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| "We asked our audiences at the end of the shows: 'Did you like the animals?' [10] The album was generally well-received by critics – Billboard magazine described it as featuring "a strong rock personality" and dubbed it "a candidate for big chart action",[11] while journalist Nigel Williamson hailed it as "a classic period example of English prog, mixing pastoral whimsy, swirling psychedelia, rock guitars and pop harmonies". A plaque on St Kilda Road marks the spot. A Journalist A trapeze is a short horizontal bar hung by ropes or metal straps from a support.

"If we are on that same showground, we're not allowed to tie up our horses. When you see old footage of Con Colleano, it wasn't just a performance, it was absolute artistry," he says, referring to the Lismore-born, part-Irish, part-Aboriginal performer who was considered the world's greatest tightrope artist in the 1920s and '30s. For more information about this image, click here: Did You Know? "Our circus is older than Federation, older than some states and older than most towns in Australia," she says. [16][17] Writing in the booklet for a 1994 reissue of the album, author John Tracy claimed that Medusa was "greeted with instant, and seemingly universal, acclaim". After a couple more matinees and a Saturday-evening show, it will be time for Eroni's to move on.

", 1833 year of the first circus entertainment in Australia, 14 number of family circuses touring today, Little big top: Australia's last travelling circuses.

"I grew up with the circus, I didn't know anything else," says Tony.

This article is about the aerial apparatus.

they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. In a typical year, Eroni's will set up in more than two dozen locations, moving as often as three times a week when servicing the smaller country towns. Or Tom Thumb’s movie.

"Deep Purple Legend Glenn Hughes Plays 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? ", Lemon admits she, too, was initially opposed to animals performing in this way, but changed her mind after travelling with the Stardust Circus and its menagerie of elephants, horses and monkeys through outback Queensland in 2006.

Trapeze formed in March 1969, with the original lineup featuring former The Montanas members John Jones (trumpet, vocals) and Terry Rowley (keyboards, guitar, flute), along with former Finders Keepers members Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals, piano) Mel Galley (guitar, vocals) and Dave Holland (drums). [12][52][53] The band released their first live album Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos in 1981, which was recorded on the resulting tour in May 1981. [59] This was followed later in the year by a short string of shows in the US and the UK, which Hughes described as a "wonderful run" and a "great experience". Hot Wire was released in late 1974 and a second self-titled album followed in 1975, after which the classic trio briefly reunited for a tour in 1976 when Hughes returned following Deep Purple's breakup. [12], After Hughes left the band for a second time, Trapeze returned in 1978 with new frontman Peter Goalby and Wright returning on bass. Today, Eroni's has 10 full-timers, hires overseas backpackers as stagehands and considers an audience of a couple of hundred a decent enough turnout on a wet and cold winter's night. Finding the pull of the nomadic lifestyle too strong to resist, Maynard used his savings to buy equipment one piece at a time. Those characters are amazing, and the stories they have to tell — about being pulled out from the shadows by a con man and celebrated for their uniqueness — are the only ones really worth exploring. [46] Similarly, the band's manager Tony Perry has recalled that Hughes "[had] major problems at the time and was very difficult to deal with", adding that he and the other members of the band had discussed the possibility of firing and replacing him during the tour.

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