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Their Vita ports of the Persona series nearly double the content of the originals, and the fresh new 3DS ports of games like Radiant Historia change mechanics and narratives so much they feel like entirely new titles. thanks. Dungeons have the most noticeable improvements. Once you do, on the first floor of Grus, you can use it on the un-phase shifted area in the game to … Their Vita ports of the Persona series nearly double the content of the originals, and the fresh new 3DS ports of games like Radiant Historia change mechanics and narratives so much they feel like entirely new titles. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Does redux tarnish the strange journey experience with its additions? Hands-On: Amazon Luna’s Early Access is better than other... PlayStation 5 won’t be in stores on launch day, online only, Review: Ghostrunner offers mostly smooth and exciting action. The soundtrack is similarly unchanged, and is just as repetitive as it was in the original. While the new dungeons and endings are interesting, the majority of the game follows the same plot beats and dungeon layouts as the original. Strange Journey Redux is a first person dungeon crawler, similar to games like Etrian Odyssey, which are known for giving you a wealth of dungeon navigation tools. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. To get the item, talk to Futotama to get the mirror and go back to Eridanus to talk to the Kinmamon. The United Nations responded by tasking a team of highly advanced specialists with piercing the anomaly and figuring out how to stop it from the source. Redux is fully voice acted, but only in Japanese. You can devote all six of these new slots to fusion fodder, which means you rarely have to trade combat utility for fusion opportunities anymore. Review: In Watch Dogs: Legion, the revolution is you. First, there are 31 new demons to befriend and fuse, four of which sporting completely new visual designs. If you did enjoy the original, however, then you are posed with an interesting question: do you want to play SMT Strange Journey again? Make sure you're approaching the door from the south side. You can now hold 18, up from 12, and while this might not seem like a lot, it’s one of the best quality of life improvements Redux has to offer. It’s dark, it’s twisted, and it’s just a fun time. i do have gate search c but its not doing anything. You do not need Gate Search D. I'm not sure what you're doing wrong, but whatever it is, going to get Gate Search D will not help you in the slightest. It looks better, it plays better, and it has just enough extra content to feel refreshing. They now feel bigger and more imposing, and less like a series of corridors. There is also a new character, Alex, which brings with her a host of new plotlines as well as three new endings. alright. In addition, there are no options for auto text advance, which, at this point, is relatively standard on games with voice acting. It makes you care about NPCs. So if you didn’t enjoy the original, you won’t be converted by Strange Journey Redux. Pretty much the only thing people disliked about Redux was the new art style used (and no English dub, but that's not important to the gameplay), but other than that, nobody has really complained about Redux. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. You know the deal here. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You have to use the stairway (Stairway 4 on the map) to get to Amaterasu. Most of the sound effects remain unchanged, saturating the game with bleeps and bloops that feel generations old. These cutscenes are absolutely beautiful, and give the game an extra feeling of narrative weight, as opposed to the original’s dry dungeon crawler aesthetic. Strange Journey Redux’s map just fills in automatically and you’ll have to make do with whatever information it gives you. Unfortunately, there is one update that this new version doesn’t bring, and that’s the ability to easily take notes on your map screen. Atlus once again shows that they excel at remakes , by adding a ton of new content to Redux. You will get the forma for it then. However, the mission is with Ame no uzume who tells you to find Amterasu. i got it now. Speaking of animations, Redux adds a number of anime cutscenes to the game, which helps to punctuate dramatic moments. Though characters are drawn in the same poses as in the DS version, they are higher definition, and have substantially smoother animations.

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