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f*** youngboy.

Your are my role modle i’m 12 years old i trying to learn to rap just like you my father got sentence to life in prison my mom is dead kentrell please don’t let me down man. Rapper who went viral for releasing the music video for his hit song "Win or Lose" while still behind bars. Thus, the boy was raised mostly by his granny, who passed away in 2010 after a heart failure. He recorded his first song with a cheap microphone he bought at Wal-Mart. 3Three mother, named Monique, cared about YoungBoy. periodt ! I love your songs especially in control, slime mentality,self control, war wit us pray at night youngboy.jesus love you do the right thing, Err hey man I gotta say ur music is great especially genie,4sons, drawing symbols, carter son and freedadwag, Happy Mf Birthday To My Mf Husband Biggggg 20 , You are better then all the rappers and the and your brother baby Joe is to Youngboy team all the way……………, I am an upcoming rapper love ur music, know your pain hv been there, hope I could ft u in one of your musics soon, I love you NBA YoungBoy I love all of your songs hope to see you one day, The rapper with the most downloads on my phone! He tells, that his hometown has a special atmosphere, probably, dangerous and unhealthy to some extent, but very close to YoungBoy’s heart. NBA Young Boy you are my BEST rapper and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Thanks for being my BEST rapper…………….


Credit NBA YoungBoy … He shares four sons with three mothers earlier he was in a relationship with Jania Jackson and share a son with her. He also has a daughter named Armani.

The baby he’s having with Yaya will make eight. When she announced she was pregnant, YoungBoy asked her to pass a paternity test. Now he is on three year probation. He appeared in his bro’s music video Wat Chu Gone Do. omg, how did I end up on this site? Hey im a fan of yours your songs has changed my life and how i act towards ppl.

Keep up the good work bra. Mallu Trevejo Kacey Alexander Gaulden (son with Jania Bania). One day he and 3Three stole car batteries and sold them to use this money for making professional records. Ken is the younger brother of Kentrell. he is such a youngen, nba youngboy i want to be with you with your fine self am 18 and need you baby sexy daddy. He even doesn’t publicise his dad’s name. In the same years on November released Mind of a Menace 3 and this gave him huge popularity. Taylins last name is Loveless and his mother is Nia. im in love with outside 2day and throughg the storm. Later, he said to his mom wanted to pursue his career at music but he was arrested for robbery and sent to Jail. Later, he told Starr Thigpen to get the housekeeper out of the room and she assaulted the housekeeper and hit her on the face. i am a really huge fan #1 and i really am looking to meeting you and my future and my birthday is next month november 25th i will be turning 13 i hope to see or get to meet u i live in flint mi, First of all he doesn’t have twins from star, second of all the one you have named as his oldest name is kayden and his mother name is nisha, you have all the this info mixed.

And one more you look just like that nigga. Her prayers will 4 ever b with kentrell. After the death of his grandmother, Kentrell moved to the house of his childhood friend, who is also a rapper and was YoungBoy’s manager. YoungBoy is her middle child. He dated Jania Bania up until mid-2018.

According to her son’s words, she “doesn’t like to work”, that’s why he cares about her.

That incident happened after sad news about the death of his childhood friend Keondrae Ricks. In addition, the NBA released a mixtape A.I YoungBoy in August 3, 2017, which gained the 24th spot on Billboard 200. I’m a big fan of 38 BABY he aint scared of shit he bout dat life on god gd folk bloooood for life, been rockin wit my boi since 2015 yall ain shit but some haters go back to one of his first tracks or mixtapes and listen from then and till today youngboi went through so much pain and a lil troubles in life but it made him who he is today like really get off the man dick I just love nba young boy he is like a lighting boat when’s he rap and throw up them gang signs like he is a real thug and gangster And like he been through this world all ready. On June 26, 2018 Tay Tay and his mother were involved into a terrible car accident. Thanks disnt know all these things about my fav.

He dated Jania Bania up until mid-2018. It proved that he was a biological father of a child. He also has a daughter named Armani. He began posting to YouTube under the channel DAVID G. He goes under the stage name NBA YoungBoy, which stands for Never Broke Again. Family Life. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and lives there till now. Soon after this incidence he was arrested and sent to Atlanta City Jail.

Ken loves to spend time with brother and is friends with many musicians. He has five sons: Kamiri , Kayden , Kamron , Taylin, and Kacey. HA HA HA HA ❤️❤️, This information really helps ….I also jhuss found out that me and nba youngboy was born on the same day this made me sooo happy and even a bigger fan of nba youngboy❤️❤️❤️, youngboy is my fan so cant nobody about him unless he did somthing wrong on gang, noooo yall is all wrong nba youngboy is my baby daddy i got 4 kids by him, hey nba youngboy is my favorite rapper I call him my baby daddy, NBA youngboy is my favorite rapper I call him my daddy, my future baby Daddy❤ i love you NBA Youngboy❤, umm NBA I was wright on my balloon and umm I put all of your names on even your kids um 4kt and stay safe you are my life 4kt 4kt, draco k3 and baby kacey is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee , outside today is old so if yall listen to that then something fucking wrong tf, nba young is my favor rapper people all ways talked about him dont know what he been though tf im yb was my boy friend i will love him and give more love then he need because it see that his baby mamas dont self for jania,starr,nisha,nia,money yaya 4KTREY. NBA YoungBoy is just 18 years old, but he is a father of 4 sons.

He stays in touch with all mothers of his sons. Furthermore, the NBA is popularly known for his song “Outside Today”. i listen 2 them 24 hour even in school.

this is hilarious! My boyfriend next. Bloods forever, i love u nba youngboy i love all yo song and u the one and no smoke and no mentions, You are my favorite rapper Look on my YouTube channel please, This nigga is the best and I support him in all his music, NBA young i am one of your fans from Jamaica i medz your music everyday….i also purchase your NBA chain online…i also paint nba on my door even tho am 20 i wanna be like you u when i grow up if you could understand…Hope i get the chance to meet u before i die….i also do comedy on YouTube and ig …..i will always be a NBA fans …….38 baby, hey yongboy you are the best keep your hate up, youngboy bro if you ever meet me i will ask to stay whit you for ever, All y’all just shut up y’all don’t know nothing about me I’m the real NBA Youngboy, Hey Youngboy you are the best rapper I LOVE YOU YOUNGBOYYY. He was raised by his grandmother. 5 (Kayden, Kamron, Taylin, Kamiri, Kacey), Kayden Gaulden, although named as Draco (son with Nisha). Like how do you worship a 19 yr old with 4 kids and herpes, My grandson anthony talks about you all the time so I brought him down down here to baton rouge Louisiana we came from Delaware Ohio to try and see you he wants to go to chippewa st where you grew up at we look up places to go to see if he can see you you inspire him about rapping nba youngboy thanks for inspiring my grandson, You a real ass dude I feel the shii you speak on them kids look just like you especially Draco I love them all and I hope that one day which I know it’s going to happen they all be rappers just like you I see when they be turning up to your music Luvv you yb, One you a real ass dude mane you real sad I feel the shot you speak about my and them kids look just like you especially Draco I love them all and …i hope that one.

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