why is futurama ps2 so expensive

VGPC values it at around $30 last time i checked. Echo Night Beyond is an unusual sci-fi adventure/horror game released in 2004. To explain the story, it would take pages to describe but it is basically an epic sci-fi JRPG where you control a team of heroes and must save the universe. There are no gun fights and the game is very slow-paced. For current prices, check out this eBay link to see recently sold copies.

Even though more “units” of games were being sold, online digital sales took a big bite out of the number of physical copies that were actually manufactured. This could be due to the mixed reviews it received or the unfamiliar Japanese story the game has. If my theory is wrong, and prices do come back down to earth after the pandemic, you’ll definitely want to grab a copy. The game is now worth around $80-$85 for a complete copy. Someone please explain to me why Futurama is valued so high.. Close. The cutscenes in the game are actually a lost episode of the TV show making it very sought after by both Futurama and video game collectors. It didn't sell well, people thought it sucked, so less copies around. It is based off a manga series called Dororo that is popular in Japan. If you’re thinking about starting to collect Playstation 3 games, you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind. There is also an Xbox version of the game, There's a Futurama game? The game is not action-packed like most modern sci-fi/horror games.

This article has focused on PS2, but it is far from being the only retro console that whose games are increasing in price. Appropriately, Silent Hill 2 had plenty of copies made and seems to be rising less sharply. They took all the cut scenes from the game and condensed them into the episode as a special feature on one of the movies. You play as a young woman named Fiona Belli who wakes up in a dungeon after being in a car accent. Echo Night Beyond is an unusual sci-fi adventure/horror game released in 2004. Regardless, Clock Tower 3 has more than doubled in price between January and July of 2020. So if you’re thinking you’ll just wait it out and scoop up Def Jam when the price comes back down, I’d urge you to think again. Playstation 2 collecting has become quite a thing lately, and shows no sign of stopping. You must find hiding places and wait for openings to run past your foes. You must outsmart these enemies as they hunt you down in order to escape the castle. If you look on eBay, it should be pretty cheap. It is fiddly, fidgety and annoying to play, all the annoying things of a 3D platformer. But I did put together a list of still-cheap SNES games that still seems to stand up alright, as well as a Ghetto Guide to Collecting Retro Games to help you navigate the always-increasing price of this hobby. If you are more into action games and want a bunch of gunfights and explosions, you might want to pass on Echo Night Beyond. Great name recognition and really low sales result in a game worth BIG bucks later in life. Check it out. Because so many units were produced, PS2 console prices are likely to plateau soon, if they haven’t already.

The game is very well done so if you are a fan of hack and slash and find Samurai Western for a decent price, you definitely want to pick it up. The platforming is fiddly as shit sometimes though, I remember getting frustrated trying to walk across tightropes and shit. Many people are going back and trying to collect games from their childhood. Besides, while a complete list of expensive PS2 games would be easy to write, prices are changing all the time. The game now is one of the rarest games on the system making it one of the most valuable games to own for PS2 and horror collectors. This, plus the rarity of the game, caused Blood Will Tell to be one of the most expensive games for the console. The game is very well done so if you see Blood Will Tell for cheap, you will definitely want to grab it. If you are read my previous article titled 10 Awesome PS2 Games You Might Have Missed, then you are already familiar with this game. ... save yourself the trouble of getting the game and a PS2. Rule of Rose has been one of the most expensive PS2 games for a long time, and Kuon is also extremely rare. Prices change pretty much daily. Perhaps the Five Nights at Freddy’s generation is starting to look back on the older horror games they missed out on. But like most collectibles, Playstation 2. . Is the value purely based on the love for the show? The Silent Hill series was a huge draw for Playstation. If you’ve been thinking about parting with some of your games, it is definitely a sellers’ market out there now.

No manual though.. Would love to own it complete, even for PS. Will we continue to see PS2 games go up in value? 10 Ways To Stretch A Dollar To Get You To Your Next Paycheck, Fun 4th of July Concerts To Buy Tickets For RN, 10 Apps Any Bookworm Should Have On Their Phone, 5 Board Games To Entertain You In Quarantine, Top 10 Family Games To Play With REAL Money, 10 Games You Can Play To Get Closer to Your Partner, 12 Board Games That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again, 10 Board Games to Play On Family Game Night. Nintendo and Super Nintendo games were just starting to see a modest drop in price before the pandemic shook up the market. I'm in Europe, and didn't really check other regions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the gamecollecting community. This caused many horror fans to skip out on the game. I love the show to death, but the game is apparently pretty bad.

Whatever the case, the results are unarguable.

The disc readers (the laser gun or whatever. This is just a small handful of games that are going nuts under quarantine. Archived. Past trends are very clear that, once video game prices rise, they rarely go back down.

Don’t believe me? I was a little but not enough that I felt the game was junk. Why is "Despicable Me" for the PS2 so expensive? It's rare in NTSC region, goes for 5€ where I'm from. The game is said to be the best game in the trilogy and since it finishes up the epic story, the demand for it is very high. I don’t know about you, but I definitely won’t repeat the collecting mistakes I made over the previous console generations. That will be your last chance; this game is going to be highly collectable from here on out. You know… just like us retro gamers. It’s still rising, so you’ll have to, For a complete copy of Predator – Concrete Jungle, you’re looking at close to $90 or $100 in July 2020. Horror games already target a small audience (at least back in the early 2000s) so making a horror game in a limited supply will make the game very rare in later years. It is up to you to stop him and save the townspeople all while searching for your brother. .Hack//Quarantine Is the 4th game in the .Hack series.

It is viewed as the holy grail for PS2 collectors. Another major consideration that will impact the market is the dramatic shift away from physical games that snowballed during the PS3’s reign. So come and join one of the largest internet forums for video game collecting! The survival horror genre seems to be doing quite well for itself. For the sake of this post I’ll focus on the price-raise between January and July of 2020, which seems to be when a lot of these values spiked dramatically. The weird thing about the game is your body parts have been replaced by weapons. Rule of Rose is the most sought after video game on this list. So if you make any purchases it will help this site. Fighting game fans had mixed reviews for it and, despite some deep customization and an awesome soundtrack, they overlooked this. Regardless it is viewed as a hidden gem on the system by many people today. If you’re a retro collector who’s just starting out, this will be a tough time for you. View entire discussion (8. comments) More posts from the ps2 community. come back down to earth after the pandemic, you’ll definitely want to grab a copy.

It is important to know that a complete copy also comes with a DVD so if you are trying to pick up a complete in box copy make sure it has the bonus DVD disk. Almost definitely. Yes, it's not the best game and it's a bit hard on some levels (sewer and Leela's levels), and the controls kinda sucked at times but it's still an ok game.

If my data and assumptions bear out, that mean, Not Everyone Loves Animal Crossing’s Summer Update, Switch Online SNES games that did not make the cut. (I guess that answers your question.). To help you make your own reference, I’ve included eBay links that will take you directly to a search for the games being discussed. Samurai Western was released in 2005 on the PlayStation 2 and was never released on any other game consoles.

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