gelbvieh vs angus

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a,b,cMeans within a column within breed type with different superscripts differ (P<.05). Smith, G. M., D. B. Laster, L. V. Cundiff and K. E. Gregory. Abstr. Fertility: Sci.

Carcass characteristics have a lot of potential, since the breed is mostly lean, but can be crossed with breeds like Angus to get an exceptional carcass quality. 1976a. Gray calves are more likely to come from a black Gelbvieh-Charolais cross, just to provide an example. 1979. This means that breeds like Angus and Red Angus can be infused into this breed for higher genetic variation and merit. The sire breed X crossbred cow group interaction for conformation score was significant (Table 2). Limousin topcrosses were generally lighter than other sire breed groups at slaughter. Semen from 28 different bulls (seven per year) of each breed was donated by owners of the bulls for use in the 1981 through 1984 breeding seasons. Following a postweaning adjustment period, steers were fed a high energy diet and slaughtered (average of 239 days on feed). Slaughter weight and all carcass traits except marbling score and quality grade were analyzed with marbling score included as a covariate.

This makes for an excellent combination, as the Balancer cattle combines the Gelbvieh’s growth, muscle, leanness and fertility with the maternal nature and desirable marbling found in the Angus species. Gelbvieh-cross and Limousin-cross carcasses were heavier, had a larger longissimus muscle area and were leaner than Hereford-Angus cross carcasses, but they also had lower marbling scores. Percentage cutability was estimated for each carcass using the USDA cutability equation. Among the British breeds, Angus and Red Angus sires were superior to Hereford in marbling score and percent Choice. Tong and H. T. Fredeen.

1985. Dickerson, G. E. 1969. You've reached the Virginia Cooperative Extension Newsletter Archive. vs. Hereford, P < 0.12) whereas on na-tive forages, Bons!nara-, Charolais-, and Gelbvieh-sired calves were similar but were heavier than Brangus- and Romosi-nuano-sired calves (P < 0.10). Calves sired by bulls of both breeds exhibited desirable growth rate and feed efficiency and produced lean, muscular carcasses.

1976b. Limousin-sired calves tended to have slightly higher conformation scores (P < .10) from Angus-cross cows than from Hereford-cross cows; these rankings were reversed when calves were sired by Geibvieh bulls. 0000006687 00000 n Sire breed effects for preweaning traits for calves born in 1999 and 2000 are shown below. How rare is it to have a gray Gelbvieh from good blood lines? Environmental and genetic effects on preweaning performance of calves from first-cross cows. The purpose of this study was to compare Gelbvieh and Limousin for use as terminal sire breeds.

Easy-calving, docile cattle that bend the scales at weaning time equals more profit to your bottom line. Feed efficiency for the two sire-breeds was similar during the feedlot period.

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