass fishing guide fishing guide service fishing guides kentucky bass kids and fishing Lake of the Ozarks Pomme de Terre Lake randy yancey tournament angler smallmouth bass southwest Missouri lakes Stockton Lake Table Rock Table Rock …

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