miraculous kagami and marinette

Instead, she pretended that she was super in love with Adrien and she obsessed over him.

adrienette, miraculous, ladynoir. It’s after the adrienette umbrella scene.

But, I go more towards Marinette in the romance department because I think Adrien and Marinette complete and complement each other in many ways. Kagami Tsurugi Adrien Agreste (como villana)Ladybug (como villana)Cat Noir (como villana)Chloé BourgeoisLila RossiHawk Moth (como heroína/civil) Kagami es la cuarta personaje en estar enamorada de, La palabra "kagami" (鏡) significa "espejo" en japonés y la palabra "tsurugi" se refiere a un tipo de. Humana For now Kagami is more balanced but I don’t see a romance in the long run because Adrien’s heart is somewhere else. But Marinette purposely figured out ways to mess up these dates. Marinette should end up with Luka and Adrien with Kagami, unless later on it actually becomes a healthy relationship. Longg Al final del día Adrien logra convencerla de aceptar su revancha. Edad Mari tells Kagami about it in the morning, (Kagami believes that Carole Baskin did feed her husband to the tigers. I love both of these girls and I can ship Adrien with both of them because he can be a great partner to anyone one of them. Marinette x Kagami ( Marigami / Kagaminette ) Kagami finds out Ladybug's identity. And it doesn’t take place instead of the adrienette umbrella scene. I also wanted Kagami to not like Adrien romantically, that she would be a character who's disinterested in romance. Spotless | Marinette x Kagami Fanfiction. Kagami Tsurugi

(of course, you’re probably suprised that Marinette can stand to be around cats anymore. En cualquier punto que se haya comprometido a hacer un recado, está resuelta a lograrlo. I feel like Kagami is probably the best option for now because I think Marinette's relationship with Adrien might not work out it is not healthy enough to start a love story. Yes the Marinette and Kagami friendship is a good thing. they are losing sanity anyways, they watch it with French subtitles because neither one of them can fully understand English and dubs bug the crap out of them, they are both entertained immensely by the movie, Marinette now understands why Adrien had claimed that movie was his childhood, after that they start browsing for other movies, contrary to popular belief, Kagami is unable to stay up past 3am, I mean she seems like the type of person who could easily pull an all-nighter, (in her defense, it was very interesting. Primer Episodio The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. EsgrimaTiro con arcoTeletransportación entre mensajes (como Oni-Chan)Dragón del Agua/Viento/Rayo (como Ryuko)

Seems like Kagami has the upperhand, but I'm guessing adrien wont fully commit because chat will have trouble flirting with ryuuko. That kind of character would influence both Marinete and Adrien because they tend to overreact when it comes to love. Adrien AgresteMarinette Dupain-ChengLonggRose Lavillant I can say Kagami has trust issues as I'm pretty sure she had to understand Adrien before befriending him. And so they become friends.

I feel like there will be a romance between Kagami and Adrien and I am so depressed because I wanted Marinette to be with him. Tis a marigami wedding. EstudianteEsgrimistaSuperheroína (Temporalmente) En "Animaestro" Kagami se muestra muy contenta de ver a Adrien en el evento y se sonroja cuando este le ayuda a quitar el chicle de su sandalia y se la pone. In Addition I thinks her love for Adrien is obsession. "Reina Milagrosa", Marisol Romero (Español Latino)Nagore Germes (Español Europeo), Faye Mata (Inglés)[1]Clara Soares (Francés)Benedetta Ponticelli (Italiano)Marieke Oeffinger (Alemán)Jung Yoo-Mi (정유미) (Coreano). El conjunto de su cuerpo es una armadura plateada, que incluye una coraza, mientras que sus brazos y piernas son de plata maciza. Su traje y máscara son blancos con franjas negras. Es de estatura promedio, tiene piel pálida, pecas, pelo corto y negro con reflejos azules, y ojos cafés claros. So Alya, being the amazing friend that she is, tried to set up Marinette and Adrien so that they could go on a date.

Sus habilidades son similares a las que tenia como Riposte, ahora es capaz de utilizar su espada para poner un cuerno en sus víctimas, que manda una señal a los dispositivos inteligentes cercanos y utilizarlos como punto de teletransporte, intercambiándose con los dueños de estos dispositivos.

Tiene un superpoder especial: "Dragón de Agua/Viento/Trueno", el cual le permite transformarse en tres elementos de la naturaleza.

Afiliaciones Identidad con Miraculous Not only that, but she also gets all of Adrien’s attention! Nathilee12466 wrote: Marisol Romero (Español Latino)Nagore Germes (Español Europeo)Faye Mata (Inglés)[1]Clara Soares (Francés)Benedetta Ponticelli (Italiano)Marieke Oeffinger (Alemán)Jung Yoo-Mi (정유미) (Coreano) ), so instead they decided to just binge watch movies on netflix together at 1 am in the morning, because why the hell not? Identidad akumatizada Ella fue presentada en un avance brasileño de la segunda temporada en O Universo da TV.

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