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Editor, please help.

The sheep is replaced by an armchair. this is trash absolute trash omg garbage never seen worse and ive seen ishaan mitroo, Hey I want to download it but it costs money. Is there a way to fix the pause menu bug i cant access the files to remove the pause menu button. (beta version). I reinstalled minecraft, I powered off my device, I reinstalled Furnicraft, AND NOTHING WORKS!

Deleting it might work.

5/5 awesome add on, cool features and its AWESOME!!!! The addon is great and all, but. Hello, I have a Samsung J7 Android 5 and original MCPE 1.10 version. Instead of adding more stuff to the addon, see why a lot of people can’t get it to work and fix the issues causing that problem first. What’s with the music when you eat and throw tridents and snowballs, ender pearls, ender eyes and shoot bow and arrows? also great addon. 2. Later on, I found the same object. Kk.every time i try to put an add on like furniture it wont let me pls pls pls tell me how cause I’m such a noob. I see the DL box but nothing happens when I long press on the box? My device is meant for gaming, and it doesn’t work for me.

Mines not working, I go on and it doesn’t show the full texture pack.

One thing, I cant access anything or sit on them. I can only spawn the heads but when it comes to the zombie villager it spawns it instead of furniture.

The mod looks so good and has great reviews but please make it compatible with 1.1.0 please all the items are messed up and dl box spawns a pc. Is there a way to fix it? people don’t know how to use it tho I turned off volume to fix it but I really would LOVE if the sounds were removed. Do you think you could add pewdiepie`s chair in this addon? Can you please do something?

It doesn’t work, it boost you right back to homepage. When i spawn in a table it spawns in a bathtub can you fix it please. By MicoLets It keeps on kicking me out everytime I open the minecraft app. I am finding a way to fix that in the next update. I hope you make a map that suitable for 1.16, please remove the application download requirement on linkvertise, i can’t download your addon.

Please stop the statue from teleporting! This add-on is terrible!

, It realy isn’t a bad site.

I went to hold it down and break it, but that didn’t work so i tapped it. its a virus! Ugh it looks so cool but I downloaded it and it wont let me place anything I’ve tried peaceful and normal mode but it still wont work shifting wont work either!!! When I installed this addon, the item’s texture pack failed, so I couldn’t use it. Varios de tus problemas fueron areglados en la nueva actualizacion v6, Um but he’s a Spanish speaker he may not be fluent and may have used many other things to write the addon intro, he said:

Please send direct download links, and in MCADDON file, because it is an application file and i dont want any unnecesary app or program just to download your addon.

My items were all mixed up. Looks great, but small problem.

This addon is AWESOME I really recommend downloading this.

I have a high end device and it crashes every time I try to use it. One problem.. Doesn’t work. Pls help so I can get it, I don’t like it it keeps crashing even when I deleted Minecraft and installed it again it did the same thing, OK GUYS I FIXED THE CRASH DELETE THE UI FILE IN THE ADDON RESOURCE FOLDER YOU’LL THANK ME LATER, You did not fix it it still crashes my game, It crashes my game instantly when I click on the play button for the world pls fix, it doesn’t work for me its crashing my world! Minecraft Hub. i cant seem to get the rest of the items.. what do i do?

I was gonna do a YouTube series with it in my world:c but I can’t…. .

My game lags when looking down on the furniture!

I glitched inside the fridge and had to delete world did this happen to anyone else? An extension chrome? When I shoot a bow with this addon in the pack it makes these piano songs and I need computers for a lab so can you fix it please. I really enjoy this mod since I got it one my iPad.

All mixed up. It was pretty easy to figure out. How do I open the doors in the world you made, I’m waiting for the add-on to support the recent version of mcpe 1.15乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ, I am waiting for the addon to support 1.16 beta, This is an amazing addon for my xbox 10 / 10 Love the paintings, DUDE THIS IS SO COOL, GUYS YOU HAVE TO TRY IT.. ‘Cause I’m new in add-ons, When I place down a shulker, it’s most of it is invisible.

Quisiera que arregle este problema. So that blocks the ability to place it where I want.

In my opinion the addon is great!

If so, that’s because the white bed is to fill in the double bed, Im in a bad situation i play on xbox and for some reason the resource back doesnt want to work for me i did every step correctly to put it into my game but it doesnt show up on the resourse tab on mc the behavior pack works fine but the resource pack is broken what a bummer i was really looking foward to this addon. #2 I think that there should be a few different kinds of chairs, since there’s only two. Hope this helped! A very good addon but it need to be updated for de 1.16 beta version of the game beacause when you press the pause button the game crash !

When I scanned my computer after I was done deleting the apps both of them gave me a total of 7 viruses! When you name the statue if you put a player’s username It will have the skin of the player, I don’t think that is possible with add-ones yet, sadly. then you just need to right click or long hold the hammer on the piece of furniture. I love this add-on, but why the textures is Programmer Art ( Old textures before 1.14 ).

, I want to start developing mods but i dont know where to start so if someone could help me and tell which app or software do you ,i would appreciate it alot, If you’re an android user, download Add-Ons Maker For Minecraft PE, you’re gonna make me install an add-on and do a bunch of scummy stuff just to download this? hey! and what i mean by them is the furniture. I think I may need to update the mod but idk if how or if it just updates by itself or whatever. I’ve tried downloading this on the Addons app, crashes. Then, at the top right there will be a 5-second count down.

The furniture is invisible! –But is there any way to change the skin of the statue? Also make sure you have the global pack texture pack, and behavior packs on.

Some of the furniture can be rotated. Hey I have the addon on my windows 10 version of minecraft. I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen!

This dang addon keeps crashing when I open the dang world. I cant see all the features he spoke about do you by any chance know why?? I need help with spawning the furniture… Did you do the rescourse pack or the behaviour? If that doesn’t work then I’m not sure, Literally mixed up all of the blocks and also they teleport thanks you douche. i’ll just download it on a third party site. Ya this is to heavy of an addon for iOS , sry! It worked for me fine, did you activate experimental gameplay?

I took a 2 week programation course, and that is why i took so long to update it. How did you get the behavior back to work? Magical Diaper (Chain Leggings) – Can be use to turn into a baby size. IceCool2213 it does that sometimes times without the add-on.

I was able to open the behaviors pack but when I downloaded the resources pack, I was unable to open the file. Why? Don’t stop do /kill @e though, unless you want to kill every single entity.

Adfly link doesn’t work

I want to download this addon but I can’t because of it. Dude, your addon is great but I can’t download!!!!

(Commands Only) Our newest member: Kyle813lee Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read, Topic Icons: Not Replied Replied Active Hot Sticky Unapproved Solved Private Closed, Welcome to MCBedrock your home for anything Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock. It just needs some work, glitches and all.

The recipe for clay doesn’t work can you fix it, Do you have experimental gameplay on? That’s really rude, the creator tried really hard to make this addon and you’re insulting him?

I don’t know if this is a problem with this pack of a problem with my minecraft, but it this is with your pack, please fix it possible. Why not make a security cam tablet or something. you can still sit on all furniture chair or not. Take form of the player??? I swear to God leftists are the new neo Nazis of the modern era. corregir un error donde cuando pones el complemento se bloquea, I can’t enter the world I keep popping out. Most of the following furniture have unique features but they are also great just to use as decorations.

I have a suggestion for the creator.

Yes please make that you can rotate furniture.

dont download.. You don’t get a virus from this mod, i have a very good virus scanner on my pc and it detected no virus when i downloaded this mod, With the update of the Nether, the pause screen (displayed with the esc key) is in the loading state all the time and I am in trouble because I can not save or invite the game, Some other add-ons are also buggy, so should I wait for the update? So I got this and was a bit disappointed.

It won’t load, it crashes every time I try!!!!

Deleate it and then re download it. You dont know how much you just saved me thanks so much! I will show that the author of this addons is you .

the armorstand is in the direction I want it to face, This sucks it does not work do not get it, Hey, Do you know how to upload addons in here cause everytime i tap submission but there’s no addon, Hi!

You cant download the Addon because your device cant handle the mc.pack, you would have to use a different device. I’ve always been looking for something like this. I tried in and when i used spawn shluker it spawned a computer and the fearures dont work so it force me to update in I very much want to use this Addon in a map that I am creating, but recently it crashes my game.

Can you tell me EXACTLY what you typed in?

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