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Superdynamisk kropssprog” Christine Christiansen for, “De tre solister var russiske og dermed idiomatiske i dette hyldestværk til lyden af russiske klokker. La voz de este bajo es aterciopelada, sin estridencias en los agudos y con unos graves tan seguros como rotundos. Final score: 94 points. Le metteur en scène y est certainement pour quelque chose, mais Vinogradov exécute le mouvement avec un naturel confondant . All products are produced on-demand and shipped worldwide within 2 - 3 business days. [1], She met Boris Pasternak in October 1946, in the editorial office of Novy Mir, where she was in charge of the new authors department. 116, is the score composed by Sergei Prokofiev for Sergei Eisenstein's film Ivan the Terrible (1942-45) and its sequel (1946), the first two parts of an incomplete trilogy. She was accused of being Pasternak's link with Western publishers in dealing in hard currency for Doctor Zhivago. For my part, it was the first time I heard a bass that brought together subtlety, richness and such a power of voice. Alexander will also return to Los Angeles Opera as Philippo II in Don Carlo, and at The Bolshoi as the title role in Le nozze di Figaro. POST. It is about how children working on a garbage dump of Phnom-Penh were helped by a man and his wife … This cast also includes soprano Aleksandra Kurzak as the demure Micaëla (hummmm – she is now Alagna’s wife and seems, coincidently, to be appearing in a lot more operas these days) and bass Alexander Vinogradov as the swaggering bullfighter Escamillo. The Metropolitan Opera announce 2018/19 season. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 6897 is having a pause in the early morning on the lawn that is Vynohradiv station.

Bravi anche tutti gli altri interpreti ed i mimi.” Renzo Bellardone for Palermo Mania, “Avec une voix d’une beauté peu commune, Aleksandr Vinogradov (Le prince Grémine), droit, majestueux, solennel fait entendre son air (certes une des plus belles pages jamais écrites par Tchaïkovski), dans un silence impressionnant. [1], Ivinskaya was one of nine "prisoners of conscience" featured in Persecution 1961, a book by Peter Benenson that helped launch Amnesty International.

Inspired by the movie Leon. A light and controlled vibrato is perfectly suited to the subject of the work without adding any heaviness. He also loved and was very faithful to his Russian Orthodox religion.

Il ne lui manque rien, pas même l’odeur de soufre qui sied au démon. This energetic matador leapt onto a table at Pastia’s from which he sang his aria with strikingly resonant sounds” Maria Nockin,, “With his slim figure, strong baritone voice and machismo presence, Alexander Vinogradov is totally believable as the matador, Escamillo. She was an admirer of Pasternak since her adolescence, attending literary gatherings to listen to his poetry. He has worked with many leading conductors including Gustavo Dudamel, Daniel Barenboim, Kent Nagano, Vladimir Jurowski, Lorin Maazel, Mariss Jansons, Zubin Mehta, Placido Domingo, Valery Gergiev, Philippe Jordan, Antonio Pappano, Semyon Bychkov, … Présence captivante sur scène, sa performance atteint des sommets dans ses deux airs, dont celui  du Veau d’or. Browse through images in Alexander Vinogradov's Floral.

collection. Eric Sabourin, Les Artsze, 18 September 2019, Martin Prevost,, 19 September 2019, Caroline Rodgers, Ludwig van Montreal, 18 September 2019, Daniel Raymond,, 19 September 2019,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, William Hartston, Express, The bass of Dmitry Belosselskiy, as Wurm, was well contrasted with Vinogradov’s: the count’s tone was cultivated, his henchman’s raw and black. He is the perfect interpreter of such a work. She was friend and lover of Nobel Prize-winning writer Boris Pasternak during the last 13 years of his life and the inspiration for the character of Lara in his novel Doctor Zhivago (1957). Alterna una commossa austerità non priva di solennità ad un affettuoso paternalismo.” Ugo Malasoma for, “Elsa Airoldi “Bene, nell’assieme, i cantanti…Ad iniziare da Alexander Vinogradov, strepitoso Frere Laurent.” Corriere del Ticino, “Of the supporting cast top honors go to Alexander Vinogradov’ sonorous bass as younger than usual Frere Laurent…” Opera Britannia, “Molto interessante, sopratutto nelle frasi legate a mezza voce e nel registro centro grave, il Frere Laurent di Alexander Vinogradov”, “Eccelenti nei ruoli di contorno sia il dovizioso basso Alexander Vinogradov (Frere Lurent)….” Il Giornale, “The performance also featured the astonishing young talent of Alexander Vinogradov, whose penetrative bass tolled like the ringing of an ancient, Russian Orthodox bell.” Alfred Hickling for The Guardian, “A powerful message delivered with powerful performances here from both the RLPO and by the dual expressive forces of stand-in soprano Gal James and bass – or perhaps, given the surprising deep, chocolaty tones that emanated from the deceptively boyish exterior, double bass – Alexander Vinogradov.

Por debajo Alexandrer Vinogradov fue en Rey de absoluta solvencia en toda la extensión, con un bello timbre y adecuada proyección.” Gustavo Gabriel Otero, Mundoclassico, “Alexander Vinogradov compuso un grato Felipe II desde lo vocal, logrando su mejor momento en la escena del ‘Ella giammai m’amo’.” Prof. Christian Lauria, Opera World, ‘ With his dark good looks, charisma and commanding voice, (Vinogradov) is a natural for the role. Eine faszinierende Mixtur. [2] Early in 1948, he asked her to leave Novy Mir, as her position there was getting more difficult because of their relationship. In October 1949,[6][7][8][9] Ivinskaya was arrested as "an accomplice to the spy" and in July 1950[10] was sentenced by the Special Council of the NKVD to five years in the Gulag. “Alexander Vinogradov’s performance as Aleko and then the crippled husband Lanciotto in Francesca is spellbinding, an outpouring of emotional Russian soul, warm but controlled vibrato and an authoritative stage presence. Burial will follow at Lloyd Cemetery. Finalmente è stato possibile ascoltare un Escamillo in grado di accontentare il pubblico con gli acuti, saldi e ben sostenuti, così come vuole la tradizione, ma anche pieno, solido e ben appoggiato nelle note basse, con l’ulteriore impreziosimento di un buon fraseggio.” William Fratti for Opera Libera, “Aber auch die exzellenten Solisten, allen voran Bassist Alexander Winogradow, geben Anlass zu heller Verzückung.” Christian Schmidt for Der Tagesspiegel, “De tre ryska sångsolisterna Anna Samuil sopran, Sergej Skorochodov tenor och Alexander Vinogradov bas övertygar starkt i Rachmaninovstycket, men här gör också kören en heroisk insats.

One can only wish for their return in more important roles with Palm Beach Opera.” Marcio Bezerra for Palm Beach Daily News, “the standout was the Russian bass Alexander Vinogradov in the role of the well-meaning but bumbling cleric Frère Laurent.

[5] A reporter on NTV compared Ivinskaya's role to that of other famous muses for Russian writers: "As Pushkin would not be complete without Anna Kern, and Yesenin would be nothing without Isadora, so Pasternak would not be Pasternak without Olga Ivinskaya, who was his inspiration for 'Doctor Zhivago.'

Mit Recht.”, “If one singer stands out from the rest of the cast, it’s Alexander Vinogradov.

Er nimmt so, scheinbar ohne jegliche Schwierigkeit, das gesamte Publikum sofort für sich ein.

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