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We had traveled to Korea to tour farms practicing KNF methods to seek his wisdom to help us better understand how to use KNF on our farms. Stuff about growing cannabis in general, cannabis you've grown, or dank cannabis you've smoked. It is also beneficial to make collecting, culturing, and applying IMO’s to your soil regularly. I am going to use it first for cleaning up the current waste management area and see if I can get rid of some of those flys! The biology we want to encourage to colonize the plants surface must be beneficial and supplying sufficient nutrients helps those populations to grow. Lack of Calcium also causes PH imbalances towards the acidic side. Crushed eggshells, applied alone as a soil amend … Ingredients Needed: How To Make: How To Use Brown Rice Water. Dispose of eggshells in compost pile. There are many uses of the LAB once you have made it. -Toasting mechanism: BBQ, Oven, Torch, Camp fire, Etc. -When a fluffy white substance has spread over the cooked rice- the IMO is complete. -Place the cooked rice container into the larger “shoe box” style container that contains collected vermi castings in the bottom. Cookie-informatie wordt opgeslagen in je browser en voert functies uit zoals het herkennen wanneer je terugkeert naar onze site en helpt ons team om te begrijpen welke delen van de site je het meest interessant en nuttig vindt. Here’s how to make it: Water Soluble Calcium and Water Soluble Calcium Phosphorus, LACTOBACILLUS: Microorganisms lead the way…. As the trees get older we remove the cages. That’s the question, Coffeeshopping: Amnesia & Madelaine van Dolphins. You can make your own alive vinegar or buy apple cider vinegar with the mother culture. Experience Cacao: Tours, Tastings, Ceremony and More. Could a KNF Chicken Coop help minimize beetle grubs, provide fertilizer, increase spreading IMOs and provide fresh eggs for our family and friends? Various Types You Can Make At Home. In Korean Natural Farming it is taught to collect indigenous microorganisms from our local environment and culture them for use into our garden beds and to our plants as a foliar spray. Fighting PM the KNF way: made a lactobacillus solution for foliar spray. Will report results . You can use just soap and water. share. -Make “hard cooked” rice in rice maker. Additional Resources: KNF Chickens and Poultry Farming. In KNF it is taught to make a simple Lactobacillus serum using rice, water, milk, and molasses. How to use KNF Support. IMO 1 is the collection of the Indigenous Micro Organisms from your environment on the cooked rice (rice and microbes). Foliar spray, although not a substitute for healthy soil, can be beneficial when a plant is suffering from certain nutrient deficiencies. Also spraying in the dark allows the microbes to softly enter the soil without getting fried and killed from the hot sun during application.

This is our homemade vinegar, one jar for calcium only eggshells and one jar for calcium/phosphorus eggshells: -Add eggshells to vinegar: ratio is 1:10 (eggshells : vinegar) Add the eggshells slowly as the reaction is a fizzing and can get very active if added to fast all at once: -Below is both WSC: Water Soluble Calcium (lighter) and WCP: Water Soluble Calcium Phosphorus (darker): -Cover jars with cheese cloth and string and let sit in a dry dark space for at least 20 days. For Phosphorus you will want eggshells that are charred black: -These toasted eggshells will now be added to your vinegar. Update: Please see video below of our tours…. Try Dr zymes. Use the topics below to find questions and answers on korean natural farming. This video talks about the subtle ways to assist plant growth and maximize the ability to grow in harmony with nature! Omdat BAC Foliar Spray daarnaast ook de nuttige micro-organismen op de bladeren voedt, worden bladeren groener, dikker en weerbaarder tegen plantenziektes. You can do soap, essential oil, and water. It was found beneficial to pick up the container and rotate it to mix it frequently during the fermentation process.). Learn how to combine, dilute and then apply KNF Solutions to your crops. The procedure is quite simple and a lot of fun.

They can live with or without oxygen, they persist at nearly boiling, and […], Banchan-san presented a fermented beverage that originated in Japan after the 3/11 tsunami. -mix the brown sugar thoroughly into the IMO1 with your hands (gloves recommended).

Fermented Brown Rice Water. Na een hoop gedoe en gelul is het helder: wij mogen na 20 uur 's avonds niet meer buiten blowen vanwege corona. LAB contains bacteria that converts lactos and other sugars into lactic acid from the end product of a carbohydrate anaerobic fermentation. Example: if you measure 3 parts rice you add 1.5 parts NON CHLORINATED water. VS • Nog géén president maar wel méér legale wiet!

Foliar Spray. -Finished strained IMO2 can be stored in bucket (with air lock) in a cool, dark place for up to one year. Can organic liquid fertilizer replace composting? Recipe #2. July 17, 2013 2 Comments Don't buy expensive bottles of organic pest control spray. Structure (Water Soluble Calcium Phosphate). The system below mimics an atmosphere that is contained and helps keep out the jungle moisture and mass amounts of fire ants. Natural Farming Learning Lab at Ho’ea | Palili O Kohala, Protecting our Cacao from the Chinese Rose Beetle, The Hawaiian Cacao Plant Medicine Experience.

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