melanistic garter snake

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Eastern Garter Snake occurs from Eastern Canada to the Southern tip Florida and in  the eastern half of the USA. Cb Oregon Red Spotted Garters Garter Snake? Perhaps that is why Melanistic Eastern Garter Snakes are more common in the northern reaches of their range. Based on my experience I had my doubts whether inbreeding was a real issue (Bol, 1996). One couple was bought by a Theo Huiberts, a friend of mine who bred them for several years. Melanism is an overabundance of melanin, a pigment responsible for dark coloration.

Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis is very well known and very popular amongst garter snake enthusiasts. My name is Steven Bol and on this website I would like to share with you my passion for North American Gartersnakes and Watersnakes.

A (Red Morph) Eastern Screech Owl in Burlington, Ontario, A Barred Owl we spotted in Thickson’s Woods in Whitby, A Berylline hummingbird sighted at Hotel Rancho San Cayetano, A Black-and-white Warbler sighted in Toronto, A Bobolink whistles a merry tune in Ontario, A Brown Headed Cowbird at Thickson’s Woods, A Brown Pelican we sighted at San Blas in Mexico, A Great Horned Owl we sighted in Thickson’s Woods, A Long-eared Owl at Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park, A Nashville Warbler at Hotel Rancho San Cayetano, Mexico, A Nashville Warbler enjoys the spring blossoms, A Snowy Owl we spotted at Frenchman’s Bay, Ontario, A Southern Ground Hornbill we sighted in Kruger National Park, A Warbling Vireo sings out at Second Marsh, A Western bluebird we sighted at the Grand Canyon, A Western Tanager on the North Rim at the Grand Canyon, A Wilson’s Warbler sighted at Hotel Rancho San Cayetano, An American Kestrel with a mouse near Whitby, Ontario, An Eastern Screech Owl: In Burlington, Ontario, An Hepatic Tanager at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve. A big difference is the long hibernation of the much further north living melanistic Eastern Garter Snake.

The melanistic morph is truly the first and most classic color morph of Thamnophis.. E.l.l.S nola $350. I’ve spotted 3 in the past 3 years, each smaller than the last. In 1988 a few melanistic Eastern Garter Snakes were offered in a dutch reptile shop (Bol, 1996). The best find of last week came from one of the field sites on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! APC $200. Here (Pelee Island) the Eastern Garter Snake shares its habitat with the Lake Erie Water Snake, Nerodia sipedon insularum  (Bol, personal observations). And the breeding results are very good. A Melanistic Eastern Garter Snake is one with a recessive genetic trait that causes the development of the dark-coloured skin pigment melanin. I have observed Eastern Garter Snakes at several locations near Lake Erie in Michigan, Ohio and Ontario. You raise some interesting points that we had not thought of before. Barred Owl we spotted in a swamp near Markham, Black-crowned Night Herons on their nest in Toronto, Glossy Ibis at an Ontario wetlands in Whitby, Great Horned Owl Babies in Thickson’s Woods, Great Horned Owlets in Oshawa’s Second Marsh, Ontario, Great-tailed grackles strolls on the grass in Zitacuaro, Hairy/Downy Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers at Oxtongue Lake, Migrating Birds Visit Oxtongue Lake in the early spring, Pileated Woodpeckers we sighted near Oxtongue Lake, Pine Grosbeaks we spotted at Oxtongue Lake, Pygmy Nuthatches we sighted at Grand Canyon National Park, Red-bellied Woodpecker spotted at Lynde Shores Conservation Area, Ruffed Grouse we spotted in Algonquin Provincial Park, Shorebirds we sighted at Lago de Cuitzeo in Mexico, Trumpeter Swan Cygnets Growing Up At Scarborough’s Milliken Park, Trumpeter Swans Along The Shores Of Lake Couchiching, Trumpeter Swans during winter at Burlington’s La Salle Park, Trumpeter Swans in the Spring at La Salle Park, Trumpeter Swans on a Delta farm field near Vancouver, Two Pileated Woodpeckers we sighted in Algonquin Park, Wild Turkeys We Have Sighted Across Ontario, A Yellow warbler at Second Marsh near Oshawa, An African Jacana we sighted at Sunset Dam in Kruger National Park, California Condors we sighted at the Grand Canyon, Resplendent Quetzals prepare their nest at Monteverde, A Lesser Goldfinch we sighted at the Grand Canyon, Eastern Towhee Sings Out Loud At Forks Of The Credit, A Western Scrub Jay we sighted at the Grand Canyon, Northern Saw-whet Owl We Spotted In Toronto, A Bighorn Sheep we spotted on Bright Angel Trail, A Northern Sagebrush Lizard at the Grand Canyon, A Northern Whiptail Lizard we sighted in the Grand Canyon, A Red Fox Took Time To Smell The Montreal Flowers, A Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard at Grand Canyon National Park, California Sea Lions in Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island, Elk we spotted at Grand Canyon National Park, In the world of Bush Elephants at Kruger National Park, Mink hunts wild Muskrats in an Ontario swamp, Mule Deer we sighted at Grand Canyon National Park, Muskrats we sighted at Cranberry Marsh in Whitby, Our search for Bowhead Whales begins in Nunavut, Red and Grey Squirrels we have spotted in Canada, and Ireland, Various Types Of Turtles we have sighted in Ontario, Wild Beavers we have sighted on Green and Oxtongue Rivers, Wild Vicuna we spotted in Pampa Galeras Reserve, Searching for Bowhead Whales off Kekerten Island in Nunavut, A Baby Bowhead whale checks us out off Baffin Island, Endangered Bowhead Whales we sighted off Baffin Island, Butterflies We Have Sighted Around The Globe, Clouded Sulphur Butterfly We Sighted At Lynde Shores, Twelve-spotted Skimmer Dragonfly at Rosetta McClain Park, Green Darner Dragonflies at Rosetta McClain Gardens, Tomato Hornworm Moths at Grand Canyon National Park, Blooming skunk cabbage is a sure sign of spring, Claude Monet’s Garden, Our Tour of Giverny and his Water Pond, Our Tour of the Gardens at Chateau de la Bourdaisiere, Spring Wildflowers At Beamer Memorial Conservation Area, Visiting the Walled Garden at Kylemore Abbey in Ireland, Mosaiculture 2013 Montreal Botanical Garden, Daylilies at the Montreal Botanical Garden, Keukenhof Gardens, Our Visit to a Colorful World of Tulips, Powerscourt House and Gardens, A World Of Floral Glory, Our Backcountry gear list for canoeing and hiking, A curious Eastern Milksnake on the move in Rouge National Urban Park, Cecropia Moth Caterpillar in Rouge National Urban Park, Back in Time at Markham Fair, Power and Majesty, Back in Time at Markham Fair – Toe Tapping and Tantalizing, Back in time at Markham Fair, Stiff Competitions, 2006 to 2013, Among the Winged Magic at El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico, In the Midst of Monarch Butterflies at Sierra Chincua Sanctuary in Mexico, Visiting Cerro Pelon Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary on Horseback, The Blue-footed Booby Colony on Mexico’s Isla Isabel. Hibernation may last from end of September to the end of April (as long as 7 month) in the wild (in: Seymour and King, 2003). Night temperatures in spring and fall may drop considerably (as low as 10 °C or even lower), this is no problem. Your email address will not be published. Adult males are typically approximately 70 – 80 cm long and they are relatively slender build. Melanism is reported in several subspecies; the most known one is T.s.sirtalis but it is also reported in T.s.parietalis and T.s.pallidulus. Your email address will not be published. Melanistic snakes are an all black "albino". The common garter snake is the most variable of the Thamnophis species in western WA. The Pelee Island population of the Eastern garter Snake has a  considerable portion (27%) of melanistic snakes. Hi Norm. Note the beautiful blue underbelly. So it is distributed over a very wide area and occurs in many climatic zones and habitats. '20.

Bob and I set off from a small parking lot and followed the Crown Marsh Trail into the heart of the Marsh. The melanistic morph is truly the first and most classic color morph of Thamnophis. When Bob and I first spotted this individual, we both thought it was a similarly-coloured Northern Water Snake. Enjoy reading... Steven Bol - The Netherlands/Europe. Snakes are ectotherms ("cold-blooded"). Especially when they have just shed their skin they are extraordinary beautiful.

Melanistic Thamnophis sirtalis are known from several locations in the Northern part of their range, amongst others in the area surrounding Lake Erie.

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