hermione and sirius pregnant fanfiction

M for language, minor violence, etc. "MY TWIN IS PREGNANT! Or if You Know Who doesn't kill him first. "I'm just happy.

He is cursed to fail his godson at every turn.In 1998 Harry Potter dies and leaves Voldemort without any horcruxes. --here's a spotify playlist for this sin of a fic lol. She teased. When all three of them nodded, she continued to move the wand around Hermione's stomach. But she was 16 years younger than him (Hermione is 17 and Sirius is 33)! She then informed her that she looked to be about 14 weeks pregnant. The medi-witch showed her the test results, and did a sonogram to show her the two beating hearts inside of her. "I'm not pregnant! Ron's eyebrows furrowed in concentration for a minute.

"Uh girl, I have a wife and a son.

"So not so fast.".

The life of one Harry Potter, Golden Boy and hardworking Auror, gets turned upside down, when his best friend and fellow Auror partner, Ronald Weasley, almost dies in a raid. It had been too good to be true, Hermione knew that.

He died again! Several years after the war, Hermione Granger-Malfoy is content with her life, happy even. James Potter se casaria com Lilian Evans e isso era uma crensa popular. The medi-witch just shook her head and scheduled an appointment in 4 weeks to find out the gender of the babies and gave Hermione a prescription for special nutrient potions for women carrying twins and a potion to make the pregnancy easier on her body, to help her carry the twins to term. She tried to reason with the medi-witch. Sirius and Remus sat down quickly. The nearest medi-witch greeted them and showed them to a small private room where Hermione sat on a table and the boys took a seat on each side of her. Occupants complain of Poltergeist antics; books taken from the library, food thrown at them in the kitchen, and mysterious locked doors in the upper halls. 5lbs 1oz and 4lbs 11oz is small. I'm having a hard enough time ignoring her neck, let alone Sirius' bloody bite marks.". "That's my boyfriend you're talking about! After visiting with the headmistress and the professors for a while longer, they made their way back out of the castle and down into the town, wanting a bit more sunshine and fresh air before they headed home. Her head whipped up and she stared at him in confusion. 22 May 1978 – Hogsmeade Village – The Shrieking Shack.

", Peter looked up, his beady eyes focusing on Sirius and giving him a fake smile, "I'll probably spend some time with my mum and dad. Ron tried to look angry with 2 cookies stuffed in his mouth. A young healer came in and told them that she was there to take the three of them to visit their babies, and that a neonatologist would be waiting for them to explain everything to them. When he sat her back down, he had tears in his eyes, and when the two of them looked at Sirius, he still looked completely confused. She sighed and turned in his arms, laying her head against his chest. If they did, he would go home with his sister after all; if they didn't it would be a few more days. Twice in a year! "Of course we were whimpering! Fred practically squealed, as he was too manly to actually squeal, and George walked over. Go back to the waiting room and they'll take you to your wife in a few minutes, your daughter is on her way down here as well. ", "Yeah, she's really good with potions, and she doesn't yell at me.". Hell, he'd give up all the kids in the world if it meant that it would keep a smile on her face for as long as she lived. "Miss Lupin…I'm very sorry, but it seems you have a lot of dark magic residue-".

"Ronald Weasley! Lupin-Black.". Between horrible cousins and being pregnant will she survive the first 3 days without Draco? "Let's take a walk through Hogsmead and then up to the castle. No way." Hermione looked over her shoulder and noticed how he was just staring at her. Moments will include fluff, smut, different POVs, and the occasional angst. he cried out. Sirius murmured, brushing a stray curl behind her ear and dropping his lips to her neck. She nodded numbly. She grabbed Lavender's braid and shoved it in his mouth. "This is amazing baby." "Finally," he muttered as Lavender burst through dramatically. ", Pulling back, he gave her a serious look and asked, "And have many other wizards undressed you, Miss Lupin? But he's changed, can Hermione … he said eagerly. "Of course! Foi então que ela apareceu pra bagunça a vida do príncipe da grifinoria e assim, fazendo muitos alunos perder várias apostas. After Harry dies on a mission to capture the last few rogue death eaters, Hermione does the only thing she can with her grief – channels it into research. Hermione Granger – her true identity now revealed – must convince the Death Eaters that she is, and always will be, loyal to them. Hermione’s destiny is altered by the Powers that Be. Sirius was sitting in a chair next to Remus with a big smile on his face.

", Lavender glanced at James in confusion.

Her eyes trailed Sirius easily, giving him a small smile when he waved at her. "What can I say?" ", Sirius gasped.

"And anyways," she continued. I GOT HER PREGNANT! Remus pushed Hermione up in front of the tiny crib that held their tiny daughter. ", 10 minutes later, Fred and Hermione were heading toward the kitchen.

"The baby boy looked good, we saw them rushing him by us as we went out the door," Ginny told Harry.

"Yes dear?". Her jaw dropped open as she saw everyone and everything in the room. I had no idea you were so like Lavender! "Kitchen. ", "Then yes, this is your son." "Someone's jealous," James sang, dropping his potions book on the table with a loud thump.

"And in case there's blood. "It doesn't matter who donated the genetic material, both of those children are equally all three of us. Ron frowned. How could they ignore when the three students have consequently faced danger in two years? Be sure to leave a review! He and Fred exchanged glances. What if they don't want babies and leave me? ", With that, he apparated everyone except Molly to St. Mungo's. Honestly, why he thinks us moving in is a big deal, I'll never know.". Wizarding Britain falls.In 2000 Hermione Granger decides to travel back to the past. Lavender shrugged. The three softly caressed their son who had an oxygen cannula in his nose and their daughter who was whimpering softly in her crib. "Good idea.

Pregnant Hermione Granger; Summary. And how can a slip of the lip cause chaos? Absolutely not is the answer.

"No one other than Ginny is pregnant. ", George grinned. she demanded, pointing her wand at his throat. ", Harry rolled his eyes remembering that. He rubbed his arm as Hermione smacked him. Snape and hermione pregnant fanfiction Snape and hermione pregnant fanfiction. SHE'S PREGNANT! And what about Hermione?

It may not be as small as a 28 weeker or a 24 weeker but it is small. They took turns fixing or going out for her cravings. Ginny grabbed Hermione by the shoulders and shook her, forcing her to turn and look at Ginny. And she was exasperated so she would sigh and groan.". "The blue one's manlier. I wouldn't mind showing these two off to a few professors."

"Are you calling me fat?" Hermione glared at him. "You were in their room? "Even though last time you chose dare, you were forced to wear Ginny's dress while running through Hogwarts screaming: "I'M A PRETTY GORGEOUS PRINCESS!"

Blushing, she grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, noticing that James and Remus had already left. I'm sorry-". "Is everyone in agreement on finding out the sexes?" Healer Smith came in and gave some potions to their baby boy and explained that in 4 hours they would test him to see if the potions matured him enough to take him off the oxygen. Another Time Travel fic of the Sirius/Hermione variety, because I never get tired of them. Please consider turning it on! "I lost it," the brunette said hollowly, her whiskey eyes filling with tears as she looked down at her still-flat stomach. Lily watched as Hermione snuck yet another biscuit out of her book bag, smirking as she asked, "Do you ever stop eating? And you're almost halfway done already! Hermione said with a smile. Yet, Harry knew it was coming and at the very last second saves his life.

Hermione was in her room studying which is why they managed to play uninterrupted. This time it was Ginny who smacked him on the back of the head. Hermione rolled her eyes and shoved him back to Ginny. After about an hour Sirius wheeled Hermione back to her room while Remus sat with the babies.

Your review has been posted. Work Search: Hermione was startled when at least 40 people yelled "Surprise!!!".

She nodded and allowed him to lead her off the stands and away from the Quidditch pitch. Hermione froze. The werewolf blushed, "I was going to tell everyone after graduation, but yeah. George shoved a cookie in his mouth, causing the younger Weasley to choke. Their son seemed to have a nose all his own, but his mother's lips and his Papa's black hair.

"Let's celebrate," Sirius suggested. She retains Hermione Granger’s memories, and is determined to change her brother’s fate for the better.

Ever since she had told him she suspected she was pregnant, he had been obsessed with touching her in some way or another. Make yourselves scarce, yeah? I like to imagine you are, though. Let me know how long it takes them to figure it out. "Are you one of the Lupin-Black husbands? James and Lil are going to meet us at The Three Broomsticks a bit later.". WE NEED HELP! This is a story about the choices we make, and how they make us.

Just as Hermione was about to head home, Ginny stopped her, "How are you going to tell the boys?". This will be a 2 shot. Pregnant, hormonal Hermione. "This is wonderful love. She had two beautiful, amazing husbands who wanted nothing more than to spend every moment of their lives with her and the babies, she had two beautiful babies that she was told she'd never have, and even breastfeeding had come easy for the three of them.

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