how to make a mini lego sherman tank

Third, grab 1 1X2 tile and put it on the 1X2 piece. Tanks! Introduction: How to Make a Mini Lego Sherman Tank. Dang i wish i had these pieces - i made an epic attack helicopter tho. Does anyone happen to have a pdf for this? This is the first video in a five-part series. Turrets! great job man! Very well made and economic homemade design. But it works! A walkaround and instructions and a 6.5-hp Honda four-stroke with a separate, chain-driven transmission, and Holy Crap He Built Himself A Tank! 2 years ago Its called P.A.I.R.D and I actually dont remember what it stands for, but it is really great. 6 months ago, The tank is awesome and you should make more things, Reply 2. If I had the time and patients to re-design it, I would.

Let the Hun do that. —George C. Scott in Patton. Does anyone happen to have a parts list for this moc on bricklink? I made it but I modified it to be a PZ.IIJ from world of tanks. Grab 2 1X4 round technic pieces and 1 axle with groove piece and put the axle into the 1X4. This post will show you how to make your very own Abrams tank out of lego!

Did you make this project?

The 'rainbow' structure underneath the beige top plates is not ideal, haha, but it works! really great tank, have to make it. This one is beige, but you could use black or grey and it would look just as awesome. We're going to kick the hell out of him all the time and we're going to go through him like crap through a goose! Next, grab the 1X2 brick with 2 holes and 2 technic connectors and insert the 2 connector pieces into the 1X2. About: Freelance mechanical engineer from the Bay Area. I appreciate all the comments! An Australian man has built himself a fully functional miniature Sherman tank. It has working treads and a rotating turret, and he drives it around his back yard. 4 years ago. I should post it but i'm not sure how : (. First, grab 3 2X3 pieces, put 2 together and then put the last 2X3 on top, in the middle. Now its time to make the turret for the tank! My brother has been working on a lego stop motion movie for about 3 years now. Follow the instructions in the annotations in each picture. i had to replace the barel pieces with the 2x2 cylenders so it wouldent fall apart. Now he wants to help you build your own. Next, grab 1 1X2 jumper plate and then put it in the middle of the tank. wow... it looks like a factory produced design! Now, grab 1 1X3 and put it at the back of the tank. First we pulled up a bunch of images on google, and then we started building, and rebuilding, and building some more. I will show you about how to build a mini lego Sherman that will dominate the battlefield, destroying everything in its path!!! i made it!!!! This is a mini Sherman. Next, grab 2 1X1 tiles and put one on each 1X1 piece. To build this tank, I would recommend enlarging the first photo and then using the "next photo" arrow to easily move through the pictures, this way you won't miss any of the annotations that tell you which pieces to put where, if the color of the piece matters, etc. We have built everything from the White House to outdoor markets in Egypt, and now the story is set in Libya. i love the design it really captures the shape of the sherman, Reply

on Step 2. Would love if you built a Hetzer and see a battle!! We're going to hold onto him by the nose and we're going to kick him in the ass. (panzer 2). Second, grab 3 1X1 sloped pieces and put them on 1 side of the body. 7 months ago, Question And good job to those who already made it, :). i modified the turret, so it looks more "me" and i changed the coloring and style of some parts. Now there's another thing I want you to remember. Second, grab 1 1X2 piece and put it on one side of the 1X1 brick. Step 1: Materials for Your Sherman. I have a youtbe channel, just search jack campbell stop motion. Or, as our host points out, you could install a spud gun in the turret. Make a LEGO Abrams Tank: This post will show you how to make your very own Abrams tank out of lego! But it is awesome! (Note: We recommend the latter. Finally, grab 1 telescope piece and put it on the jumper plates single stud. If you did make one, it would be awesome if you posted it. For one scene my brother needed a couple realistic looking tanks, so we did what we always do!

Finally for the body, grab 2 1X2 tiles and 1 1X3 tile and then put the 2 1X2's beside the jumper plate and the 1 1X3 goes behind the jumper plate. Then, grab 1 1X2 jumper plate and put it opposite of the 1X2 piece. This one is beige, but you could use black or grey and it would look just as awesome. 3. Make sure a half of the connector piece are sticking out from each side of the brick. I don't want to get any messages saying that "we are holding our position." If you're interested in a friendly round of tread-to-tread combat with your buddies — you didn't think you'd be the only one on the block with a Sherman replica, did you? For this step, you will need the following pieces: 14 frictionless pegs (grey) or axel pegs (depending on wheel type) to connect wheels to chassis. Enjoy! There is an entire community of people who do this. Grab all the parts that you made and put them together, it should be very simple :). Get some R/C choppers for air support, fuck it, lets get Aibo up in this bitch, running around. An Australian man has built himself a fully functional miniature Sherman tank. Participated in the Toy Building Blocks Contest. First, grab 1 1X1 brick with 4 studs around it and 2 1X1 pieces and put the 2 1X1 pieces opposite of each other, on the 1X1 brick with 4 studs. i have car crash, several transformers, and a billion lego/mega bloks!!!!! I spend several hours every week building the sets and props with him. Share it with us! sadly I do not have an image. you are good! (Updated 05-29-17 with notes about broken links.) There's also a "field trials" video at the bottom that includes footage of the mini-Sherm trundling around a field and firing off its air-powered gun.

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