star wars saga edition weapon upgrades

Sensor Jammers and Detection Countermeasures.

Even if you don't strictly need to upgrade your Equipment, having a unique collection of tools and gadgets helps to build a reputation in a galaxy where it's best to get your foes to stand down without firing a shot. The Arms & Equipment Guide is a sourcebook for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game published by Wizards of the Coast and LucasBooks in October 2002. The amount of time and Mechanics DC depends on the number of Upgrade Points required and the quality of the Upgrade (Commercially Bought or Scratch-Built). Rapid Strike and the improved version has been mentioned already to increase the number of dice readily. Anyone with extensive experience, from smugglers to customs agents to adventurers, knows they might live or die by how well their gear works. A few other models of items have also include more Upgrade Slots as stock issue, though this is rare and specifically noted. Star Wars Saga Edition Wikia is a FANDOM Books Community.

It can add more by becoming thicker and bulkier (See Increasing Equipment Size, below) or by Stripping either of the two components described below: The size of a piece of Equipment is determined slightly differently for General Equipment, Weapons, and Armor. Universal Upgrades can be used on a wide range of gear. October 2002 Equipment that already has a legal restriction uses uses the most restrictive of its own limitations or those of its Upgrades. Removing an Upgrade requires the same amount of time, but reduce the Mechanics DC by 5. Press J to jump to the feed. On a success, the Upgrade is installed and functioning properly. Attribution information Of Melee Assault or Mandalorian Ferocity... Or just get a better weapon.

A suitably coated Vibrorapier in the hands of a Charismatic and Dextrous duellist will give a Jedi a tough challenge. You can Strip a Weapon in one of five ways: Armor normally has one to three Upgrade Slots available as stock gear.

Elmainin Armaments SBP-200 Blaster Pistol 6. Stephens Arms & Equipment Guide

Noble here, I recently took interest in the Noble fencing talent, unfortunately my Jedi companions refuse to teach me the ways of a lightsaber, so I got a fusion cutter as my fencing weapon(don't ask how it works, just accept it). Unless a method of adding more Upgrade Slots specifies it can be applied more than once to a particular piece of gear, it can't. As for increasing damage... there are some manufacture traits that increase crit damage die as does the durasteel bonding mod. This has no effect on the Equipment's effectiveness. The four restrictions ratings are as follows: For more information on Restricted Items (And acquiring the licenses needed to carry them), consult the Equipment page.

BlasTech DH-17 blaster pistol 2. Any piece of Equipment can gain an Upgrade Point by increasing its size by one step and doubling its cost. The problem is, I deal a punt 2d6 damage with it, and I would like something much better, so my question is: can I upgrade the damage dye on a weapon, or just give it some more damage? After the time listed in the table below, make a Mechanics check against the appropriate DC. Imperial Munitions/BlasTech KK-5 blaster pistol 8. Heavy Armor can't benefit from this option. This represents both physically making more room within the Equipment for an Upgrade, and using sturdier, larger components to prevent the stress of the new modification from damaging the Equipment. BlasTech DL-22 blaster pistol 5. The following Upgrades are designed specifically for Weapons. IIRC, all equipment has one upgrade slot. Each element that is Stripped adds one Upgrade Slot to that piece of Equipment.

Publication date Wizards of the Coast and LucasBooks Improved Rapid Strike adds 2 die if you beat the same penalty of 5! ISBN A few, such as Neutronium Reinforcement, can be applied to non-weapon Equipment, but they rarely provide enough of a bonus to be worthwhile. Lastly, Triple Crit is always incredibly, incredibly amusing if you can afford it when you eventually roll that Natural 20, though I warn you that the perception of your damage output will skyrocket compared to the reality! Once the Upgrade is successfully removed (Or destroyed), the Upgrade Slot that was occupied becomes available again. Many individual use their Armor as a walking collection of gadgets and gizmos to avoid detection, process data, or escape combat. BlasTech DH-23 blaster pistol "Outback" 3. But here's some alternatives/ideas. On a failed check the Stripping goes badly; the item ceases to work until fixed and it doesn't gain the additional Upgrade Slot. Once a successful check is made, the Equipment returns to functioning, and the Upgrade Slot is gained. No self-respecting bounty hunter uses off-the-rack components, and after a few years in the field neither do most commandos. No gear can gain more than one Upgrade Slot by increasing its size. Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, You can make a finite number of modifications to a piece of Equipment. A Scratch-Built Upgrade costs twice as much as a Commercially Bought Upgrade.

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