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Before Ares can answer, Zeus called their attention and started the meeting. “No you didn't.. And I didn't really want to ask in case it… you know I didn't want to hurt you Apollo.” Apollo sighed. Ares stared at there father like He was going to punch him…. For a second Protogonus turned into a modern day librarian and then turned back and smiled “No one has used that name in centuries for me Perseus. She brought Apollo to her tent. It was clear she did, you could practically see the power ever so slowly returning to the disgraced Olympian. Vote. Hestia who was normally tending the hearth watched nervously. “YOU SHALL NOT HURT PERSEUS JACKSON!” She shouted and blasted Ouranos back through the portal. "Hello class. "Zeus wanted me to give you this letter…." May I?”, Athena smiled “Of course but... Percy you won’t...”. FanFiction | unleash ... Artemis and Hermes soon enter the council, the winged shoe god have his arms around Artemis shoulder while whispering words that makes her giggle. “TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH TO GET ENGAGED!” Exclaimed the mysterious woman. Hermes soon came into focus and Bell gave him a quick glance before returning to looking at the moon. He murmured something unintelligible and passed out. Finally it started to show with my body. Next to enter the hall is Apollo with his wife, the wife that shocked all of them, never did they expect Apollo will have a relationship with Eris herself, let alone marry her. Greetings reader to those reading this I'll say it once more stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled by the ending of the arrow of Orion if you have or just don't care then please enjoy.

Hephaestus walked over.

“Brother what did you do to him!”, He stood up from his throne and stood in front of Artemis and Apollo, shielding them from Zeus’s lightning bolt, his trident raised to counter if Zeus were to fire. She was going to protect him from Zeus.

He ended up just nodding.

Artemis was out searching for fragments of her brothers consciousness to try to convince him to hurry the fuck up. “Do you want to go outside? And it was covered in snake spit. "I can just tell Zeus that you didn't tell Apollo." The usual capture the flag match will take place in two days. “I mean yes, your assumption is correct. He beat the shit out of me multiple times.

I mean, what happened to that kid? He slammed his fist to the ground in anger. +. !SUPER OLD! I re-appeared above a tree branch. “And I just.. Ares distracted him long enough for me to get away and.. and I.. Apollo clung to her like she was his lifeline, and in many ways she was. She would make sure of it. They ascended to Olympus together, Apollo having recovered enough strength to do basic things like float. (A lot of my opinions displayed in this are invalid.) As they got there by saw Athena flash in and scold Annabeth for what’s she’s been doing to her siblings “Chiron I’m revoking Annabeth Chase as my Cabin’s Leader. Now I must take my leave.” Protogonus turned to leave but Percy spoke up. Percy hugged his Aunt and Uncle in thanks. Before that I had managed to convince myself he wasn't being serious about turning me mortal.

When they arrived in the throne room, Apollo was basically clinging to her.

Artemis looked down at me. “You're gonna be okay, Pollo” she whispered, trying to calm him down. But it still didn't sit right with him. Oh, and apperently, I have to be at this meeting thing too, because Zeus thinks my kids did something wrong. I'm not going to kill you. “Can you tell me what happened?” Thalia asked. "Artemis? His mind was racing with questions and they all had the same answer. She held him and ran her hand through his hair, doing her best to calm her distressed brother. So what do you want, Hermes?" He shivered. She wrapped an arm around him pulling him next to her. “Are you going to answer me or not?” Apollo said, there was a hint of emotion in his voice. Sage comes up to Percy and hugs his legs “Hi Pewcy. She would never mind for something like this. Don't you two be switching the addresses on those letters!

Hermes knew she was in pain the loss of her closest friend would do that to anyone even the gods. ", Dionysus muttered, "Mom!

Apollo groaned. Most of apollo's visits were because he was distressed, but Sometimes he came just because he felt like it, those times they realised was the closest they had seen him to his old self in ages. “But.. your Lyre.. Gotta go apply for swimming." “.....Don't leave….” He begged.

Okay kids, you're loose! Poseidon and Amphitrite to the sea kingdom, and each one back to their temples. He fell forward into Artemis’s waiting arms with a whimper.

While they are eating, Dionysius joked about how Athena is the only one left to be a maiden forever. Zeus called her attention that made all of them look at the blushing goddess.

“Is.. Artemis here?” he asked. "Demeter!" No, it was the answer he expected him to say. YES.”. After the newly wed enter Hephateus and Aphrodite, she's carrying the forge's child and they look happy together. “Mom that was Chiron’s attempt of a joke,” Artemis sighed looking at the now identified mother of the twins, Leto. I was surprised when you gave me some of your immortality.. His consciousness shattered into billions of pieces across the earth. Even if there was they had run out of time he had to be done. Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka. You are not a horrible god, our father is. “He also started roasting me in greek fire endlessly.

I risked a glance down to the snow cover earth, and found myself at least 300 feet above the ground. Artemis laughed humorlessly and guided the glass to his mouth, knowing he would spill if she didn't.

Always drunk in the corner of the room. "Uhh….never mind that. Fully and completely overwhelmed. I stood up and brushed myself off and looked around for Gorge and Martha.

And she knew that he had been having issues. “The tides have turned dear sister. Little did he know that Hermes was still close by paying close attention to him.

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