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How did they all pass a guy who has passed them all in production? Gore didn’t win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The most prominent award Gore won during his professional career was the 2016 Art Rooney Award for sportsmanship for being the player who “best demonstrates the qualities of outstanding sportsmanship on the playing field, including fair play, respect for opponents and integrity in competition.”, Was Gore the best player on his team?

Frank Gore? McCoy was a first-team All-Pro in 2011 when he scored 20 touchdowns and again in 2013 when he won a rushing title. Dre Bly won a championship ring with the Rams and went to the Pro Bowl with both the Rams and Lions. Rookie Devin Singletary has been the best lead back for the Bills this year. That generally feels wrong to me, but it seems to be what’s accepted in the case of Gore, because I sure don’t think he distances himself from his worthy peers on value or really fits in with the standards set by the Gold Jacket members he’ll likely join one day. It’ll be different this time.

1. In fact, Gore has averaged more yards per carry than Emmitt Smith, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, and ranks even with Walter Payton and Eric Dickerson and ahead of Martin (4.0 yards per carry). Sign up for the Niners Wire newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning.

No one is going to be in a rush to put a player into Canton who was never considered the best at his position and rarely in the running for top five in any given season. If you look at production you will find that only one player in NFL history had 1,200 or more yards from scrimmage 12 times. Only two backs, John Henry Johnson and John Riggins, ever rushed for 1,000 yards or more after the age of 35. But I already highlighted some of Riggins’ other accomplishments that make him look like a better candidate than Gore. The fact he failed to make the 2000s' All-Decade team that selected four backs is a larger stumbling block. It may only be a matter of time for him. Plus, not all the players with careers of similar length and quality to Gore’s have their busts in Canton. If he can hit 1,000 (which he has done nine times and missed by only 39 yards last season with the Indianapolis Colts) he would join an even more select fraternity.

They were, for one bright, shining moment, brilliant. He’s not just about rushing yards as he’s also caught 464 balls in his career and rarely had great quarterback play.

Inclusion in Canton at RB has been a bit easier than any other main position.

Maybe Gore rushes for 110 yards and a touchdown in the playoffs to shock the Patriots in a major upset. All three players were placed on the Reserve/COVID-19 list and will not be available for Thursday Night Football vs. the Green Bay Packers. The former fullback and two-time Super Bowl champ has been around a lot of Hall of Famers during his time in the NFL, and he’s certain Gore belongs in Canton. But if production is the measuring stick, well, you state the case against him. Gore would become the third. These are the horns of a dilemma Hall of Fame voters will find themselves impaled on five years after Gore retires because the deeper you look into him the more confusing the picture becomes. The other two are in the Hall of Fame. Marshall Faulk was an MVP and twice led the league in both yards from scrimmage and total touchdowns. On Sunday, Gore w… Yeah there are gonna be pros. When you try to find NFL records for Gore, you basically land on two that show his durability and longevity. Keep in mind the bulk of these were in recent years when the NFL has moved away from workhorses and gone to more committee approaches.

Gore suffered that hip injury in the 12th game of the 2010 season. Approximate Value isn’t available yet for 2019, but the game charters at Pro Football Focus rank nine players on the Bills’ defense above Gore, in addition to wide receiver John Brown. Let’s address each point with its own section. More to the point, here is what King says: “Gore’s a bit of a conundrum,” King wrote in his Football Morning in America column. But Dillon was done after his age-32 season. Photo by Eliot Schechter/Getty Images (Approximate value is a method, created by Doug Drinen, of putting a single numerical value on any player’s season, at any position, from any year.). There’s no question.

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Even when it comes to the Hall-of-Fame of Compilers, Gore’s performance exceeded the best. Chan later reported it is a player with a positive test, and not a coach or other personnel member.. San Francisco is scheduled to play a home game vs. the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night.

I think Gore has done enough, but it’ll be up to the 48 voters in 2026 or so to decide if they think he has.”. In fact, it can be argued that he falls short of many standards for RBs in the HOF. Notice no one said this week that Gore surpassed Marshall Faulk by one yard for fourth all time in yards from scrimmage (19,155), which is arguably more impressive than the rushing feat. Former 49ers running back and running backs coach Tom Rathman believes the people remaining in that camp don’t know anything about football.

Gore rushed for more than 1,214 yards once in his career (26 backs since 2005 have done it at least twice). I think Frank Gore will get into the Hall of Fame one day. Among Hall of Famers with at least 10,000 rushing yards, only Jerome Bettis has a lower Approximate Value score per 16 games than Gore.

A year later he rushed for 1,211 yards and started 15 games. But, I mean, obviously the pros are gonna outweigh the cons, so when you come down to it you have to make a decision and I don’t think there’s any question what decision will be made.”. Jason Witten: The only non-Hall of Famers who have been named to more … “I think that’s crazy,” Rathman said. Ed "Too Tall'' Jones deserves a long Hall of Fame look. Among these 26 HOF backs, 25 of them were named First-Team All-Pro by the AP at least once in their career.

Hornung didn’t get in until his 15th year (12th as a finalist). Probability – 100% Hall of Fame.

Yet those 61 yards left Gore only 15 rushing yards short of passing Hall-of-Famer Curtis Martin to become the fourth all-time leading rusher in NFL history.

Gore never won an MVP (never received a vote). Former Rams' defensive tackle Larry Brooks was a star on an exceptional defense. There are 32 running backs in the Hall of Fame. Last point: After Gore at three, the next nine backs on the all-time rushing list are either in the Hall of Fame or, in the case of number six Adrian Peterson, a lock to make it. Frank Gore: Only two players in NFL history have rushed for more yards. Captain Comeback: NFL Analysis by Scott Kacsmar. We here in the Bay Area are likely more amenable to the notion of Gore in a mustard-colored blazer, having seen the magic with our own eyes. I don’t drive in huge traffic from the fan bases of the 49ers and Bills, so tribalism isn’t really driving it. — Scott Kacsmar (@ScottKacsmar) November 27, 2019. With Gore’s volume of numbers, it’s likely going to be too hard for voters not to scratch that running back itch again to get him in eventually. One of my favorite pieces I ever did at Bleacher Report was on Paul Hornung being the least deserving member in Canton.

ESPN's Adam Schefter also reported the shutdown. But what about Gore? The 15 nonmembers, not including Gore, averaged an Approximate Value score of 10.5 per 16 games. The most important news stories of the day, curated by Post editors and delivered every morning. Welcome to Niners Wire's European Union Experience. Tedy Bruschi didn't compile HOF numbers but he had a HOF impact so is he worthy of a bust in Canton? Because you have to evaluate each player and give the pros and the cons.

If he manages to score five touchdowns this season Gore will … “He’s an absolute outlier in NFL history, a guy who, as (some) say, was never considered the best or second-best back but had a valiant and incredibly productive career after both knees and both shoulders had been reconstructed.

“Those are guys that don’t know anything about football,” Rathman said. From 2007 to 2014, the best player on the 49ers, per Approximate Value, was linebacker Patrick Willis, linebacker NaVorro Bowman or quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The third problem may be his biggest since it attacks the stat he’s known best for: his rushing yards. (Note: I swear on my life I picked that yardage at random before seeing that he already rushed for 109 yards in the Week 4 loss vs. New England).

The 36-year-old is often mentioned as a future Hall of Famer, and his placement in rushing yards alone is a pretty strong argument for that. For some people it seems to be on Sunday when he passed Barry Sanders, who infamously retired after just 10 seasons. Maybe it’s not a surprise that Fred Taylor and Ricky Watters are first-time semifinalists in 2020. ( Log Out / 

Simpson (4), Earl Campbell (3), Leroy Kelly (2), Joe Perry (2), LaDainian Tomlinson (2), Walter Payton (1), Marcus Allen (1), Curtis Martin (1), Jim Taylor (1), Floyd Little (1), and Terrell Davis (1).

All four rank behind Gore in rushing yards, with Tomlinson sixth, James 13th, Lewis 24th and Alexander 36th. The only other players to rush for more than 15,000 yards are Emmitt Smith (18,355), Walter Payton (16,726) and Barry Sanders (15,269), whom Gore passed in the fourth quarter Sunday. He’s had six 100-yard rushing games, which ties him for 24th since 2015, and his teams were just 3-3 in those games (those are usually wins in the NFL).

Frank Gore is the reliable and productive employee no one notices until a month after he retires. That would get my endorsement, but for now, I just see myself picking five names of modern players year after year who were more deserving than Gore. In the ensuing eight years, playing on two reconstructed knees, with two reconstructed shoulders and a repaired hip, he missed only one start and has not missed a single game. John Riggins led the NFL in rushing touchdowns in consecutive seasons (1983-84) after winning Super Bowl MVP in 1982.

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